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  1. ICGenie

    Lessons learned

    Right: Finally did a yoga class after 7 Glastonburys saying I would do a yoga class! Spent loads of lovely time bimbling alone. First time going without a partner and as much as I loved the time spent with friends Glastonbury is so so often best experienced alone. You can really absorb it that way. Wrong: Thinking that thin sneakers are suitable footwear for around 14 miles a day walking. They aren’t. Feet are only just starting to feel normal again. Again walked around the Healing Field not booking a massage. Again regretted it. Took way too much booze. I do
  2. Well I’m astonished to hear of robot bands and the Punch & Judy actually operating and moving! Was there Friday night - quite a nice spot to listen to Michael Kiwanuka - but there was nothing really happening. Just lots of people blocking the view while pissing about on their phones. I always miss the fun stuff ?
  3. ICGenie

    Flops 2019

    Not on this forum they haven’t ? Same here, had no idea about them.
  4. This is my favourite so far ???
  5. ICGenie

    Flops 2019

    It’s fascinating how people have different experiences. I appear to be the only person who enjoyed Years And Years. Maybe cos I was pretty near the front pre-Kylie - the dancing and video screens were great. And the sound was all pretty bass heavy so if there were dodgy vocals they were quite covered up!
  6. ICGenie

    Flops 2019

    Now I caught the end of Tom Odell as I came in for Sheryl Crow and I thought he was great!
  7. ICGenie

    Mason's Arms

    I saw the gravestone but I never knew it existed!
  8. ICGenie

    Janelle Monae

    It was amazing. I just wished my feet had more energy for it as I just couldn’t stand any more. Top of my iPlayer list to watch again.
  9. ICGenie

    Flops 2019

    Tried that. Whole place was total rammo. It’s definitely a problem in the tents where people hang around the edges when there’s loads of space inside. Truth Stage for Craig Charles was the same. I did a lot of sneaking in but just could not see a path in for IDLES.
  10. ICGenie

    Flops 2019

    Cat Power for me. Not sure what I was expecting but it was dull dull dull. And the sound was awful. IDLES were too big for the Park, wasn't getting anything out of it from the back so I went to see Morcheeba instead. Shame as they were one of my "must-sees". I have to say it crossed my mind that it was a shame Lizzo didn't have a band. Not really a disappointment, just a bit of a shame. Lauren Hill - well I fully expected her to be a bit stand-offish if I'm honest. It definitely picked up towards the end though. Agree about Glastonbury-On-Sea. I get the feeling it was
  11. I don't think he was canvas-sing for your opinion ?
  12. I make sure I have things to do and focus on. Always looking forward, no time for reminiscing. Gotta knuckle down on my yoga teacher training, get my house looking pretty, got a volunteering meeting to prep for next week. Glastonbury was amazing but I’m kinda looking forward to getting my routines back in order.
  13. When his mum and dad were dancing on stage I definitely had a “moment”.
  14. This was fucking hilarious!
  15. It was Saturday. Let’s just say the suggested location was a sauna... ?
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