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  1. I wouldn't say "novelty". I just don't think there's anything exceptional about them. Just a decent indie rock band. Like I said earlier, I'd probably go and see them. I hope they change my mind
  2. So did he, tbf. Turned up about half an hour late and played a very shortened set. Would love him back. I'm a big, big fan.
  3. I've still yet to buy into the Wet Leg hype. I've yet to hear what is making people lose their shit over them. Not bad by any shot, and there's a good chance I'd go and see them if they played, but really not getting the hype.
  4. If there's one I've learned over all these years is to never predict the EOTR headliners. I think with the pandemic cancellations we can make a rough estimate, but I fully expect a curveball from the organisers
  5. Mitski has gone TikTok viral (my teenage daughters are now listening to her). So whilst these shows have sold incredibly quickly, I think you're looking at a different crowd to your standard EOTR crowd. She would still play pretty high up and I would still love her there, but headlining Woods seems unlikely
  6. Yes, Battles are a band I've wanted to see at EOTR for years. Hopefully this is a good sign
  7. The year that Wilco headlined was a November announcement, albeit only about 6 or 7 acts, and this was pre-Woods Stage, so quite a while ago.
  8. I'm just looking at the level of shows he's playing these days and what he charges the punters for those shows. Just seems like a financially unviable option. I genuinely hope I'm wrong, and I've got no clue as to the financial reach of EOTR. But it feels unlikely to me, regardless of how much they'll want him.
  9. Nick Cave will be #1 (or at least thereabouts) on their wishlist but I can't imagine it will ever happen, sadly. It's a dream booking but too far out of EOTR's reach, imo
  10. Went to see JOHN last night after seeing them at EOTR. Still as visceral and amazing. Also thinking of going to see Anna B Savage in Margate in the next couple of weeks
  11. Give me a "Copper Blue in full" set, and I'll take Bob in a heartbeat.
  12. Personally I'm thrilled that they're playing. A big, ol' massive singalong. Give all the headline slots to up and coming acts and we'd be getting equally as many moans about them not being big enough to headline, etc. We'll have the best of both worlds and it will be great.
  13. I agree with this, although the copies of Gravity's Rainbow and The Great Shark Hunt that have been sitting on my shelves for years probably wouldn't agree. Curse you drunken book buying!
  14. All about Cassandra Jenkins for me. Simon, if you're reading this, you know what to do
  15. Did anyone else see Matthew Baynton from Horrible Histories/Ghosts as a punter? Or did he just have a doppelganger hanging around?
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