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  1. Personally, someone else. Not that fussed about Bright Eyes. Will watch them if no-one else that takes my fancy is on at the same time, but I'd prefer an alternative to Bright Eyes.
  2. Yep, prepared for EOTR to wait it out. Whilst more line-up news would be welcome to those of us who already have tickets, there is simply no point in promoting it right now. I mean, I'm already eyeing up one day of that Black Deer Festival, but there is no way I'm even going to consider buying a ticket this year. Let's see what the outlook appears to be in the new year and take it from there. Summer festivals are now starting to look a little more feasible with the vaccine news, but there's a long way to go.
  3. In the blind hope that this still goes ahead, I'm seeing a nice EOTR shaped hole in Rolling Coastal Blackout Fever's European tour. Pip Blom supporting them on all dates too, so could also be a possibility.
  4. Well, one of them ended up in a wheely bin, so yeah, it was wise to keep your distance.
  5. Now that's something I can get on board with.
  6. True. Hopefully she's just a late confirmation, she was outstanding in Hammersmith earlier in the year before this shitstorm
  7. This is true, but she's been touring All Mirrors since 2019, so I wouldn't be surprised if 2021 festival shows are not on the cards. Pixies will be around every summer, King Krule and Bright Eyes haven't had the touring options for their latest material, so not surprised that their plans have all been shifted a year on.
  8. I'd definitely go. As Yoss says, if the situation is at a place whereby mass gatherings are deemed as acceptable, I'd be willing to accept that the risk factor is the same as anywhere.
  9. I'm resigned to the fact that it probably won't go ahead, but still clinging on to some hope of something to look forward to. They're generally on site around two weeks before the event, but working remotely as a team right now probably isn't especially efficient.
  10. Bait is brilliant. Will be a really cool experience
  11. Was thinking more the disco ship.
  12. I want a Bright Eyes/King Krule clash. That will work perfectly for me.
  13. Was at the London show last night and it was fantastic. She is going to smash it on the Woods Stage. Fully deserved of her headliner status, such a grandiose and epic show.
  14. Line up is live: https://endoftheroadfestival.com/line-up/music/
  15. Wondering if the Waterloo Bridge clue is not that cryptic and we’re looking at Phoebe Bridgers playing? I can’t see it being Ray Davies. Topic Controls
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