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  1. Although that clash with Low will be horrible for me
  2. Can see Ezra stepping up, but really, it should be CB. Was surprised she wasn't headlining already tbh
  3. I always chuckle at some of ludicrous suggestions for replacements when this sort of thing happens. Not so much in here, but on social media. You have to wonder if some of these people even know what festival they're attending.
  4. Not a fan of Beirut so I was always going to see Low. That was an easy clash to resolve. Really hope they don't get an amazing replacement 😂😂😂
  5. They do have water points, so you can fill up any bottle you take in with you.
  6. No food or drinks apart from unopened water bottles. They were searching everyone on the way in, bags and punters having to go through airport style scanners.
  7. It was really good for Roger Waters last year, had a proper surround-sound effect going on and it wasn't noticeably bad for Neil Young. Maybe we were further back than normal this time and that had an effect (but like I say, there seems to be a lot of discontent across social media). But it was near enough impossible to get closer anyway due to my other complaint....all the absolute w*nkers with picnic blankets. And the mess as we were leaving was disgusting too, so few bins around.
  8. A fair way back by Delay 9 but looking at Facebook comments it seems the problems were widespread.
  9. The sound was shit for Stevie yesterday. Really disappointing gig. The announcement at the end that he's pretty ill explained the unusual set choices, but that doesn't explain the fact that we could barely hear him.
  10. You won't be keeping the same one all weekend. You'll get a fresh one with every pint, if you don't return a cup, you'll have to pay 2 quid again
  11. According to TLOBF, John Johanna has also been added
  12. Yep, and doesn't look too bad for me. Particularly pleased that it's Low up against Beirut, as that's a nice easy decision to make. Conflicted on the other headliner clashes though, would like to have seen all four of them. Hoping that Courtney and Kikagaku Moyo are nicely staggered. Joy Orbison and Du Blonde are newbies aren't they? Anyone else other than the Late Junction stuff?
  13. Late Junction has been announced:
  14. I have NEVER known anyone to check ID of ticket holders on the way in. They are e-tickets, so as long as they scan (which they will unless someone has already used your ticket), you'll be fine.
  15. Whilst I'm not going to Green Man, I was at that Stereolab gig and it was amazing. You're in for a real treat!
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