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  1. I've never seen them check names/ID. They just scan the QR code on each ticket.
  2. And dropped from the mailout as well. He does have an autobiography out very soon and obviously has close links with the festival, so it wouldn't surprise me if he is on the Literary stage. Maybe they jumped the gun with announcing him?
  3. Bonnie "Prince" Billy, he seems to be the obvious candidate. There are a few that are simply out of reach, Tom Waits immediately springs to mind, I'd throw The National and Nick Cave into that pot too. Pavement are a good shout, but they seem to be going where the money is.
  4. I can't say too much because we camped in our usual spot at the top of the hill near the Tipi tent, but it certainly felt more congested there than previous years, I would put this down to more camping area allocated to boutique. Just out of interest, where are you seeing this year's map? I'm surprised that they've published it already.
  5. Not sure Black Flag are suited to this festival
  6. First listen to this Deathcrash lot this morning. Not bad, but it's not running music is it?
  7. TBF, it was especially busy because The Horrors pulled out at the very last minute, but it wouldn't surprise me if that was the catalyst. Also the set of my favourite bit of middle-class heckling ever as the crowd urged Robin to remove the tea-bag from his cuppa.
  8. All of these suggestions are horrible to me as I want to see all three!
  9. Just use the ready made one:
  10. Did not know this. Also a big Ought fan, so pleased about that
  11. Ha! And no sign of Wet Leg after all the chat in here.
  12. Yeah, I don't have the same enthusiasm for Fleet Foxes, Bright Eyes or Magnetic Fields that I'm sure many others do, but as per usual, that undercard is stacked. Lots to love there. Great line-up.
  13. Or maybe that's a spaceman and we're finally getting Babylon Zoo
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