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  1. Different fest but last year at Boomtown I had a wood fired pizza and it was absolutely delicious. Is it true that they do this at the permaculture gardens?
  2. Saw them at Glastonbury 2015 and whilst I was blown away by the visuals, I was stood next to a bunch of talkers who ruined the set for me. Hoping to get a better spot for em this time, amoungst the people who really want to party!
  3. Sharon Shannon has gotta be on the acoustic this year! Imagine a friday night of traditional irish folkie music with a whiskey old fashioned. Crazy times.
  4. DJ stingray on genosys please please please
  5. I have noticed a Glastonbury shaped hole In Kylie’s schedule
  6. I can feel it in me waters. It’s gonna be: fatboy slim
  7. Mandala Stage is my go to stage on Wednesday/Thursday. Tucked away from all the madness, it’s a small cycle powered tent that features some very shambolic space rock bands and acoustic artists. The people that run it are bloody lovely as well!
  8. BlackHole2006


    Best thread ever created that’s for sure.
  9. Arctic Monkeys for circus big top
  10. Can we stop stanning Kraftwerk for West Holts? This aint me hating. I just reckon they’d be better suited to JP
  11. Groove Armada, Erykah Badu, Santana is the dream
  12. BlackHole2006


    My deepest ambition for Glastonbury 2019 is to eat some chicken from the Roaming Rotisserie Also if you’re into your Hog Roasts The Whole Hog is by far the best on site
  13. People treating the green fields like a fucking zoo to gwawk & laugh at the “dirty hippies” Those folks have been going to the festival longer than you have and have played a vital part in it’s history. Respect them or go home.
  14. The long drops just next door to the astrolabe are the best ones on site my friend. Nothing beats dropping the kids off early doors in those beautiful bogs.
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