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  1. At the Dylan gig there were longer queues to the men's. Robbie is bound to draw a larger number of woman, so perhaps they need to switch a few men's to women's for that.
  2. I got shouted at the Dylan gig by a woman because I stood in front of her. But if she had left more than a few inches between her blanket and the one in front we could have moved around a bit and found a spot we could all see from. There was also a punch up it the mosh blanket pit during Laura Marling.
  3. Yo Le Tengo! Flopped as headliners last year at End of the Road - on the Thursday! "Brigid Mae Power" - my dyslexic eyes read that briefly as British Sea Power.
  4. I guess the space was made available by moving T in the Park and V to the Old Forums section.
  5. Are you intuiting the actual stages times at this point?
  6. Let's hope not. Her EOTR show is in my top 4 worst gigs ever. Even the stalls were told to turn their music off, we weren't even allowed into the tent to wait for Teenage Fanclub, we were all supposed to silently worship at the arrogant, snotty diva's caterwauling.
  7. Declan

    Crowd Tolerance

    But at least you know it's happened and can apologise or run.
  8. Declan

    Crowd Tolerance

    If you remove the backpack in crowds then it becomes a handbag and I have no problem with that. Even worn on the front is ok because you can see if it's bumping into folk.
  9. Declan

    Crowd Tolerance

    Then sling a canvas bag over your shoulder, not a backpack.
  10. Declan

    Crowd Tolerance

    That moment when everyone is hushed and the guitarist plays a delicate solo or the singer sings beautiful a capella is not the moment to show your appreciation by screaming "woo yeah" like a banshee.
  11. It was my 8th Primavera. Last year I did a lap of Forum on the Saturday because I thought I wouldn't be back. Then they announced Stereolab and Guided By Voices and I thought I would give it another go. I'm glad I did, this was best in years. The New Normal gave a breadth to the music and genres. I see there's a facebook debate sparked by BBC article on 50/50 bills and people are worried that there wouldn't be enough female acts to merit a place. But the reality was the opposite in fact only Dream Wife seemed overpromoted and even then they just need another year's gigging. The crowd seemed nicer this year, fewer people seemed to have made the trip because they like one or two bands and fancy the idea of a festival by the beach. So that meant less discussions during bands and less of the endless shifting of groups of mildly interested people between stages. Great to have three days at the Auditori again - Midori Takada, the Bulgarian Choir etc were fab. The Wednesday, Day Pro, and Sunday felt downgraded this year. The days of LCD Soundsystem warm-up gig in BARTS or Fucked Up / Oh Sees in Apolo or Mudhoney at the museum are over I think. Only ventured to Morder twice - half a set each of Erykah Badu and Janelle Monae. Both excellent, creative and bonkers. Favourites were - Stereolab, Guided By Voices, SLF, Shonen Knife, Swervedriver, Sons of Kemet, The Beths, Liz Phair, Low, Suede, Aghost, Primal Scream. Listening to the Champions League commentary whilst Shellac played The End of Radio, which I like to think is what John Peel would have done. I could have done with more impossibly loud guitars at three am. Saw a rapper singing a song called "I Can't Wait Until Morrisey Fucking Dies" whilst holding a baguette, what was that all about? Was it a beef baguette? But the absolute best moment was sat on the steps of the RayBan, eating Ramen whilst Jarvis played and crying because Liverpool were Champions of Europe and I was about to see Stereolab.
  12. You did get those green bags. They looked sturdy.
  13. Tent was great for Swervedriver last night. Hope it is big enough for the football
  14. Maybe now is their heyday?
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