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  1. How do you prove you've been vaccinated?
  2. What are Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil doing there?
  3. I don't think it's right, the teachers should have let him go. Maybe they thought he was taking the piss not going before school or between lessons. However, I'd be more concerned, at 15, that he brought it up with his parents that evening. Life is a series of inconveniences caused by petty tyrannies that you have to negotiate on your own.
  4. I think they specialise. The same dog can't detect explosives, drugs, cancer.
  5. Line of Best FIt Garden Stage sessions may still be up. And the Backlisted Podcasts that were recorded at the literary stage
  6. It is a great line-up, but the great thing about Primavera is I won't have to see the National. (Unless they're on the other stage whilst I'm waiting for Pavement).
  7. They're a very boring band with no memorable songs, who can't cut it live but are inexplicably popular. I would just ignore them but festivals keep booking them and people keep describing them as "indie" or "alternative" when they are basically just Deacon Blue in charity shop clothes.
  8. The concept of Headlining doesn't really apply to Primavera, because there isn't a big band closing off the main stage at 11 pm. The bands are listed alphabetically. There are four main stages (plus the Auditori). They don't need or deserve to shunted out to Morder as an afterthought to provide background music for National fans boozing.
  9. But are Mordor really "the main stages"?
  10. NMH grew in stature in the interim years - and were announced Pavement style during the previous year's festival. Most people didn't get to seem the first time around, whereas Pavement toured extensively during their heyday and this is their second reunion.
  11. I was looking it the other way, why would a band of Pavement's stature agree to play Mordor, when they can play stages that have better sound, atmosphere? They're not piddly little stages in the corner of the site, they're the heart of the festival.
  12. Are they? I never know who the headliners are at Primavera. Surely, Neutral Milk Hotel and Stereolab, being the newly reformed cult bands in their years were "headline" in the sense they got people to buy tickets and those people were very excited, but they weren't in Morder because the general festival goer was more interested in boring bands with name recognition like Arcade Fire and The National. Pavement seem similar a lot of people are very excited but many aren't arsed, could easily play Ray Ban or the old ATP.
  13. Will Pavement and Massive Attack play Mordor?
  14. It doesn't really work like that. Idles / Fontaines will probably be on at the same time as the headliners or afterwards. I can see Idles going on the Ray-Ban stage at about 1 or 2 o clock.
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