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  1. I'd imagine there would be plans in place given the background diagnosis
  2. Been five times and they've never asked for id
  3. The toilets were definitely a bit shit last year but there was a problem with the supplier, almost certainly due to covid. hopefully it's been fixed this year. There is, crew camping is small but decent with loads of showers etc. Crew parking is in the main car parking field but you're right by the front entrance so you don't have to navigate some of the horrific queues that can build up on Monday
  4. They spend a significant amount of money on the art installations/fire works etc. It's a really cool festival but agree that the booze cap is pretty stingy
  5. You don't have to go and see her?
  6. There will be a lot of overlap, I stupidly didn't go see them both in Manchester so got a pretty big decision to make Low on the mainstage in daylight is weird scheduling imo
  7. I'm 99% sure that the William Malin tweeting the fest is our man lessthanwill-so I guess he's ok just efested out?
  8. Look in the terms but my guess would be no. I've volunteered a few times and it's a good way of doing the festival.
  9. My guess is still a closing set on the mainstage on Saturday night by Bicep after Beach House
  10. I’m personally hoping for Beach House/Low clash….. Or Low/Kraftwerk. Basically not Low/Kiwanuka
  11. They've said no official resales but I guess it's all up in the air because of Covid. You might find a lot of people who rolled their tickets over decide against it but there's no guarantees. It's 25,000 and feels quite a bit busier that EOTR tbh, not the actual site but some of the traffic on the main thoroughfares etc
  12. I guess they were booked well before the split, don't think their new set up warrants such a high spot
  13. Can't believe nobody predicted that! Although really not bothered about Kraftwerk overall very happy with the lineup
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