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  1. I always wear shorts, but an extra shirt or pullover might help in the evening. I can only remember significant rain once (during Drive-By Truckers) but if you're in T-Shirt and shorts. However, I live in middle of the Irish Sea so my tolerence to cold maybe higher.
  2. Due to a medical issue I won't be in any shape to attend this year. Does anyone want to buy 1 ticket for week 1?
  3. Joe and the Shitboys playing and no Big Thief! Good news abounds.
  4. Dig, the shop, have a Discogs page. I've never used it though because they charge extra P&P to the Isle of Man, when Royal Mail prices are the same.
  5. Playing Nottingham on 1st, Birkenhead 2nd, Manchester Psychefest 3rd, and Smugglers Fest Kent 4th
  6. Let's hope not. We used to have loads of great neo-Psyche bands, labels and festivals like Liverpool Psychefest. Now we have an endless stream of multi-coloured Gizzard Lizzard cheese rock lps and them playing 57 sets at every festival all consisting of the same regurgitated riff ad infinitum.
  7. Best is the legendary Probe, in the side of the Bluecoat School Building. Follow the signs for the Bluecoat from Church Street. Dig in Bold Street is cool, and there's another in a vintage clothe shop basement that has a good selection. And on your side of the water there's Skeleton records.
  8. Hope so. Loved them since the 90's but they've never cropped up on a festival bill I've been at or touring when I'm in England / Scotland.
  9. He's headlining arenas, while EOTR headliners tend to be Roundhouse level.
  10. Pay day. Put down deposit, could have done with waiting a month after knock-on effect of last month's trip. Shame there isn't a practical way to let those that went this year reserve tickets and pay later in the year, to thank them for their support.
  11. I was disappointed when he did that at Primavera.
  12. Bob Mould, though would be a welcome additional and I was half expecting Wedding Present to pop up as a late replacement the other week.
  13. Oh yeah I absolutely got that.
  14. Yeah that’s the perception. The main tax benefits are competitive business rates and a tax cap on HNWI Income tax is a bit lower. Indirect taxes higher. Also there’s a push to “user pays for services”. Effectively this impacts the poorer earners most. Housing costs are high and not helped by off-island but-to-let investors. Coupled with higher utilities bills from monopoly suppliers and the additional costs for transporting goods here mean only the wealthiest benefit directly from the tax position. The living wage here is about the same as the London one for example. Festival going costs more for me because I need to get to London before I can get the coach. And this year flights from the Island were reduced meaning hotel stays either side. So it’s a little difficult to pay for this year and next out of the same pay packet
  15. Bit worried that this will sell out before payday. It's bad enough that early birds sell out before I finished travelling home from this years fest but all tickets to go before the first payday would be a bit mean. I guess that's the downside of going to a festival full of rich southerners.
  16. I'm happy for purely selfish reasons because the Pixies were the standout new band at my first festival (Glastonbury 1989). Given that my adolescence was spent on an Island where the only NME or John Peel Band that ever played here were Anhrefn - who didn't even sing in our language, festivals (esp Reading tbh) were great because suddenly we could see all the bands in a short period of time. So it would have been great if EOTR 2021 had begun with them headlining the Thursday - my first off Island gig since EOTR 2019. I won't get that continuity and renewal from them playing 2022, and I wouldn't want too many legacy but not novel acts, but they've been enjoyable when I've seen them in the last decade and I'll watch them again.
  17. I'd watch and enjoy some of those bands, but as whole that feels like it could have been 2017 or 2018's line-up.
  18. I'd certainly prefer to be turned away in London than a field in Dorset.
  19. Declan


    Bit of an exaggeration, I occasionally have to put on a long sleeve shirt.
  20. I wasn't trolling. I'm not anti-mask. I will wear a mask on the bus, as I do on local buses. It was a gentle joke about a minor inconvenience this causes me. Your post is a nasty spiteful misinterpretation.
  21. No. I can't read on a bus, due to my glasses steaming up because I'm wearing a mask.
  22. OK. But you'll have to read to me because my glasses steam up.
  23. How's that work? You're expecting Squid not to live up to your high expectations? So your expectations are actually low, and if they're not very good they will have lived up to your expectation.
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