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  1. Agree. Beak> in the Ariel Pink 23.15 slot on Sunday night??
  2. You seen Simon’s Instagram? Cloudbusting... Surely not! ; )
  3. Day splits were released on 5th June last year so hopefully not too much longer now.
  4. Would agree with domjon - having recently seen Black Country, New Road - unmissable. Same goes for Black Midi. The Beths are also a really good live band and lots of fun. My other personal must sees right now are: Spiritualized, Deerhunter, NOV3L, SASAMI, Fontaines DC, Courtney Barnett, Low, Wire, Beak>, Mitski and Squid. Have seen Stella Donnelly a couple of times now - bit twee but always good fun.
  5. Went to see Black Midi last night (having missed their late night tipi slot last year). You HAVE to see this band. Believe the hype!
  6. Well, that announcement is...interesting?! Not sure what Metronomy have done to deserve headline status. Bizarre decision. Surely Deerhunter or Courtney Barnett would be more suited? Not sure anyone would have predicted Michael Kiwanuka. Not really familiar with any of his work but will give it a go. Beirut again - a bit lazy. Undercard decent as usual. Given their usual drive for equality on the line-up, the lack of a female headliner is puzzling. Is there some beef between Simon and SVE? Very strange that she has never played.
  7. Could be another Courtney Barnet reference (with Kurt Vile......?)
  8. Can't see them being a Woods headliner. Sub at most, maybe Big Top.
  9. Metronomy have a song called 'Holiday'
  10. Metronomy? Part of the 'ETRO' bit?
  11. They have promoted like that before (see Mac de Marco), but yes I see your point. Ryan Adams I think also a strong possibility.
  12. Very surprised by SVE - particularly as she isn't headlining Green Man. She would definitely have been headlining EOTR, so that together with never having played before should have been enough for Simon to bag her. Disappointing. Fully expecting one of Courtney Barnett or Sleater Kinney now. Wouldn't have though Patti Smith would be in the running given she has played before. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not Joanna Newsom AGAIN! Hoping for Spiritualized, Mercury Rev and/or Deerhunter. Worried it could be King Gizzard (not convinced they are headline material). Hope they don't go the lazy route and book John Grant again. They nearly always pull one act out of left field that nobody thinks of beforehand, so may be a surprise in there.
  13. I agree that at least one female headliner is a certainty - and from the suggestions above I would have thought Courtney Barnett would be most likely. Maybe SVE or Angel Olsen for a garden headline slot. Having just given the new Spiritualized album a spin, I think they could well be a possibility for one of the other headline slots. Maybe a return for John Grant for the other (not my choice but they do like their 'favourites'). I never get these predictions right though so who knows!
  14. Trying again, hopefully text won't be MASSIVE this time! Seventh year for me, this was certainly up there with the best. The weather certainly helped, whole different vibe when it is warm and sunny. Food and beer all great. Yes it seemed a little busier again but didn't really impact me. No toilet issues encountered. These sets stood out for me from those that I saw (in no particular order): Lucy Dacus - What a difference a couple of years (and a full band) makes. Has really grown as a songwriter and performer. Excellent second (and completely different) set too, particularly the last two songs with.... Julien Baker - Wow!! Such a mesmerising, emotionally charged performance on the Garden stage. Boygenius stuff with Lucy is sounding great too. Feist - Such a pro, the way she handled the in-ear monitor failure was brilliant. Interesting set too, left out a couple of obvious crowd pleasers. Iceage - Idles name-checked them as the best band in the world. They were very, very good indeed. Haley Heynderickx - Beautiful set, in glorious sunshine, in the garden. Hard to beat. Hookworms - Really intense experience, absolutely pounding. Light shows can sometimes distract but really complemented this. Future headliners in my opinion. Boy Azooga - These guys look set for great things. Really fun set, cracking tunes, and look like they are having the time of their lives. Shame - Great energy, good song-writing, front man with swagger, mental bassist. Superb. Questionable parenting on show in the crowd as mentioned above. Snapped Ankles - WTF?!! How good was that! Really enjoyed the bit of Idles I saw before heading off to get to the front for Feist, Lost Horizons and Stella Donnelly too. Only disappointments were: Julia Holter - Seen her before and she was brilliant. Here she was dreadful. Band seemed bored/annoyed with her, she seemed disinterested, just didn't work. Bailed after four songs. Big Thief - Parts of this were good, but something just didn't seem right. Is Adrianne okay? Probably not helped by being one of my most eagerly anticipated acts of the weekend. Also not helped by group of youngsters near me loudly squirting wine down each others throats out of a wine box bag during some of her most subtle moments. Further increase in number of chatters and bargy people who seem to think they have a divine right to be at the front at any time they turn up to see someone. Overall, fantastic weekend, in some ways line-up was almost too good as barely had any time to look around the art installations, gardens, shops/stalls etc as too busy moving between the stages. Will be hoping to snap up early birds this morning.
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