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  1. BlackHole2006


    This is the greatest idea I’ve ever heard
  2. BlackHole2006

    The 1975 2020

    The spaces in between each letter is enough to stop me from listening.
  3. Haven’t seen a band in peel for 4 years now. Hopefully something spicy turns up in 2020. Charli XCX would be bangin
  4. ELO glastonbury 2016, was so boring that I actually fell asleep standing up. The only time I’ve ever thought “fuck this I want to go home” at Glasto.
  5. That would be Kool & The Gang and yeah, good tunes but their stage “banter” was cringe af. Old dudes talking about pretty ladies, not a good look.
  6. BlackHole2006


    I’d highly recommend watching a live concert
  7. BlackHole2006


    Oh my lord. I am pissing my pants with anticipation
  8. Manu Chao Glastonbury 2008 Badly Drawn Boy Glastonbury 2009 Stevie Wonder/Flaming Lips Glastonbury 2010 Eels Glastonbury 2011 The Rolling Stones Glastonbury 2013 Hot Chip/Caribou/Todd Terje/George Clinton Glastonbury 2015 ZZ Top/Earth Wind & Fire in the PISSING rain Glastonbury 2016 Solange/Justice/Chic (also first time on MDMA in shangri la) Glastonbury 2017 Lizzo Glastonbury 2019
  9. I went to WOMAD which was absolutely fantastic and I’d recommend to everyone!!! Been gigging lots & lots and also preparing for my sisters wedding
  10. It’s that time of year again. Early bird tickets 7th September!
  11. Yeah. Going for the first time and I wouldn’t really count any bands I’ve heard as indie or rock. Dhafer Youssef is about as non indie as it gets!
  12. BlackHole2006


    Future Glastonbury headliner, I’n calling it
  13. BlackHole2006

    Sean Paul

    hahaha, chill out dudes I’m only teasing
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