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  1. What are the venues (other than the Wedge/Edge)?
  2. I’m pretty certain the parrot fly past was during Mitski.
  3. I also put SvE and LCD Soundsystem, together with Bon Iver. I realise however that any of those three is unlikely (SvE unlikely to be in UK then I think, other two probably way over budget). I think Angel Olsen is a very good shout. If Zach is better, Beirut would appear nailed on also.
  4. With the 2019 survey now to fill out, would be intrigued to know what people put as their three suggestions for 2020 headliners...?
  5. £165 plus the booking fee, so only £10 difference.
  6. My musical highlights: Spiritualized - Brilliant performance on the Thursday night to get the festival off to a superb start. First time I have seen them since 1994 (Phoenix festival!) and they didn't disappoint. Helena Deland - My first visit to the new Talking Heads set-up as have never been down for the comedy (just too much music going on!). Beautiful vocals, really good backing band and lovely setting. Perfect. Angelo de Augustine down there was good too. Black Country, New Road - Saw these guys earlier in the year and thought they were even better this time around. So much potential. Can't wait for some more recorded material now. Deerhunter - Have been waiting for these to come to EOTR since Halcyon Digest was released. What a performance. Bradford Cox was on great form. Superb setlist. Just sooooooo cold though! Israel Nash - Sunshine, pint of ale, garden stage, Israel Nash - does it get any better than that? Met him afterwards - top guy and clearly loves the festival. TVAM - Wow! Love the album, but with the live band and projections was taken to a whole different level. Surprise of the weekend for me. Other honorable mentions to Wand, Squid, Shame, Harrison Whitford and Pom Poko. Black Midi were good but have seen them play better. NOV3L were good but set partly ruined by chatters for me. SASAMI was okay (my expectation levels were very high though and she didn't quite meet them). Couldn't quite get into Low - but that was more to do with where I was and timing of the set rather than their fault. Should have got there earlier but didn't want to miss any of Black Country, New Road. Stella Donnelly excellent as usual but seen her a few times now so know the stories/jokes. Was underwhelmed by Parquet Courts.
  7. Brilliant weekend. Good points still vastly outweigh the minor grumbles. Definitely feels like there needs to be a few changes to freshen the whole thing up though. Suggestions: I agree completely with the comment above about taking the bar out of the tipi. Why does it need to be there? It just attracts chatters - was really bad during NOV3L. I also think it is time to move the cider bus. It has just grown and grown as a 'thing' and the sound carries way too much into the tipi. Would be better off over the other side, maybe swap with the ale tent? It's just wrong to have it by the stage that most often has the quieter acts. This bugs me every year - surely they could have a tent like the tipi without the need for a pole right in the middle of the front of the stage? The garden stage is definitely getting way too busy at times. Not sure what to suggest - ban chairs completely? There definitely needs to be more covered areas for potential wet weather. I made it into Squid, but would have been very annoyed if I had missed them because of families just in there to shelter from the rain. Felt a bit like they had increased the capacity without really increasing the infrastructure - queues for food/toilets never really been an issue before. Having said all that, have just booked early birds so will be back for more next year!
  8. Dan Lefkowitz (Futur Primitif) and Bill Ryder Jones.
  9. Queues for the tipi are a pain. It’s often because people sit down between bands which takes up a lot of space. Once they all stand up, lots of space appears and the queue usually goes down pretty quickly. Having said that, still think they’ve put Murder Capital and BCNR on the wrong stage.
  10. Soft Cavalry for surprise set? Bella Union signed, Rachel has played EOTR before.
  11. Saw Murder Capital recently. They were good, but a bit patchy I thought - some of the slower, atmospheric songs on the record didn't really do it for me live. They definitely still seemed like a work in progress, albeit one with loads of potential. Having never seen Deerhunter, they are probably going to win that clash. (And I also get to see Murder Capital again in Oxford in October!).
  12. I don't think so. The three late slots are usually not on the official stage splits (although Snapped Ankles were last year). I would imagine they will be on around 8/9pm ish.
  13. New Black Country, New Road track out today. It's superb. You *MUST* see this band. I AM INVINCIBLE IN THESE SUNGLASSES
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