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  1. I went to this tour and got the impression the only reason limp bizkit were on first was to get people in the venue earlier and sell more beer. Would happily watch korn but can't see them getting the top spot.
  2. Is that more to say that RW doesn't want to book big guitar bands anymore? From memory Green Day didn't sell out last time they played.
  3. Football might get in the way of that? I could see them doing festivals as well....No English date being the main reason.
  4. I get that it's a strong day (for my tastes) but very surprised at this since the cure didn't sell out last time round in 2012.
  5. Realistically, Tame Impala and Editors as a sub and a headliner. Greta Van Fleet and Biffy Clyro would be great. I've given up hope on Volbeat for the time being! Did anyone catch the Jimmy Eat World and Frank Turner tour? Both would be great additions!
  6. Decent announcement, does the layout of the poster mean Thursday and Sunday still need a co headliner? I was presuming Bastille were a headliner seeing how they've headlined Pukkelpop once or twice already
  7. Has this ever happened before? Usually the week before Christmas all announcements drop off
  8. Where have you seen system are touring next year?
  9. If we are getting names tomorrow, my money is on Hozier for the main stage. He has played his date in Belgium on this tour, and is playing in Ireland on the Tuesday and Thursday of Werchter Edit - I'll also throw in the national and elbow (both playing the UK the week after RW), tame impala (playing in Germany the week beforehand), and optimistically Volbeat under Muse or Pink, as they're in Denmark on the Saturday.
  10. Just quoting this as I remember seeing it before the Bon Iver and National tours were announced....
  11. Earliest I can remember was either January or Feb a few years ago, I think it was Feb the year they had Foos and Radiohead.
  12. Has anyone found a pre sale code for the Castlefield gig yet?
  13. Amazing, thanks! The cure would be great what with them touring all over summer, isn't Eminem supposed go be touring in 2019?
  14. Great start so far - good booking from the organisers putting the biggest two acts on the first and last day, to sway people with a week long pass. When's the next announcement due?
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