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  1. Supergrass for me would be a great Thursday headlner
  2. Curry shed is coming back for sure
  3. No rough trade records this year. Looks like stranger than paradise instead
  4. The owners have spoken to the government and are very confident this is going to happen. Great news for eotr
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4366935726660162&id=107609022592875&sfnsn=scwspmo
  6. A great festival with similar lineup to Primavera is Best Kept Secret Festival in the Netherlands. Headliners this year are The National, Massive Attack and The Stokes. The site is amazing with built in safari Park. Man-made beaches over looking a giant lake Great for an early morning swim. Went last year and wish I could afford to go this year The Dutch are so friendly and the food was great too.
  7. I really hope Olsen to be right she is a must see for me
  8. The only one that really makes sense is Black Country New Road
  9. I think we are all guessing we could all be totally wrong . I guess we find out tomorrow
  10. u have to have the app what3words
  11. sorry twitter clue not facebook
  12. Facebook is a place called St Bartlett a name of a Damien Jurado album might be wrong
  13. Mirrormad her albums called All Mirrors quite cryptic
  14. Damien Jurado, Black Country New Road and hopefully Angel Olsen
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