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  1. It's a yearly tradition for us to go get food from the bridge end at Saturday lunch time. The walk along the river really helps clear the hangover and is one of the highlights of my year.
  2. I saw thundercat at field day a couple of years ago and it was very forgettable
  3. So having a look at the mess that is the reading line up, fontaines DC are doing dates late August so fingers crossed we get them.
  4. Yeah that's pretty terrible
  5. Doesn't look like fontaines DC will be touring late into summer, their latest dates at the moment is first week of June.
  6. End of the road blows it out the water for me. Top two lines very disappointing, but the undercard is decent. I'll still have a fantastic time if I only see one act so not too bothered
  7. Kelly lee Owens owes us a visit after her cancelled set in 2018
  8. @lessthanwill1 I hope you're doing a playlist this year?
  9. Thoughts on idles headlining? Feel it would be realtively uninspiring considering they played last year but quite surprised they're not at eotr
  10. Please god no not Mac demarco
  11. That is an excellent line up, gutted about angel olsen as I gambled and got tickets to the murder capital in Manchester which is a day after angel. I live outside Manchester and can't justify two train tickets in two days
  12. I didn't sleep very well last night and I'm blaming it on the prospect of angel olsen playing end of the road
  13. Is that the mirror clue?
  14. Echo what others have said, they're both fantastic festivals. I prefer Green Man as that's the festival my friends go to. I honestly thought the eotr line up in 2018 was as good as it would ever get, but then green man came along in 2019. Sitting on the terraces overlooking the mountain stage is my happy place. But the woods area of eotr is incredible. I also feel eotr does late night much better. We're very lucky to have two truly excellent festivals in the UK.
  15. Very interesting, pixies would be the only one out of the three that I would be interested in.
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