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  1. (And just to clarify, personally I’m hoping Bright Eyes/Pixies don’t clash)
  2. My reasoning is - I’d have thought there will be major interest in Bright Eyes, such that we might be looking at the Garden getting too full. The easy way to solve that is by putting a big draw on the Woods stage at the same time, e.g. Pixies. If they put Bright Eyes up against King Krule, it’s going to make it a big problem in my opinion. The other possibility is they pull a Bill Callahan type solution and Bright Eyes are moved to the Woods...
  3. Going to be Pixies on the Woods on Sunday I think.
  4. That is my feeling too. It doesn't sound like he did any more wrong than multiple generations of front men before him. It sounds like he has spent a long time reflecting on what happened if you read more current articles and has had help. A lot of people still very angry with him though and consider Pinegrove as 'cancelled'. I have met and spoken to him (before this all kicked off) and would agree with the comment earlier that he did come across as a really nice bloke. They were really excellent last time in the tipi. Be interesting to see the reception they get.
  5. https://www.nme.com/news/music/pinegrove-evan-stephens-hall-sexual-coercion-accusation-2162039
  6. Really excellent line-up. Truly something for everyone there. Interested in people’s thoughts on Pinegrove playing. I guess it means Simon is convinced enough that Evan deserves another chance. What do others think? (Actually really like the new album from a musical point of view)
  7. The time for speculation and wishing is nearly over. This is the place for all your comments and thoughts on the confirmed line-up announcement.
  8. I’d say there is no chance of this happening.
  9. Isn't it Bartlett Tennessee though? That could mean Julien Baker.
  10. Latest FB clue is Black Country New Road surely!!
  11. I would agree Pixies would fit best as a Thursday headliner.
  12. Expecting to see a few of these on the undercard this year: Heavy Lungs Lazarus Kane Working Men's Club The Big Moon John Just Mustard Modern Nature Penelope Isles Egyptian Blue
  13. That’s how us EOTR-ers felt last year when Green Man announced Sharon Van Etten!
  14. We went to Rockaway Beach for first time this year too. I thought it was really good, and excellent value for £80 a head. Good mix of music and plenty of other things going on. Enjoyed the Ska-nold Schwarznegger 2-tone tennis thing, and Dom & John DJs always fun. Interesting you mention about creepy old men - two of our party were a bit creeped out by one guy, who incidentally we nicknamed 'Banter Guy' as he had the annoying habit of shouting out 'Banterrrrrrr' at any act who he felt weren't interacting with the audience in a funny enough way. I would agree with comments above th
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