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  1. So is it a case of Lolla Stockholm being happy to fit in with what fits Pearl Jam's schedule?
  2. Just a thought, Pearl Jam may play on the Wednesday. Lollapalooza in Sweden has moved a week forward for 2021 (to the Werchter weekend) who also had Pearl Jam playing, so RW may need to host an extra day to accommodate Pearl Jam. Other than that, Wednesday could be RATM, as Rock Werchter has always missed out on them playing in previous years.
  3. Yeah, it makes sense, the band are trying to tour less but still bring in the cash, so two nights, two pay days, no travel inbetween.
  4. I've seen Metallica are doing this in the states, and would go for it. Metallica are winding down, more frequent breaks in touring, and haven't played download for nearly a decade. Two different sets would be great, but the flipside is if you dont like Metallica, then you wont be buying a ticket. Presuming they will get one of MCR or RATM.
  5. The way the screenshot is written implies that a big name is left for both Thursday and Friday. They seem to have gone out of their way to say that Pixies are not one of the main acts.
  6. I could see Royal Blood playing, but under Pixies. Royal Blood are bigger, but the last time pixies played (2014) the timetable wasn't announced for months as it was rumoured the organisers were trying to get them to play on the main stage, but they were refusing to play under both Pearl Jam and The Black Keys. This caused PJ and Pixies to directly clash, which is effectively the same fanbase. Had a look at some of last year's Pukkelpop artists, seem to remember the hints that RW were waiting for some artists who played there last year Tame Impala could play on friday (US tour ends mid June and resumes mid July), probably the least likely. Vampire weekend could play either 3rd or 4th on main stage. EU tour starts the week after Werchter. The National could also play next to the Strokes, although their EU tour only runs until 21st June currently. Editors look nailed on for Thurs or Fri. Belgian show this weekend and announced tour dates until the end of June. Similarly Kings of Leon are in Europe either side of RW.
  7. I imagine promoters will be pushing to capitalise on their comeback. I saw them before the break up, and whilst the argument is there that they were on the decline in 2011, in 2020 there's a generation who want to see them and original fans wanting to buy tickets. I find them very similar to the strokes, who were on the decline at a similar time, but have been selective in touring and are now more sought after.
  8. Given they are coming to Europe in May (London - All Points East) I'm guessing Tame Impala can be all but ruled out for now.
  9. 12 flights! I feel like an obsessive if I see a band twice in a year, but fair play to the guy. Here's hoping the final two are MCR and The Strokes.
  10. As an educated guess Blink. They have an album to promote and said they wanted to bring the Enema tour to europe
  11. I've seen the speculation that they're doing the early Euro shows....but would they really announce it for late June when a lot of their fanbase are already booked for the Green Day tour? Then again, first UK gig in 8 years, 15k tickets would sell in a heartbeat.
  12. If there's anything to the My Chemical Romance rumours, do we think they would play the second weekend? Can't see them putting it on the first as it would clash with Slam Dunk and they'll be plenty of people wanting to attend both!
  13. Are we talking an act that doesn't tour every other summer?
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