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  1. People on here have tried to explain to you why it won’t go ahead. You just shoot them down. You’re boring the shit out of me. Go listen to some Oasis.
  2. Ben Frost is touring with Swans as a member. Make it happen eotr
  3. Would love to see them on the garden stage, but I think if we are lucky enough to have them I feel it would be the big top .
  4. Just hoping for any of the above
  5. Swans. Algiers. Anna Meredith. Dan Deacon. Grouper . Nils frahm . Tim Hecker . Onehtrix point never. Anna Von Hausswolff .
  6. Swans would be incredible at eotr.
  7. Le guess who looks such a interesting festival. Would like to go one day. Any festival that books Sunn O))) is looking the right way.
  8. Agreed . Definitely would be a uninspired booking. Can’t see it being them personally
  9. Seen this on Facebook also. We will see. Roll on next week .
  10. Yes Tame Impala are just huge now. I found them a bit sterile when they played eotr. They just sound like Supertramp now. Real estate would be great
  11. Personally I think that’s highly unlikely to happen. Not a headliner at Eotr
  12. Richard Hawley played on the garden stage. His children sitting on the side of the stage.
  13. Bonnie Prince Billy on the garden stage would be just gorgeous. Great call for Death Grips. Personally I would love it.
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