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  1. Can I nose as to why you are doing this?
  2. I have a recommendation to not worry too much about where you're camping. It won't have half as much influence on your festival as you think it will. Just get yourself vaguely in the half of the festival where you think you'll spend most time, and don't sweat it, is my advice.
  3. Yeah, but I think amphetamine sulphate has gone out of fashion somewhat.
  4. Nothings really moved very much though, so what would you update? Mind you those timings are very optimistic. I'd call them best-case scenarios.
  5. I just killed some tory scum. Was surprisingly cathartic. eta: Just in case anyone takes this a little too seriously - I'm just being a wazzock wallop based on the recent band booking controversy.
  6. whateverman

    Staying up

    I'm feeling the same way. Getting too old to trust my ticker with class A's 😂.
  7. My favourite cocktail is an Aviation (with Crème de violette), but I'm not sure about that cider!
  8. Since we're dragging out the oldies:
  9. whateverman


    Better still be made of Lego or I won't be impressed.
  10. Strangely enough I've been finding it *less* crowded than usual. I was fully expecting this thread to be about that! Maybe there's some kind of weird bunching going on, with the bigger stages more popular than usual or something?
  11. Assed? I meant arsed! I'm getting bloody brainwashed!!! So its just the playing then, not the singing?
  12. Which tracks demonstrate the miming best then? Just watched first track - seemed absolutely fine. Can't be assed watching the whole thing again (enjoyed it live). Where do I skip to look for evidence?
  13. I'm still pressing F5 - my finger won't stop!!!! Anyone else got this problem?
  14. That long-exposure sky lantern shot is awesome! eta: the one by scmusic
  15. Is this the Paulo of what you speak: Paulo999 flickr Glasto 2011
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