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  1. It could be Republica got back together heard on radio 6 recently touring again
  2. Just noticed this from the original post spelling out more of Metronomy
  3. I would say headliner as it fits in with the female ethos at EOTR now that Sharon Van Etten wont be playing
  4. Going back to the writing at the top looks like Low and Barnett so I think it means Metronomy most likely
  5. Courtney Barnett definitely song on her last album
  6. so definite Low and Courtney Barnett!! The other one seems to be a toss up between Beirut and Metromony
  7. One on instagram could be Courtney Barnett. Can't help yourself song off her last album
  8. Another clue looks like on Instagram story looks like
  9. Loads of bands with songs with holiday in the title could be Nadine Shah or Scouting for girls lol
  10. Please someone suggest it's something better than Metronomy. Also the clues have never been for a headliner before usually for bands down the order
  11. Hoping for Sons of Kemet, Audiobooks and Anais Mitchell. Can definitely see Bodega and Squid being on EOTR bill
  12. Saw them at Glastonbury can't say the crowd were boisterous or particularly young. The last album was a very good album.
  13. Just on the fact that they are american and don't seem scheduled to be in England at this time. Where Phoebe playing Green Man and Idles being English they have more chance. I hope they are as the last album was amazing
  14. I would Phoebe Bridgers as similar artist to Julia Jacklin who played both EOTR and Green Man last year don't think it will b a problem
  15. Wasn't aware of the allegations definitely a no then lol
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