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  1. I've been very impressed by Peter Kyle (of the Kyle-Wilson amendment). Has always been able to make his case clearly on the TV - this whole mess has at least highlighted some decent politicians. Labour's junior Brexit minister Matthew Pennycook is also one to watch. Still relatively new to Parliament, young and looks very self assured in Parliament.
  2. I've got no problems with Tories going - Glasto should be open to all, and if it opens their eyes and ears to ideas outside their usual circle then all the better. What really, really pisses me off though is the Tory pricks who say there's "too much politics" at the festival. Or how when left wing politics get aired they claim that Glasto "isn't the place for it". I'm hardly the biggest Corbyn fan though I have exclusively voted Labour, and tbh I did find the hero worship a bit cringe. But at the same time that moment did embody a lot of what the festival was about and the roots from where it came - and for whatever JC's faults may be, he does share a lot of the ideals that make Glastonbury great. Tories who come to Glastonbury should, however grudgingly, acknowledge the place wouldn't be what it is without its left wing roots. I might be left wing but I still believe in a mixed economy and I can accept capitalism has helped make all sorts of great things possible over the years.
  3. Have you not forgotten the warm reception the 2017 Glasto crowd gave to Ed Sheeran versus how many people complained about Radiohead being "fucking miserable"? Michael and Emily Eavis' job isn't primarily to pick the best live bands in the world (though critical acclaim does have an effect), these days it's to keep the modern Glastonbury crowd happy as well as to put acts on which will make people watching at home want to buy tickets the following year. As much as I dearly love Nick Cave, much of the latter day Glasto idiots would not take to him.
  4. Come on guys, better watch out, according to this (amazingly non-satirical) Guardian article most of you shouldn't dare have the gumption to talk about Kanye like this.. I mean I'm left wing, stridently Remain and not even white, but this is the sort of shit that makes me want to resurrect the sad, dead corpse of UKIP just to piss a few people off.
  5. Was I the only one who thought he was shite? Granted I wouldn't buy his records but we went ready to enjoy it on a Lionel Richie sort of level, but the TS5 shit and all his covers just got boring. He has a great voice but it wasn't enough. He had the same amount of stage time as The National! Granted The National's set wasn't their best either...
  6. 1. Sheffield Leadmill 2005 2. London Porchester Hall 2007 3. Manchester Castlefield 2017 4. Manchester Arena 2007 5. Earls Court 2014 ....about 6 or 7 other times Pablo Honey. Glasto 2007
  7. The problem with the train thing was this: There are real problems with overcrowding on certain routes in this country. There's also issues with rip off fares for commuters, annual price rises going far above RPI etc etc. So yes, Corbyn would have been right to draw attention to problems with the railways. However, he did so by presenting a situation where he claims he needed to sit in the vestibule due to the train being "ram packed". He did this whilst on the service of the train company who stands to lose out the most from his proposed railway nationalisation and who have a vested interest, indeed a prerogative in showing him up to be wrong. The train wasn't ram packed. He could have sat various places and Virgin released the images showing many empty seats (which even if reserved he could've sat in). This should have been foreseeable and it was just really poor politics. It detracted from the various good points he could've made. And he should've known that particular route wasn't a particularly bad one for overcrowding as it was - had he done this on a Southern Rail route or a Transpennine route up north no one could have argued the point. It doesn't really matter that much anyway as subsequently an election was called, the Tories made mistakes several magnitudes worse than the train incident and JC picked up his game too so it didn't affect things. But the criticism was to be expected - from the right wing it's their prerogative to pick any hole they can in his argument, and from the Labour side you can see why many were exasperated he ended up making himself look like an idiot which detracted from the important message.
  8. Don't know why we're still going on about the train thing but that was clearly a publicity stunt. That whole empty carriage he walked past might have had some reservations on, but the train had just left London and you're quite clearly allowed to sit in reserved seats if no one is sitting in them (as long as you vacate them if asked). Very unlikely that whole carriage just impromptu decided to go to the shop/toilet all at the same time and far more likely there were a fair few unfilled reservations. I believe the next stop was Leeds or York. There was absolutely no need for him to sit in the vestibule.
  9. I'd argue otherwise actually. Rees-Mogg would be far more preferred by grassroots Tory members than Tory MPs. In the Tory leadership process he'd need to make it to the final 2 whittled down to even be put to Tory members. I can't see him having nearly enough support within the party. Whereas under the Labour system there could be a huge grassroots movement amongst Tory members to have him lead the party and it would only need a few Tory MPs to back him.
  10. I'm moving back there after 4 years in the UK (I'm British though), last time I was there from 2012-14 things were more expensive but not this much more! Libertines in Melbourne is costing me $89 which is 50 quid...
  11. I just paid $150 AUD to see them in Melbourne....that's 85 quid
  12. They're touring Australia/NZ in February next year if anyone's gonna be around there for that. Sign up to the Frontier Touring presale. Got mad envy at All Points East line up as I won't be in UK anymore but delighted they're playing Australia again!
  13. Miliband was ahead by 12-14 points at one stage. Opposition parties traditionally have done better between parliaments and then the government has closed the gap as the election draws in. Last time was remarkable because it turned that trend completely on its head, but now the public are seeing Corbyn in a more traditional sense as a potential PM rather than an underdog I wouldn't be surprised if we revert back to a similar trend. Especially if and when the Tories get a new leader.
  14. Would be great to see him get a good length Other Stage headline spot in the dark rather than the fairly short Pyramid sub headliner where he's playing half to another bands fans.
  15. God damn, I'm jealous of you guys who still have this magnificent show to look forward to.
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