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  1. Saw them on sat in Brum. They really are such a great band live. The dual drummers hypnotic. Yeah would be great if they were at eotr this year
  2. This is pretty much me. Over the years I've done my share of moaning about repeat bookings or the strength of the line up. But I've never come away disappointed with the weekend it's always been wonderful.
  3. Mary Lattimore is a nice addition to the Green Man Line up. Both look very good. I'm more than happy with the Eotr
  4. I think Black Midi will headline the garden stage
  5. I think Nala Sinephro will be on the garden stage.
  6. Jenny Hval, Beverly Glen Copeland, Arooj Aftab really nice touches also Bicep is great .
  7. I saw Moor Mother at Supersonic 2019 excellent. Really looking forward to seeing her . Album Brass with Billy Woods is so good
  8. Agree FJM super voice. Definitely a showman.
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