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  1. Is there any reason why nothing has been announced for 2023 yet?
  2. From memory they played V festival a lot, which always ruled them out of R&L.
  3. Their argument of its similar to flights, where price goes up as demand goes up/supply goes down, is downright disgraceful. Flights generally cost less, and you pay a convenience for booking late. Ticketmaster start by charging 100% of the selling price and then it only increases, never decreases.
  4. It was different, but didn't feel like a tribute band. More so, a celebration of the band, all classics, no new songs. It's definitely different but I thought it was better than the last few times seeing them, but the tiny venue may have swung it! Take ear protection...... It was loud!
  5. Not seat filler, but O2 priority are doing BOGOF tickets for all points east in August...
  6. Just quoting this, tickets are off sale on seetickets and seems to still be loads on ticketmaster....
  7. If it's Metallica, slipknot and BMTH I would be more than happy with that. At this point, booking Metallica will be a case of appeasing their demands (these double sets), or they'll simply do their own tour instead. Slipknot is overkill, but download have always recycled bookings quickly if it meant getting a lineup with huge headliners (2016, all 3 repeat bookings but huge ticket sellers).
  8. That is the complaint of Rock Werchter. They like to recycle lineups, last time I went... Metallica and Pearl Jam headlined. But enjoy, it's a great festival and if the dates fit I would be there this year! I would be happy with a Metallica double set at download but that's purely down to getting to see some deep cuts. Throw in BMTH and that would be great...guess this means Slipknot in 2024, so maybe stone sour in 2023.
  9. Yep, spotted it on the FB listing...clearly they've got some big hitters to be adding a 4th day!
  10. Agreed, they have a massive fanbase, but I don't think they fit the download audience at all.
  11. Do you think they're trying out a soft launch of the double main stage idea? Gets people moving from stage to stage more and spending more at the bars...
  12. Would be fantastic...but are they really going to go another year without giving BMTH a headline slot?
  13. I can't see this tour selling well.... The Everything Now tour was sparse in arenas and about £50 a ticket!
  14. Presale was today unless it's staggered?
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