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  1. I guess festivals and clubs will be the last to open, and I can’t see that happening this summer without the provision of vaccine passports and the concept of those isn’t exactly popular
  2. I actually feel this is quite noncommittal, line up/tickets in the next couple of months is very vague. My god i hope it happens but I still feel there's a less than 50% chance of it going ahead, especially as it's in Wales who have been consistently more conservative than England in their route out of lockdown.
  3. Devastated perfume genius is playing eotr, if GM stays pretty similar to 2020 I think end of the road is much much stronger
  4. Temperature checks have been shown to be ineffective in picking up the disease. Unless they can have rapid onsite testing cheaply on site/a vaccine I think it will be very difficult for festivals to go ahead
  5. ,If king gizzard can headline then Phoebe can headline
  6. It's reasonable if you can afford it. But for the majority of people fronting a festival that you can't go to 200 quid is a big ask
  7. I guess there's no certainty but I imagine pretty much every band in the land will be looking to tour next year.
  8. Green man Instagram advertised a charity auction for two tickets. I doubt they would do this if they weren't at least planning on the festival going ahead. I'm not clutching at straws, you are
  9. God I thought you'd posted to say it was cancelled. Don't need that kind of stress in my life
  10. Fingers crossed. Imagine a fair few foreign bands will pull out but if that means no Mac demarco I'm happy with that
  11. Yeah that's pretty clear
  12. Sign up to volunteer as a steward. I've done it three years in a row and met people each time. I still meet up with them every summer
  13. It's a yearly tradition for us to go get food from the bridge end at Saturday lunch time. The walk along the river really helps clear the hangover and is one of the highlights of my year.
  14. I saw thundercat at field day a couple of years ago and it was very forgettable
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