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  1. it was a lot better for me this year, last year I didn't even get a sniff of the holding page, but this year I got it straight away and managed to get tickets
  2. got mine, first time after missing out for the last 3 years
  3. modey

    Moto GP

    James Hillier lucky to get away with this one at the TT this year , 140mph corner
  4. modey

    Moto GP

    Yeah at ballagarey, another 140mph corner, he's had two lucky escapes now at the TT and this one at the north west, you would think after that many warnings it would be time to pack it in Thing about that one is, the year before that are was all trees, if they hadn't taken them out it would have been game over
  5. modey

    Moto GP

    Yeah, unfortunately you get it wrong here and you are lucky to get away with it, saying that guy Martin had a big off at 140mph the other day and walked away, Steve mercer also came off where the guy died today and was racing the next day. Anyone who rides this course has balls of steel!
  6. modey

    Moto GP

    It's been a bad 24 hours here on Isle of Man, two more died today, one is super stock race and then another later on in practice
  7. modey

    Moto GP

    And still no practice sessions done for TT over here, weather was crap for saturdays and again for tonight's, fingers crossed they get out tomorrow night
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