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  1. Vacant0

    All Points East Festival 2018

    A good festival. Liked how well the bars were set up especially, barely anything by way of a queue. Nick Cave was really good. Unnecessarily over the top security and police presence though.
  2. Vacant0

    Lineup 2018

    I've seen a tweet where he apologises for relationships where "I've cheated and been dismissive of my exes". Not quite an acknowledgement of 'everything' is it really?
  3. Vacant0

    Lineup 2018

    And just because somebody makes an accusation doesn't automatically make it valid. In terms of what I've seen, just the two original tweets from two women, plus another one from one of them with a screenshot of a text her mate has written. Aside from that, just several news headlines which seem to quite misleadingly use the term 'sexual abuse'. I've tried to find some 'condemning evidence' but haven't been able to find anything beyond those. That the band have decided to fire him after speaking to him doesn't necessarily prove much - take Radar radio station deciding to close a couple of months back. Again, the decision seems to be largely because of how badly Sports Direct handled the whole thing rather than any actual allegations being properly investigated and proven. Also, take Enzo Amore, the former WWE superstar, and the allegation made against him at the beginning of the year. He was sacked after they'd spoken to him because of the bad PR and because he hadn't told them he'd been arrested, not because of any evidence that he's actually guilty of anything. I think its interesting that you make the comparison to Jimmy Saville. Not everything is of the same scale as Saville, or Cosby or Weinstein. In fact, most things aren't - this certainly doesn't appear to be. Yet everything seems to be treated as such now. Just to be clear, I'm not defending or excusing the Brockhampton guy's behaviour. I'm just saying that based simply on a couple of tweets and a subsequent social media storm, its kind of hard to make any real judgement on what his behaviour actually was.
  4. Vacant0

    Lineup 2018

    Whatever the truth of the matter, its sad that all it takes are a couple of fairly vague tweets to assert guilt these days.
  5. Vacant0

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Can someone post the stage times for the Nick Cave day please? Not able to download the app and the clashfinder site seems to contradict what's been said on here, so presumably it hasn't been updated.
  6. Vacant0

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Aye, that's my thoughts exactly - which is disappointing mostly because Green Man usually do pull a few things out the bag each year.
  7. Vacant0

    Green Man Festival 2018

    I really do disagree. They're all just a bit meh for me - and do feel a little bit samey in terms of tempo. Fleet Foxes are easily the biggest draw, but I was very disappointed when I saw them previously - at Glastonbury quite a few years back - they were just dull, the Pyramid Stage was far too big for them. Maybe they the smaller Mountain Stage will suit their live show much better though I guess - I have heard good things about the new album. As for King Gizzard, they are good live and good for them on getting the slot, but they've played absolutely everywhere and I don't think they're particularly big really - its hard not to feel that they must only be headlining because Green Man couldn't get their first or second choices. Wild Beasts were the Thursday headliner that year, otherwise I would agree with you on that though.
  8. Vacant0

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Lineup definitely has quite a bit of depth to it now. Still a shame that its such a weak set of headliners in comparison to previous years.
  9. Vacant0

    Arcade Fire

    Don't think it was bang on 8.45 on Wednesday, but ye they were pretty punctual. The gig didn't overrun. I left just before the end and was pretty drunk so not sure exactly when it finished, but I'm fairly sure it was before 11.
  10. Vacant0

    Arcade Fire

    They were great yesterday. New songs were really good (they didn't play either of the rubbish ones from the album) and I disagree that Put Your Money On Me was a weak point. Loved all the lights and the in the round set up. Their entrance was a nice surprise too, as it was the same part of the crowd I was already stood in. I can't complain as it did make for a more enjoyable sold out gig than most, but definitely feel they could have sold way more standing tickets than they did. There was loads of space in the crowd, found it easy to get fairly close to the stage and in/out to the bar and toilets throughout the set. And no, they didn't check IDs at all - just scanned the ticket and let you in. If I'd known that in advance I'd have sold both tickets rather than just my spare, but really glad I didn't.
  11. Vacant0

    Arcade Fire

    Anyone who has been to one of the shows already - how strict has the ticket checking been? I've got 2 tickets for the Wednesday in London this week, but no longer sure I can definitely go. Due to the valid photo ID requirement in the terms & conditions, they can't be listed for resale on Twickets. Scarletmist seems to allow it - but wondering how big of a risk it would be in doing so?
  12. Vacant0

    Nick Cave

    Bit late now I guess but I found it was quite easy to get further forward by going down the sides. I popped out for a pint twice during the set and got back in that way - it was the usual problem of people crowding round the edges and staying there motionless instead of moving into the space - you just had to push through it a bit and then it was fine.
  13. Vacant0

    Nick Cave

    Absolutely incredible performance last night. Really, really, good. Queues to get in were ridiculous though - I get why there's increased security concerns at big venues but it did feel a bit over the top. Its been quicker at the airport!
  14. Vacant0

    BST Hyde Park 2017

    Anyone got any idea of how Green Day is selling? I know they didn't do it last year, but do we reckon there might be discounted tickets available nearer the time?
  15. Vacant0

    Future headliners

    Or with the new album taking so long, there'll be increased hype for it nearer the release date, and they won't be at any risk of over saturation because they've been away for so long. That's the problem with acts progressively rising up festival lineups each year, most people will have already had plenty of chances to see them.