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  1. Sparticus

    Rock Werchter 2019

    Decent announcement, does the layout of the poster mean Thursday and Sunday still need a co headliner? I was presuming Bastille were a headliner seeing how they've headlined Pukkelpop once or twice already
  2. Sparticus

    Doctor Music

    Has this ever happened before? Usually the week before Christmas all announcements drop off
  3. Sparticus

    NOS Alive 2019

    Where have you seen system are touring next year?
  4. Sparticus

    Rock Werchter 2019

    If we are getting names tomorrow, my money is on Hozier for the main stage. He has played his date in Belgium on this tour, and is playing in Ireland on the Tuesday and Thursday of Werchter Edit - I'll also throw in the national and elbow (both playing the UK the week after RW), tame impala (playing in Germany the week beforehand), and optimistically Volbeat under Muse or Pink, as they're in Denmark on the Saturday.
  5. Sparticus

    Rock Werchter 2019

    For the last one, either Wolbeat or Wampire Weekend?
  6. Sparticus

    Mad Cool 2019

    Just quoting this as I remember seeing it before the Bon Iver and National tours were announced....
  7. Sparticus

    Rock Werchter 2019

    Earliest I can remember was either January or Feb a few years ago, I think it was Feb the year they had Foos and Radiohead.
  8. Sparticus

    The National

    Has anyone found a pre sale code for the Castlefield gig yet?
  9. Sparticus

    Sziget 2019

    Amazing, thanks! The cure would be great what with them touring all over summer, isn't Eminem supposed go be touring in 2019?
  10. Sparticus

    Sziget 2019

    Great start so far - good booking from the organisers putting the biggest two acts on the first and last day, to sway people with a week long pass. When's the next announcement due?
  11. Sparticus

    2019 festival

    Without going all the way back, where has the Kanye rumour come from?
  12. Sparticus

    Rock Werchter 2019

    I put Editors on the Thursday because Pink is selling out stadiums, and Thursday is the hardest day to sell. Fingers crossed though, looks like it could be a good year for the undercard too!
  13. Sparticus

    Rock Werchter 2019

    Anyone got a prediction for the last two subs? My predictions either Editors or Volbeat under Muse, and panic at the disco or Kendrick under Pink. Biffy would be great too, how big are they in Belgium?
  14. Sparticus

    Rock Werchter 2019

    Any chance of being announced tomorrow? Their show in Brussels is tonight!
  15. Sparticus

    British Summer Time 2018

    Looking at tickets for this - can anyone give advice on the early entry? Is it necessary to get a spot down at the front, or just another way for the promoter to get an extra tenner?