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  1. He's in Europe in June then his next date is in the US on the 27th/28th of August so I'd say it's quite unlikely he plays here
  2. They've put a ticket warning out on social media for anybody on the fence
  3. I got an early bird then got kicked out when I de-selected the charity donation ffs
  4. Yeah think sell out timing is impossible to predict
  5. The incubation period of the delta variant is still around five days so if you're not symptomatic by Saturday you're probably ok. Interestingly Green Man only reported 71 cases linked to the festival, which is much lower than community transmission.
  6. Would be very surprised if Michael Kiwanuka didn't headline along with SFA as it's both theirs and GMs 20th anniversary. Mac Demarco was a weak/uninspired booking imo so hope he isn't back. Would love a female headliner as there hasn't been once since 2017. Would personally love Phoebe Bridgers
  7. I worked it a couple of times and the miserly allowance was introduced to try and get people to spend money at the bar which they weren't doing due to all the drugs being consumed. The festival also had a big crime problem but the main issue was that it lived and died with the weather, if it was sunny it was the best festival in the world, if it rained the ground disintegrated in five minutes and I just sat in my tent.
  8. Richard Dawson for me, I know some people absolutely love him but I don't get it and he was getting a lot of hate in the bloody mary queue during his set
  9. Very second hand info but I’ve been told gm approached them but there were issues with the money
  10. A friend of a friend works for GM and they were saying arranging the toilets were the biggest faf of the whole festival and the supplier they ended up with was very last minute Queues for the bar felt a lot worse this year as well. Musically I thought it was excellent and it was so great to be back. Wishlist for next year is fewer white men with guitars at the top of the lineup.
  11. That's really shit I'm so sorry, email both ticketline and GM and contact them on social media. I would have thought they would let you role over to next year as they don't want to encourage risky behaviour.
  12. Just entered Wales and it's immediately started raining......
  13. It's not enforced at all, just don't drink through the wristband check. I've never had my bag searched on my way in
  14. Shuttle bus runs all weekend from the station I'm 99% sure
  15. Queue for the shuttle bus is pretty awful on Monday morning. Having done train and coach from Manchester I'd get the coach
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