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Tickets on sale Sunday 7 Oct

Guest AnnaGrant

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Profuse apologies to al_coholic for suggesting his trick might not be on the up and up - I will admit when I realised the from "email" address wasn't a proper glasto or see one I immediately assumed the worst!

My concerns were only raised further when I noticed that the IP has a registered owner of "Putteridge Junior School". http://www.dnsstuff....

However, as I got thru ok later on using a different computer (with no hosts file edit) and our reg numbers came up on the site as "used" I now know everything seems ok. Thank god!

al_coholic - hope you live up to your name as me and everyone else on here will want to buy you a pint at the fest!

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how long does it take to get the confirmation email??

I did the host change thing on my mac. When I go back into the host file thing it doesn't show the link.... does it save to there or somewhere else?

anyway, it loaded first time after that and went through to payment page after 2nd attempt.

Can relax when email arrives.....

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Windows instructions if you want to try the host file edit.

search 'notepad' under the start menu.

Right click and run as administrator

click 'file' and 'open'

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Open 'hosts'

at the bottom paste glastonbury.seetickets.com

Click save.

Try to load the page.

I'm not saying its legit, but I'm hoping it is because it worked for me!

Good luck!

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The hostfile thing works a treat!

On mac...

1. Go to Terminal (searh for the 'Terminal' app on your computer)

2. Type in the following (without the speech marks) "sudo nano /private/etc/hosts"

3. you'll be prompted to enter your password.. put it in and press your enter button.

4. when the list of numbers and web addresses comes up use your down arrow to scroll down to the bottom, just above the text that says "Optional Block List"

5. type in "" then a space and then "glastonbury.seetickets.com"

6. press and hold the "ctrl" button, followed by the "o" button.

7. press enter

8. press and hold the "ctrl" button, followed by the "x" button.

Good luck :)

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monkeys_out - This is the email I got with five mins (obviously I have deleted our personal details).

Glastonbury <donotreply@glastonbury.co.uk> to XXXXXXXX



You have booked to attend GLASTONBURY 2013 at Worthy Farm, Pilton-Somerset on 28-30 June 2013

You have ordered the following tickets

Reference XXXXXXXX - 2 deposits at £50 (Booked on Sunday 7th October 2012)

The deposit(s) you have paid for have been assigned to the following registration(s)



You have been charged a total of £100.00 and this will appear on your statement as TICKETS XXXXXXXX

Sales will be processed immediately. For the avoidance of doubt please check your bank/card statement following your transaction to be certain whether or not your payment has been successful. Any transaction that results in a charge back or payment dispute will be cancelled. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to pay for the tickets. If your transaction hasn't been processed within 24 hours, contact Seetickets immediately.

You will then have a week in Spring 2013 to pay the remaining balance of £155 per person plus booking and transaction fees.

If you are booking from a UK address you will need to pay your balance from 2-8 April 2013. If you are booking from an International address you will need to pay your balance from 25 February - 3 March 2013.

These registrations are considered to be UK based and can only be used from 2-8 April 2013



If you have not paid your balance by the end of your balance payment window, or you decide to cancel your deposit, you will be charged an administration fee of £10.00 and refunded £40.00 per ticket. You will be sent a reminder email when the deadline is approaching. However, ultimately you are responsible for paying your ticket balance.

Want to reduce the environmental impact of your journey to Glastonbury? Go green with National Express, whose direct services from over 60 pick-up points across the UK will drop you right by the Festival gate. To book now - at 2010 prices - visit www.nationalexpress.com/glastonbury

Seetickets will be offering coach travel to the Festival in the New Year.

Keep up to date with Festival news at www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk or follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/glastofest

Best regards

SEE Tickets


See is a registered trademark of See Group Ltd

Edited by Jie Bie
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Done!! Once you're on the registration details keep hitting back button if it times out instead of refreshing - goes staright back to the page with all the details still filled in on Chrome. :-))))))

Anyone got an 8 month forward weather forecast? ;-)

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It didnt work for me at all :( I think i did something wrong. the file i opened said it was a sample file, surely that means it does diddly squat to your computer no matter what changes you make to it?

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