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  1. I've had dreams where this has happened and I can categorically state that the lineup is unmitigated shit whenever they go down this route. Do not want this.
  2. I have never known them to actually check ID against a ticket before. They will send an e-ticket that will be scanned on entry. Who is in possession of that e-ticket is kind of irrelevant.
  3. Ok that is pretty fucking strong. Sure we're missing some big hitters but Stereolab, Hot Chip, Arab Strap, John Grant added is all good with me. Johnny Greenwood is a pretty special booking for them too, even if I'm less fussed about him personally.
  4. Might stick around for the OKC set, depends who's on in the Tipi or on the Garden though.
  5. I didn't think the latest album was all that bad, better than expected to be honest. I still really hope they play. Despite reforming ages ago, I still haven't actually seen them live and the thought of singing along to Debaser et Al, is something I'm still really looking forward to.
  6. Absolutely gutted that this moved to EOTR weekend. I rolled my ticket over from last year, but had to get a refund in the end. An absolute bargain for a line-up like that.
  7. I hope so. I love his solo stuff but didn't really enjoy Creep Show.
  8. Apologies, yes it's 6 months. I think this past year has frazzled my brain. But I do think that if EOTR cannot be held in the capacity as we know it (or at least 99% as we know it), it won't happen. And the only way that can really happen is a complete failure in the vaccination programme. I'm no Boris apologist, believe me, the sooner the man and his party are out of No.10 the better, but this programme is going so well at the moment it's hard to see where it can fail. I guess supply is the biggest spanner that can be thrown into the works. Simon has stated in the press that they can pr
  9. We're 8 months away from this happening. Right now we've got no idea what it will look like. But the "roadmap" suggests international travel to and from the UK is possible from May (appreciate that rules may be different for the countries the acts are travelling from), clubs and indoor venues can operate from the middle on June, all adults will have been offered a vaccination by July. With all these things in place there is genuinely no reason why anything but a "normal" EOTR is possible. It would have to take a monumental fuck up for anything to change this and if the vaccination program
  10. I think the WOW headliners at EOTR have always been outliers. It's what I love about the festival, that they're willing to give the potential next big thing that first headline slot. It's such a strong bill that a focus on the headliners has always been a bit of an oddity to me. It will sell out regardless of the headliners. Personally I'm very excited about Perfume Genius, Big Thief and Pixies. Sure, King Krule is not my cuppa, but then neither was Mac Demarco and I still went to see him.
  11. Oh yeah, Billy Nomates was on that live stream wasn't she? Wasn't bad. Yard Act sound right up my street as I love Dry Cleaning and Sinead O'Brien (she was originally on the bill wasn't she? Gutted that she's dropped out).
  12. The Julianna Barwick album is one of my favourites of the year, whilst Hop Along's 2019 album was my favourite of that year (Frances Quinlan is the singer). Sure I've listened to and enjoyed the Modern Nature album, but I don't remember a huge amount about it. The rest is mostly new to me.
  13. Big Thief were always headlining the Thursday before. This announcement is huge surprise, really didn't expect it this year. The addition of Perfume Genius and Rolling Blackouts are the big ones for me, but lots to get excited about there!
  14. Probably an EOTR Christmas jumper for sale
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