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  1. Should be ok with midi/do nothing- rising stops we’ll before the headliners Caribou and Viagra Boys will clash
  2. So I know we kind of lost site of this in the will they won’t they but who do you think is playing? I’m going for Caribou, Mogwai and Little Dragon as the headliners
  3. Ah fair enough cheers
  4. I think I disagree that the Far Out would count as outdoors from those regulations unfortunately, most of the area is made up of the roof isn't it? Thinking back i'm pretty sure there are signs in the tent saying you can't smoke I guess they could get rid of Far Out or implement some crowd control so it remained socially distanced ish? I guess no Far Out wouldn't make the festival feasible due to increased crowds at the other stages GM were still keeping up the "news soon" on Twitter last night which would make an announcement today odd
  5. The hospital I work in in the NW has 14 ventilated COVID patients. This is in the summer, we shouldn’t be seeing any respiratory viruses. There was an interview on today this morning with a scientist who feared we are making the same mistakes of last summer, not controlling the virus and risking shit to hit the fan again in winter. I imagine if it was to be cancelled it’s this situation that the Welsh Government are trying to prevent. It’s worth mentioning that Wales has the lowest number of ventilator beds per capita in Europe, so the government has always had to be more conservative. What happened in the NW is that it was allowed to spread amongst the younger population until it reached a critical point and started spreading in the at risk older age groups. I am desperate for it to go ahead, I have lots of friends that I only get to see at GM really so haven’t seen them in coming up two years. But I’d definitely sacrifice it to not lockdown again in the winter, and I trust the people making the decisions may not be popular but do it with all the data available.
  6. I think it's the only way that it can possibly happen, but yeah i agree with you
  7. Yep that was my depressing reading of it unfortunately
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-57511769 Have a feeling this might be curtains
  9. I’m actually feeling more positive, feel the English delay allows ramping up of vaccinations and hopefully no explosion of cases. I guess festivals and clubs were always going to be the last industries to open up
  10. This is all heavy on speculation and I imagine if it does happen it will be a last resort
  11. That only works if the new increase in infections doesn’t cause an increase in hospitalisations. I work up in the nw and we’re definitely seeing the start of an uptick in admissions with a fair number in critical care. I know it’s annoying but we’re still in a pandemic. If the government had listened to SAGE in September we’d have had a much easier time of it over the winter. They do know what they’re talking about.
  12. More of this please, it’s not a run up to a lineup announcement without your Twitter analysis
  13. Ohhh didn’t see that, disappointing but thanks
  14. I meant as pixies/perfume genius/big thief/bright eyes are no longer playing eotr so very likely GM will follow
  15. With eotr announcing their lineup I feel Roisin Murphy is now a certainty. Also confirmation that it’s going to be mainly UK acts which is exciting, hopefully no Mac Demarco!
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