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  1. Livvy13

    2020 headliners

    More fuel to The Kinks fire. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ray-dave-davies-new-kinks-songs-for-possible-album-859754/
  2. Livvy13

    2020 headliners

    His ego wouldn't accept anything less than headlining (apart from possibly the legends slot but let's face it that's basically an additional headliner)
  3. Having never been up that way before, I spent a fair chunk of both Friday and Saturday afternoons at the Acoustic tent this year as they had one act I wanted to see earlier in the day (Lucy Rose on Friday and Catherine McGrath on Sat) and on Friday one a bit later on (Gabrielle Aplin) and just sat back and chilled for the rest of the time as it was shaded and relatively cool, plus they had a stewards coming round and spraying us to cool us down. I thought the area was a good little bit out of the way from everything else and in my experience I didn't get any soundbleed but may just have been lucky or didn't notice it. I do agree that they need to alter the stage so it's not uphill though and that the sets should actually be acoustic as well. Also I think that a good idea would be to have a handful of secret sets over the weekend from big names where they only take audience requests, in a relatively similar way to what Vampire Weekend (apparently, as I wasn't there) did on their set on The Park but Unplugged/Acoustically. It also may be a good idea to move Pilton Palais (which is a great little tent btw) although I'm not sure where they'd move it to.
  4. Livvy13

    2020 headliners

    Currently 7/1 on Skybet
  5. How long is this going on for?
  6. Livvy13

    2020 headliners

    I don't mind Radiohead playing again although would prefer if they weren't headlining. Definitely up for a secret/smaller set though
  7. 1. The Killers 2. Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls (Friday night Avalon) 3. Kylie
  8. Livvy13

    Emotional moments

    There were a few emotional moments for me. Firstly, a non-music one which was tears of joy when the Lionesses won. Secondly was during Gabrielle Aplin's set and in particular My Mistake which always gets me. Next up was Brandon Flower's tribute to his mum followed quickly by the teaser of Human. Then the full version of Human had me screaming along in floods of tears, so much so that a random girl next to me asked if I was alright after the song had finished. That song was always going to get me though as it was my gran's favourite song and she said for at least the last 10 years (if not longer) for it to be played at her funeral which happened to take place earlier this year and their set was a few days after what would've been her birthday and the first one without her. So I had to do so and raised a can to her as the song finished. The penultimate one was Kylie's bit about pulling out in 2005, and finally it was as I pulled out of the site in the early hours of Monday morning.
  9. I hope they do show the game somewhere but failing that I'll find a quiet spot somewhere and watch it on my phone with a few cans as I'd be wandering the site drinking anyway so will give me a chance for a sit down and a breather.
  10. Chemical Brothers -130 Hot Chip - 103 (-20)
  11. Livvy13

    Taylor Swift

    Random Taylor related question - are any UK radio stations playing You Need To Calm Down yet? Only asking as we've got Heart on in our office (not my choice) and they're still only playing Me! and haven't played YNTCD once as of yet.
  12. It's not the first time she's pulled out of performing there though. She also pulled out of her performance in 2015 although admittedly that was with a bit more notice than this time.
  13. Jon Hopkins - 50 (-9)  Chemical Brothers - 150 (-10)  Hot Chip - 120   Kate Tempest - 100 The Cure - 115 (+1) Christine & The Queens - 60   Janelle Monae - 140
  14. Livvy13

    Taylor Swift

    It could simply be that we’re getting the album a couple of months earlier than usual due to the fact that she changed record labels after the Reputation era was finished rather than it being a double album. She normally releases info about the tour dates about a month after the album is released so that could be mid/end September which would be slightly too early to include a glasto headline slot in the initial release but if there’s a gap over that weekend when they’re initially released then I can’t see any reason why she couldn’t be the first headliner announced come November/December time unless they’ve got a more legendary headliner in the frame and want to announce them first. Plus on two of the last 3 tours she’s been in London on glasto weekend/what would be glasto weekend. 🤔
  15. Livvy13

    Taylor Swift

    Video for the new tune (You Need to Calm Down) has just been released.
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