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  1. Emily Eavis gets confused with recent events and announces Steven Tyler Swift as the Sunday headliner.
  2. Cockney_Jesus


    Gonna get there early for their set... I don't wanna miss a thing!
  3. 2005 for me. Went for the Green Day day in 2004 but this was my first ever full weekend festival. Pixies, Foos, Maiden, Arcade Fire, Manson etc. plus the likes of Yourcodenameis: Milo, Blood Brothers, My Chemical Romance, The Subways, Enter Shikari & Kasabian playing blinders on the Radio 1 stage. Could easily relive that year several times over.
  4. Last time she did Hyde Park I was at Glastonbury, this time I’ll be at my girlfriend’s brother’s wedding. She picks the worst dates for BST! Just got to hope it sells out quick and she is indeed announced for Glastonbury now to help calm my nerves.
  5. Still bitter over her Wembley Stadium shows where the day I went she brought out Niall Horan for a cover of Slow Hands...a song I like and it was very enjoyable but then night 2 she brings out Robbie for Angels! There's no comparison.
  6. Cockney_Jesus

    2020 headliners

    I've always wanted to see Macca and I'm a huge fan of Kendrick & Taylor...two of the best acts I've ever seen live. If this is what we get in June my ticket price will feel like an absolute steal!
  7. As excited as I am to finally see Macca it's all going to go the second he goes "ANYONE SEE THE FILM YESTERDAY!?" then brings Ed out for a few Beatles tracks. *Chris Martin with his guitar sidestage being held back by security, tears in his eyes*
  8. Cockney_Jesus

    2020 headliners

    If he did the Pyramid I wonder if he'd get his brother The Undertaker along?
  9. Cockney_Jesus

    Rick Astley

    Of course he would be! Doesn't matter if Foos are playing a gig in Australia at the exact same time, he'll still somehow appear.
  10. Not really into acts like Eilish or Capaldi but can totally understand them headlining. This would tie-in perfectly with me now being in my early 30s though now I'm spending more time at smaller stages moaning about the music people in their late teens/early 20s going for the first time are now into. The neverending cycle.
  11. It’s up now I think? Edit: tired and thought 2019s was 2020s.
  12. Cockney_Jesus

    2020 headliners

    Disneyland Paris, think it’s changing to Iron Man now though.
  13. Cockney_Jesus

    2020 headliners

    Went on the Aerosmith coaster earlier this year. Cheesy as hell but great fun being flung about to Dude Looks Like A Lady!
  14. Cockney_Jesus

    Diana Ross

    I’M COMING OUT!.....my tent to watch this providing there’s no big clashes at the time.
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