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  1. I get your point but I don't think Queens will be headlining if they're up against Liam Gallagher.
  2. Is that the story going round? I based my guesses off all three are rumoured for Rock Werchter, which is also Live Nation. If no Metallica then MCR, they wouldn't work at Reading and Leeds now
  3. If it's three big bands headlining then... System RATM Metallica
  4. Is there any real concern? I would have thought a live nation run event in Madrid would stand a good chance of continuing.
  5. Anyone else ruling out Download due to the faith no more 2022 dates? Where are the foo fighters for hellfest rumours coming from?
  6. Similar to Coachella? Same lineup different weekends?
  7. All 3 dates have tickets available on see tickets right now
  8. Anyone else thinking that they've shifted the tour forward a month so that they can play a few festivals. If the options are wait until 2023, or book MCR in 2022, I think promoters will be eager to get them seeing how their tour will have been sold out for two years by then.
  9. They are in a similar boat to last year. Business as usual until they get cancelled!
  10. Thanks, each to their own, I think the lineup for the foo fighters day looks great!
  11. Do you know if rock in rio will be keeping the same lineup?
  12. Given Ken said they were working with Primavera, it's looking like nothing for 2021 sadly. I still can't see reading and Leeds going ahead, great advertising by them getting their events sold out, but AFAIK they haven't got their insurance sorted out yet.
  13. Fair point I completely missed that! They are known for booking reliable headliners (I've lost count of how many times Pearl jam have been booked, but every date has sold out). We'll have to keep hoping that ratm and Metallica happens in 2023!
  14. I imagine they'll be coming back if the contract is set. It may end up working out well for the audience, if there is concerns that the strokes can't sell a day on their own, then a stronger bill will get programmed. Would it be too soon for Arctic Monkeys again?
  15. Would bank on System for 2023. They'll have the headache of honouring the 2020/21 contracts with balancing the bands respective touring plans. Here's hoping for something good on the second stage for Friday and Saturday! Wouldn't be surprised if a day to remember play on 2nd against kiss or maiden
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