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  1. 2014 beat it. Most years beat it in fact because they dropped a clanger by booking Radiohead, and then fucking up the scheduling on the other stages on the day they played.
  2. Still no names announced. Do we think this is going ahead?
  3. Rob Del Naja was there last year during Stereolab.
  4. Let's hope the bizarre decision by Q to name Michael Kiwanuka's drab performance as the best live show of the year doesn't mislead the bookers into thinking that's the way to go this year.
  5. It's been about getting them in front of as many people as possible. Maybe if they reduce commitments to do recording next year they'd be headline somewhere.
  6. Metallica was probably ok if you like Metallica. But I was pissed off by their fans sitting at the front all day giving abuse to bands like Primal Scream then when they came on the band were surly and the music uneventful (which I get is what their fans like). Joanna Newsome - ordered that no other stage had acts on, or djs. The stalls had to turn off their soundsystems. We couldn't even go into the Big Top to wait for the next band. Then she sat on stage and shrieked for an hour and a half.
  7. Not a metal fan to any degree, but I'd definitely watch Opeth on the main stage. We don't need Nick Cave next year, folks, I've been watching him live since 88 and his current festival set is full of dreary fodder (Red Right Hand, Higgs Bosun Blues, Push the Sky Away) - he needs to recharge and come back with a refreshed show.
  8. Didn't mind the cricket although the Dad bowling a bouncer at a 10 year old was a bit OTT. The only kids problem I had was that they were a bit too well behaved, I prefer the more rambunctious Green Man kids.
  9. Hothouse Flowers in 1989. (plus Metallica at Reading and Joanna Newsome at End of the Road)
  10. It was a link in this thread.
  11. I bought a coffee as Jarvis started, tiptoed through the crowd on the left stage and ended up on the barrier.
  12. That would be great. Does he still tour outside the US?
  13. Sleater-Kinney (Thursday) Stereolab (Friday) WIll Oldham (Saturday but maybe in the Garden whilst someone dull but popular is on the Woods) Idles (Sunday)
  14. The only Post Punk was Wire, the ghost of Baxter Dury's Dad and I suppose very very early Pulp if we're stretching. If you mean the new guitar bands they were the highlights. It's hardly their fault that Americana, and Pitchfork-friendly Indie needs a refresh and new blood at the moment. I remember my first EOTR saying that I'd enjoyed the singer-songwriters but I wish there'd been someone to shout Kick Out the Jams now and again (plus a bit of diversity of where bands came from) but there weren't any obvious guitar bands to go to. And I think that's the case with the Americana stuff the keys bands are aging, touring less, and we've seen them - it's a poor year for them but they'll bounce back soon enough.
  15. Was it you scooting around the site on some sort of cast with wheels an ski-poles.
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