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  1. That would be fantastic
  2. Ezra again. It would be nice to have someone join us who perhaps as not played so often. Sure Ezra is great but 3 times in 4 years is a bit much .
  3. Exactly Deerhunter without a doubt perfect for the garden stage. Would not do them justice being on the woods.
  4. Absolutely could not agree more. Stunning Album.
  5. Yeah she was so good. Really looking forward to the sounds of D Avery though.
  6. Daniel Avery can’t wait. Pretty sure he will be the late night slot.
  7. Yeah Deerhunter, low, sleaford mods looks like the garden stage. Don’t think il be watching any of the woods headliners.
  8. Totally agree with this. Its a very strange year. Below the headliners is just so interesting wonderful stuff. Headliners top end almost middle of the road.
  9. Some great additions. Really happy with Gazelle Twin
  10. Still think Panda bear is a possibility Anna Von hausswolff Would be nice
  11. That’s awful so sorry for you. Like you say you still got them to look forward to at EOTR.
  12. Now that would be great .
  13. Your in for a wonderful night. Enjoy
  14. Don’t think low would be in the big top for one minute. Both times they have played both times on the garden stage. It’s the woods or the garden for them. I would say they will be a garden headliner. Yes Deerhunter good chance they will headline the garden. Agree with all your big top with the exception of low.
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