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  1. Given they are coming to Europe in May (London - All Points East) I'm guessing Tame Impala can be all but ruled out for now.
  2. 12 flights! I feel like an obsessive if I see a band twice in a year, but fair play to the guy. Here's hoping the final two are MCR and The Strokes.
  3. As an educated guess Blink. They have an album to promote and said they wanted to bring the Enema tour to europe
  4. I've seen the speculation that they're doing the early Euro shows....but would they really announce it for late June when a lot of their fanbase are already booked for the Green Day tour? Then again, first UK gig in 8 years, 15k tickets would sell in a heartbeat.
  5. If there's anything to the My Chemical Romance rumours, do we think they would play the second weekend? Can't see them putting it on the first as it would clash with Slam Dunk and they'll be plenty of people wanting to attend both!
  6. Are we talking an act that doesn't tour every other summer?
  7. Second stage headliners? Either against Kiss or Maiden?
  8. Sparticus

    2020 headliners

    If there is a fourth headliner, Coldplay will be all over it. Much like Radiohead, they've been there so many times, being the first act to headline a 4th day on the anniversary....they'd be there!
  9. There's a list of acting touring next year which faith no more is on....giving their stock since the reunion was years ago, I can see them headlining second. Niche band, but not sure how many people would buy a day ticket just to see them.
  10. Looking at the Facebook page, Firenze are announcing for the 11th June. Greenday already have shows 10th 13th and 14th. Is it likely they'll do 4 shows in 5 days?
  11. Not disappointed by this, I saw their show at RW14 and the songs are great, but they really lack something as a live act.
  12. Didn't they also get booked for 2016, but pulled the tour which led to Paul McCartney playing?
  13. I went to this tour and got the impression the only reason limp bizkit were on first was to get people in the venue earlier and sell more beer. Would happily watch korn but can't see them getting the top spot.
  14. Is that more to say that RW doesn't want to book big guitar bands anymore? From memory Green Day didn't sell out last time they played.
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