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  1. whateverman

    Janelle Monae

    Both great shows. This one perhaps a bit tighter - a bit more 'Michael' or 'Janet' in their prime. A bit less jazzy. 2011 was (literally at times) ABC / I want you back. 2019 was more Thriller. Can't say how privileged I feel to have seen both those sets. I was watching a bit back just now, and what struck me is how perfect her vocals are, despite all the choreography. She has truly incredible breath control. A whole bunch of performers need to try and work out how she manages that.
  2. The Comet Is Coming instead of Ms Lauryn ?. Saw the start of their set and had to literally drag myself away. That was one harsh clash on announcement, but in reality it was a lopsided non-clash.
  3. I think it kind of depends on your expectation levels. There were some lush arrangements by some very talented musicians to be sure. The biggest problem was her being so obvious distracted throughout the set (by monitoring issues). It meant that the performance came across as nervy, and she never achieved a sustained connection with the audience. There was a lot of good will at the start of the set, but you could feel it slowly evaporating away as time went by and she seemed to have more and more wasps in her monitoring earphone. However, it did rally somewhat - most notably during the Killing Me Softly finale, but to a certain extent during the couple of tracks leading up to that. Not a complete disaster by any means, but very disappointing all things considered. btw - there is some bbc footage online.
  4. You can have a healthy love of the festival *and* a full and fulfilling life you know! Unfortunately I just have an obsession with the festival, but I've heard that both are possible.
  5. Bloody good deal (as above). Unimaginable really.
  6. Didn't actually see much (heat, energy levels!). Saw lots of fragments / quarter sets, but embarrassingly these are the only full sets I saw: Ms Lauryn Hill - 5 ? Lankum - 8 Amyl & The Sniffers - 7.5 The Comet Is Coming vs Steamdown (Wormhole) - 10 The Fedz - (won't mark for personal reasons) Janelle Monáe - 11 (seriously!) I was a little bit ill in the run up to the festy, but it's only doing this do I realise how much impact it had on my energy (despite feeling pretty much fine during the festival). Still had a great time though! (saw and enjoyed snippets of quite a lot of other stuff, plus DJ stuff.) Annoyed to see someone marking The BIg Moon. Hadn't sussed that they were playing! ?
  7. There are plenty of better offers on site than the meal deal. Had a fantastic veggie West Indian curry with coleslaw for a fiver in Shangri-La. Was nom. Saw plenty other £5 deals. Thought co-op was great btw. Appreciated the muted branding. Purchased lots of ice. Game changer.
  8. whateverman

    Flops 2019

    You're putting a bit too much effort into your backtracking. It works better when it's just casual and offhand. ?
  9. whateverman

    Flops 2019

    Ah, the old 'it was only a joke' trick. Nicely done ?.
  10. whateverman

    Flops 2019

    It certainly had it's enjoyable moments, but you have to be very generous not to notice at least the faint whiff of flop. She's clearly quite decimated now as a performer, and it's painful to see. Sadly I'd say life's not doing Lauryn right, still. I'm genuinely pleased if you had the time of your life. She's one of those artists that has touched me so deeply I can't help but feeling a bit of what feels like love for her, so it's nice to know she's still stirring people. Though I think it's a bit pompous of you to think other's experiences are somehow invalid.
  11. Can I nose as to why you are doing this?
  12. I have a recommendation to not worry too much about where you're camping. It won't have half as much influence on your festival as you think it will. Just get yourself vaguely in the half of the festival where you think you'll spend most time, and don't sweat it, is my advice.
  13. Yeah, but I think amphetamine sulphate has gone out of fashion somewhat.
  14. Nothings really moved very much though, so what would you update? Mind you those timings are very optimistic. I'd call them best-case scenarios.
  15. I just killed some tory scum. Was surprisingly cathartic. eta: Just in case anyone takes this a little too seriously - I'm just being a wazzock wallop based on the recent band booking controversy.
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