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  1. That's it for me. Very disappointed. Why didn't they check to see if it worked properly. Sums up the country at the moment
  2. Only good thing so far is that I have got a cider in my hand
  3. Also from the sixties - 1967. wonder hoe the hippy era would have approached the Boris gunboats that we had here in Jersey this week!!
  4. Boris copying Jersey as we have had restrictions on visiting households since midnight on Thursday. No mixing of households allowed and Christmas Day and Boxing Day only allowed 10 people for lunch.
  5. moremi

    great cover songs

    Listening to Biko reminded me of Somewhere in Africa by Manfred Mann. Not a cover song but still great.
  6. I was 17 and just started my final year at school. I was captain of Burnham-on-Sea Colts Rugby team and would have been playing rugby on the Saturday afternoon. I saw T Rex sometime that year at Weston Winter Gardens. Went to university in London 1971-74 and saw some well known and up and coming groups whilst in London.
  7. moremi

    BBC Glastonbury

    They gave them out around Pyramid a couple of hours before Coldplay started. First time I've seen them on the whole field ours were still going off on the ferry back to Jersey the next day
  8. moremi

    BBC Glastonbury

    First time I've seen this since I was there. The singalong went up an octave or two with all the teenage girls. Although not my normal music I couldn't pull myself away on the night and now realise it was one of the great headline performances - Las Vegas coming to Glastonbury as I pointed out at the time. I've even seen my great-niece in the front row. After seeing the Rolling Stones earlier I realise how many great performances I've seen over the years. Luckily my music tastes are varied and I normally love the Sunday Pyramid openers. Roll on 2021.
  9. No official video of this but what an atmosphere to be there. The applause and reception at the end was incredible which unfortunately was not captured on video.
  10. moremi

    Ready Steady Go!

    If you want something to brighten up these tough times have a look on iplayer about the great music coming out of the 60s. Great clips of great groups and artists with some of their classic music. OK I'm in my sixties and have had a bit of wine and in theory am in social spacing but I can remember some of the performances, in between my mother saying "what is this rubbish" at the time. Luckily as a music lover I never said this to my kids and still today they tell me what music I should be listening to. Hence I still go to festivals.
  11. Took my twenty something daughter on Friday night to Hyde Park. She wasn't complaining. My son and daughter-in-law who live in Canada would also have loved to be there. Saw him in 2009 and would go down a storm next year. Talked to someone linked to the festival on one of my pre-festival shifts who thought there would be a concentration of heritage acts next year for the 50th, and explaining that they held back on the line up this year to carry extra money over for next year.
  12. Went last night and Neil Young was great, on par with Glastonbury 2009. Bob Dylan was Bob Dylan, who for years does his "greatest" as new arrangements. I saw Roger Walters last year which was also sold out, plus it was incredibly hot, but never had to queue for bars unlike yesterday when it took 30 ministers to get a drink. There seemed to be a ratio of one supervisor to three bar staff and the supervisors did bugger all except to check the odd £20 pound note. I have to forget that this is not a normal festival and accept that it is corporate land. But if they want to make more money improve the ratio of bar staff. Instead of spending £50+ we spent £12 on drinks. I want to see great performers but will always be very selective about who I see at Hyde Park. Would love to see Neil Young at Glastonbury again, he fits into the ethos of the place.
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