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  1. More likely their own show? I don't blame Werchter in this situation, given no event in 2020 or 2021, they need to ensure they have headliners that will result in a sold out event.
  2. I jumped straight to stage 7. The strokes will play anywhere if the money's right, but seem to know their worth by not taking lesser slots.
  3. Very odd that they've announced one show, I'm sure the strokes announced everything at once last time?
  4. Is anyone not getting the capcha to load?
  5. Where do you see this? I can't see any tickets available?
  6. Ah right, I get the feeling both Macca and Kendrick will announce, but they will drop all dates at once (similar to Metallica)
  7. Has Macca been confirmed for TW Classic?
  8. Agreed, which is why (financially) it makes no sense to pay extra for the exclusivity.
  9. I watched the originals in the 90s on the re-release, can confirm that waiting 20 years to see Luke Sky walker throw his light saber away as a cheap joke in the last jedi set the tone for the next 2 hours...
  10. Is this confirmed yet? You would think if it was then it would be on the Hellfest poster to drive ticket sales.
  11. In fairness to Download, hellfest is over two weekends, whereas download can't have that option otherwise they are clashing with rock am ring or Hellfest. They have really missed the boat though!
  12. Why unlikely? They'll be coming over to tour, not for the odd date.
  13. This. Mad cool seem to be getting a hard time for booking safe acts that will sell tickets. I can see Tame Impala getting booked as a big modern act.
  14. Are they dropping all the headliners before tickets being on sale, or some of the undercard?
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