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  1. herzzreh

    Sober times

    Not to preach, but be careful... Three years ago I started getting mild night sweats and mild anxiety after benders. "Yeah, no big deal! I can do it!" Three years later in November I was one foot in the hospital because of alcohol wd. In reality, it shouldn't be an issue as long as you don't go on month-long benders or stay drunk for most of the day (and I mean most of 24 hours) for long periods.
  2. herzzreh

    Sober times

    Who's doing it sober again? I haven't had a serious drink since late November after going through a 7 day withdrawal from hell that involved things running across the walls and non-existent children singing. Unfortunately I've drank and withdrew enough times to induce serious kindling and drinking any more isn't an option for me (three beers gave me shaky hands for a day, bad anxiety for two days, insomnia and night sweats). I'll have to give this one a sober go.
  3. Got two person scout tent at 7:32. When you get to the selection one, keep refreshing even if it says that none are available. For one reason or another, availability pops up here and there.
  4. Hmm... I honestly don't remember. I know the smaller round tents and definitely the scout tents were canvas.
  5. Podpads are like huge dog kennels, they also get hot accordingly. Go for one of the canvas options - for about ten years Podpads are like huge dog kennels and get hot accordingly - got for the one of the canvas options. For about ten years we camped on the main site, this year we did a scout tent at WV. Not only was it huge for two, this was the first time I was able to sleep past 8am or so; it just never got hot.
  6. How come no one is using taps on the side of water aid kiosks? I've filled up twice today without waiting; everyone else was in line to fill up from the kiosk people. It's the same water, people...
  7. Yeah, the Phoenix that got burned. It was still smiling at around 2am.
  8. As someone who you could say... works in the field (don't worry, don't give a shit about quantities one would encounter at Glastonbury), it's this. Pretty much every single hiding method is known. It's all comes down to pure luck, how much shit is given about finding the substance and general randomness. Does anyone care about bringing in a few tunneled out (not hollowed out completely!) watermelons? Few doughnuts with some favors baked into them? P. S. Almost forgot... Frozen tuna is another great way to bring shit in or so I hear! P. P. S. Yes, average cop knows about your weed in your ketchup bottle, some blotter taped under your boob or some pills under your foreskin. It just comes down to how dedicated they're to finding that stuff.
  9. Mine did too. Apparently I was having a moment and just couldn't see or find it...
  10. Want to trade? My A19 for your B19... 19 is 19, right? ??? ----- Also, we'll stop by in Street at Heck's for some supplies. What's the best way from there? Go to A37? To A361? GPS is telling me to go through the lanes from Street but I'm afraid they'll be blocked off.
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