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  1. "Is Beyonce big enough to headline?" Really? You're genuinely asking that question?
  2. Yep. I did it for the Aphex Twin year of Field Day and had a blast.
  3. Ah sod it. All booked. No way I'm getting any mates along to this, I'll go alone.
  4. Yeah, definitely interested in this. Looks very interesting, and a decent price too. What have events at Brockwell Park been like before? Is it OK for transport links? I'll be coming up from Kent, so probably change at Bromley South and head to Herne Hill.
  5. I don't think they'll headline multiple UK festivals next summer, nor only two years after Jeff Solo. Can't see it myself. But I'm semi-tempted to head along to Black Deer as it's only a half hour or so drive away from me. We'll see what else they announce first.
  6. I don't think anyone here really thinks JR is an EOTR headliner. He's an act that we suspect Simon would love to book.
  7. I know that Simon is a huge Jonathan Richman fan. You can bet he's been trying to get him every year. Maybe one day he'll get lucky.
  8. I put Angel Olsen, Beck and Will Oldham. Reckon Angel Olsen must be due that step-up to headline status.
  9. Opted out of early birds, but will definitely be attending next year. The saving isn't that huge, so it made more sense to wait until payday. Thankfully we're not affected by the school dates as our two stay with my parents over the weekend anyway. But at least one of our party will need to wait until he finds out term dates as he doesn't want to miss his youngest's first day at school. The missus is also leaving it until she sees the line-up, opting to go every other year to try and keep things fresh. She has said that if the line-up is killer, she'll consider it though.
  10. Terrible timings for Ringo Bingo. Clashes with The Beths and Kokoko. Bah!
  11. Think it might be U2
  12. Think it's fair to say, us EOTR veterans REALLY want that secret set to be Brakes.
  13. Haha! If in doubt, always assume Ezra and/or Du Blonde
  14. Yep, well done TC. Think I have a proper idea of what I'm doing and when now. A few clashes to resolve, but they'll be decided on the days: Ohtis/Once & Future Band Michael K/Parquet Courts (most likely to be PC) TVAM/Happyness Courtney Barnett/Low That little Black Midi/KKB/Kikagaku Moyo/Moses Boyd/BCNR fiveway
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