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  1. ICGenie

    Pink Floyd?

    I fully suspect that in the course of promoting his new album he was asked about it. I'm sure he would be more than happy to never talk about PF again if people didn't ask him stupid fucking questions about it.
  2. ICGenie

    Pink Floyd?

    Roger left Pink Floyd. Dave et al managed to continue quite fine without him. Dave made quite clear to Rog at Live 8 that it was no longer his band. I pretty sure Dave doesn't want Rog to think he can come and go into the band as he pleases. Dave really doesn't need Rog from a live perspective and there's no chance they could work together in the studio. What possible incentive could Dave have for doing anything "Pink Floyd" again?
  3. Does it really bother people that much? I just scroll past and ignore. I'll start reporting the user when I see it. I don't find it disruptive enough to not want to visit the forum.
  4. Could be a bot written by someone mentally ill? I have to say the irony of it posting in here did make me giggle
  5. I disagree. Certainly cliques can kill forums, but not when they are all keeping to a single thread. It's pretty rare that any NFRNFC "in jokes" are mentioned on any other thread. If you do consider it a clique (which it isn't) surely it's preferable for it to have it's own thread than be in every other discussion?
  6. Give us a decent argument and I'll bother arguing it...
  7. No it's not. Neither is that the same as your previous definition of "clique" (which also wasn't a correct definition of the word). Making up your own definitions of words is probably a sign of a lost argument. In the interests of "peace and love" I suggest you give this one up mate.
  8. According to thefreedictionary.com: "A small exclusive group of friends or associates." Nothing exclusive about it. Come in, be nice. You'll receive nothing but a friendly welcome in return. And who said anyone was even trying to be funny?
  9. Thing is, it's touts that have pushed the RRP up. Must piss you off as a performer to see people making lots of money off you for doing bugger all. And it's made them all realise what they CAN charge for their tickets. Bloody touts. I hates them...
  10. This is my favourite bit of education for a long time, thank you for that one!
  11. I thought almost every band did this nowadays? Announce one or two gigs at a big venue, then extend the run as each date sells out. Annoying as hell but common practice.
  12. ICGenie

    Taylor Swift

    Is that the same Madonna who people have always said to me, "she's very clever with who she works with" and "it's just a vanity credit" and "she doesn't really write any of her own stuff"? The same Madonna who is often ridiculed for how she looks, regardless of her music? Yes, she's taken VERY seriously as a musical artist... I adore Madonna but to suggest she gets the same respect as her male contempories is laughable.
  13. ICGenie

    Taylor Swift

    Michael Jackson? Prince?
  14. ICGenie

    Taylor Swift

    The other element of double standards are very clear in this thread. You can be male, sexy, making catchy pop music AND still be taken seriously. Almost impossible for a woman to do the same.
  15. ICGenie

    Pink Floyd?

    This. I'm sure it was amazing if you were there but it was awful. Can't work out if he was purposefully playing it badly just to spite Rog or if he'd forgotten it.
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