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Tickets on sale Sunday 7 Oct

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I've had the registration page since 9.00am keep timing out, got numerous tabs open using different browsers, no luck. Haven't got a clue about this host thingy that everyone is on about,

Is it safe?

And can I have a step by step on how to please? Not techy at all! :(

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Hello everyone,

The host file change worked for me and my girlfriend and she's already received a confirmation email from Glastonbury. As someone very astutely pointed out earlier, how could scammers have access to the database with all of the personal and address details linked to every registration? Highly unlikely.

I'm intrigued about the recommended IP address though; how was that divined? Presumably Virgin Media is the internet provider for Seetickets?

Good luck all,


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For those worried, remove the entry to your hosts file, flush the dns cache (open command window, ipconfig /flushdns)

then access the seetickets.com site, go to customer services and login with your details, you will see your glastonbury tickets order in there safe and sound.

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For those having trouble saving the edited hosts file - its often set to read only to stop it being edited by viruses, trojans etc. Unset the read-only flag on the file properties and it can be saved. Tbh all this is doing is saving the browser a DNS lookup - you can bang the IP address straight into the URL field of the browser and it should do the same thing.

For what its worth:

O2 mobile network - diddly squat,

AOL xDSL - diddly squat,

Work MPLS gateway - loads of success getting the holding page, form, etc. pages up and eventually got through there.

I'd say if the page you got to via IP address is pulling in your reg details correctly, then its legit. Check your confirmation email.

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