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Tickets on sale Sunday 7 Oct

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For those saying cannot save the Hosts file, presumbably you have Windos 7. Go to Start Menu, type in Notepad and when it appears in the list right click on it and run as Administrator. Then navigate to the location before, choose show all file types and open it. It will save now.

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Got my 7 tickets - great!!sarcastic.gif

Hints and tips - use multiple tabs on multiple windows. Only manually refresh if the auto refresh stops. Firefox got about 10 booking windows for me, IE got none!! Do not worry about putting your registration details in more than one tab and submitting. There seem to be quite a few steps but the 1 tab that I got to the screen after adding registration details then worked.

E-mail came through in 5 minutes - big improvement there!

Good luck!!

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To re-iterate what others have said, if you enter your registration details and then it times out, press reload and when a box pops up, confirm you wish to resubmit your details. That worked for me.

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Booking Complete!!!

Keep reloading whenever you get a timeout. I got to the reg details page several times but couldn;t get the next page to load. Kept hitting back and reclicking the proceed button until it timed out again. Eventually got to the next page when it timed out and so back one page and resubmit.... Eventually got there!

Best of luck folks!!!

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