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  1. Totally with you. I've never seen Aesop live but would love to: his production is as good as his rapping, as shown by his awesome Nike Run extended instrumental. Hopefully one day it will happen.......
  2. Good find. She seems like a natural on stage.
  3. I totally get that! I'm not a big drinker and don't partake in other drugs, but Sunday at Glastonbury is still always physically tough and midday on Sunday really is the graveyard shift of slots. At about 10 to midday it was just me and my girlfriend sitting at the front on our chairs with literally nobody else there but the band and stage crew. Doomtree didn't look hugely impressed (although they were friendly to us) but a mini crowd started filtering in just before and after they started and, to give them credit, they put on a great show despite the rubbish start time and smallish crowd. Hopefully they get invited back sometime later in the day. Not heard of Freddie Gibbs before but on a very quick listen he passes my first main test of hip-hop: melody in the production, so I'll check his stuff out further. Thanks P.S. Don't worry, we weren't on chairs during the show!
  4. It's such a shame you missed out on Doomtree: they were probably the best thing I saw all festival. Definitely catch them when they're back in the UK. In 2014 Deltron 3030 played my favourite set but I doubt they'll be back for many years - if ever. There are bound to be some really good things in the full lineup that we've never heard of before. I always get excited to discover something special: it's one of the best things about Glastonbury.
  5. Mikill Pane was at the 2013 festival - not sure about since then. Most hip-hop acts tend to be on in Silver Hayes, with a few at West Holts and the late-night areas and occasionally on the larger stages. I always read the full programme after arriving and usually discover someone new and good that way. Obviously this thread is a goldmine of tips too, and will be even more so after the full lineup has been announced.
  6. I've seen RJD2 before. He played with a live band, who were excellent, but not so many MCs were there. I think he gets more of them involved in his US live shows. I'd definitely watch him again though and will live in hope for a UK performance bursting with MCs that he's worked with. Have you heard the album he did last year with STS? All tracks bar one were recorded with real instruments, and I reckon they would be great to see live together. If I remember correctly, N.A.S.A played at Hyde Park and a couple of festivals shortly after releasing Spirit of Apollo, but they've not done much for a while and it'd be very difficult to get all those MCs together, as you say. I suppose Gorillaz always manage to get a lot of their MCs to appear but the N.A.S.A ones are such huge names. I'd absolutely love to see their track 'Spacious Thoughts' live - the one with Kool Keith and Tom Waits - awesome track. On a general note, it's great to see so many fans of quality hip-hop on this thread
  7. Yes, I'd be happy with both of those. Also would really like (in no particular order, and not particularly realistic, even if everyone on this list is alive): RJD2 (with live MCs) Vast Aire No Bird Sing Two Fingers N.A.S.A - The Spirit of Apollo full and live Hilltop Hoods (with orchestra) Danger Mouse and Jay-Z: Grey Album live Aesop Rock Skuff Atmosphere Tor DJ set Nextmen DJ set I've missed a few things out but my brain is being distracted by food...........lunchtime!
  8. I was there (at Doomtree)! It was amazing I wish more acts would get involved with the crowd like that, especially in smaller venues with smaller crowds. Doomtree were possibly my favourite musical discovery of 2015. This was particularly good live:
  9. First time since 2002 for me Will try again in the re-sale though. Have a great time everyone who got tickets
  10. Hi. The second one is a guess by others, though it seems a logical place to start based on the URLs for the coach package sale on Thursday; I'm going to have one of those URLs in one browser and the other URL in another browser.
  11. Hello all, I thought I'd start a thread nice and early where we can post any backdoor URLs. So far we know this is the first level: http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/content/gfl-holding There are theories that this might work as the second level: http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/Event/GLASTONBURY-2014-DEPOSITS/Worthy-Farm/800000 But let's post definite URLs as and when we get through. Good luck! Mark
  12. And my birthday too! Were half the people going to this festival born on 28th June?!
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