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Tickets on sale Sunday 7 Oct

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The host file is an excellent way to effectively hack your own PC. If it's a hoax it's a very elaborate one indeed and they'd need to have hacked the Glastonbury database for the registration details already......

I risked it since the IP is a UK IP address.

We checked without the hack on another PC and we have already used the registrations so it's all OK :)

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Windows instructions if you want to try the host file edit.

search 'notepad' under the start menu.

Right click and run as administrator

click 'file' and 'open'

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Open 'hosts'

at the bottom paste glastonbury.seetickets.com

Click save.

Try to load the page.

I'm not saying its legit, but I'm hoping it is because it worked for me!

Good luck!

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Profuse apologies to al_coholic for suggesting his trick might not be on the up and up - I will admit when I realised the from "email" address wasn't a proper glasto or see one I immediately assumed the worst!

My concerns were only raised further when I noticed that the IP has a registered owner of "Putteridge Junior School". http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools#whois/type=domain&&value=

However, as I got thru ok later on using a different computer (with no hosts file edit) and our reg numbers came up on the site as "used" I now know everything seems ok. Thank god!

al_coholic - hope you live up to your name as me and everyone else on here will want to buy you a pint at the fest!

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The method does work - my son, here with me, has done it to his laptop and has had a full confirm e-mail from Glastonbury which included details of all 7 people booked that he hadn't had to enter in to the system. Only the Glasto / SEE regn system woulkd know those details

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