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  1. Cheers Turns out I can access seetickets whilst in China without needing to go through my VPN, nor DuckDuckGo. Just need to check that phone/tablet isn't blocking cookirs
  2. I took to DuckDuckGo as my default browser on my phone and while back. It doesn't track, nor, I think, take cookies Is that good or bad for trying for tickets on Sunday or should I go in via Google or Chrome? And, if that wasn't bad enough I'm in China at the moment and so have no option other than to access via VPN to get around Firewall, unless I can get to See Tickets without or via Bing - need to check
  3. airwaves

    The Darkness

    Just catching on Xmas tele catchup and viewing " The Story of Bohemian Rhapsody " which looks likes it dates from around 2004. They've just had a selection of bands influenced by BR and introduced The Darkness as "THE band of the moment " !! Laugh?? I nearly collapsed off my seat ?
  4. Oh, and bugger all flags blocking the view. None at all, in fact, it seems ???
  5. Just watching Crimble present from my son of Bowie's Glastonbury 2000 set - we were there somewhere centre, close to stage barrier But - cannot believe how much empty space there is beyond the mixing desk line!
  6. Was stood next to Michael - not by choice, just randomly 'happened' - for the entire Yes set at West Holts. We exchanged a pleasant hello at the end of the set. Have just checked - jeezzzzz, it was 2003, 15 years ago!
  7. And the BBC, on red button and on the Web, are saying the same - that Neil has forced B'card out. Statement from B'card later today but gig goes ahead as planned
  8. More personal fun detail - When we woke, from our tent, on the Saturday morning we had two immediate issues 1 we couldn't find our car keys 2 the 'queue' along the airport runway towards the entrance was oodles wide and possibly several hundred yards long. We were going to be far too far away to see the stage. But, when I went to an info shed outside the fence - to see if the keys had been handed in - I saw there was a side entrance almost level with the stage and only a handful of people qing. I dashed back to Mrs Airwaves, at the tent, said 'come now, no questions! ' or something like ?, and we rushed back to this entrance. It opened a minute or so after the main but we still ended up only a few yards from stage front. Result. We eventually chanced upon car keys, on the ground under front wheel arch, on the Monday morning! Remember, too, the undercard included Eric Clapton, and Tom Petty. Oh for more lineups with that depth nowadays. ?
  9. In 1978 Mrs Airwaves and I saw Bob, twice - Earls Court and Blackbushe - because it was his 'farewell' tour 40 years ago And has he stopped touring since? ? ?
  10. Stormzy? after just 1 album?? And who the heck is Childish Gambino ?? Never heard of him/her/them, which is a bit worrying for a sub-billing! But, if only I could get a ticket ???
  11. airwaves

    Bowie at Glasto

    I was there, with my son then age 16 and neither of us could quite comprehend the magnitude of what we were watching. I had also seen him at Phoenix 96 and was fearful of a similar disappointment - I thought that set was pants. But when he pulled out hit after hit after hit. .... we both knew we were watching something very special. I've been gigging for around over 50 years. Even saw Bowie as Ziggy at Imperial College but still think his Glasto 2000 is probably the greatest set I've ever watched.
  12. airwaves

    Bowie at Glasto

    Jeez.......how would you choose from that lot. OK we now have the 'benefit of hindsight' and have seen his many of these bands developed afterwards, but even so ???
  13. I'm not looking to get shot down here but. ........ What is to stop you volunteering, paying your 'deposit' and then just disappearing into the site?
  14. I subscribe to Money Saving Expert Web site and get emails from them. This week after ticket day I got a regular update which included a link on '5 ways to get into Glastonbury for free', not surprisingly focusing on volunteering. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/team-blog/2018/10/missed-out-on-glastonbury-tickets--how-you-can-still-go-for-free/ Any comments? Valid? Though I saw elsewhere that most places /registrations were full/closed
  15. Having had time to reflect on my own personal experience of 2019 Ticket Day - I was in South Africa on holiday trying by Samsung Tab 6 on hotel WiFi, got through to payment page twice but kicked out before payment processed, ended up with nothing; the 4 others in my group back in the UK between them never got past holding page - it is also clear from various posts on various threads (and FB and Twitter ) that many, many people had their hopes raised by getting to registration details pages and beyond, many, like me, all the way to 'buy tickets', only to get kicked out? So, what are the thoughts and learning points before April resale? Was it our fault? Could WE have done something different to ensure not getting kicked out? Could our choice of payment card have made a difference? Was it SEE's fault? Was there a glitch in their programmes somewhere? Did they not put in enough capacity at critical parts of the chain? Should the 'time out' period have been greater than 6 minute given the volume of traffic? Was the 'fault' somewhere in the SEE to banks link? If I hadn't got through at all, then ok - that's the luck of the draw so to say. But to have tickets in my hand, sort off, only to have them snatched away really really pissed me off!
  16. airwaves

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Got to payment page, TWICE, and both times timed me out. 1 really really pissed off bunny!!! Can accept 'not getting them', can't accept system screwing me over by not processing in a timely -not necessarily the same as 'fast' - manner. My first was 1998 and succeeded every year since. Never tried resale before ???
  17. airwaves

    refresh refresh

    Ok, now this thread had got me all in a tizzy. Am on hol in Johannesburg and will be using a Samsung Tab 6 tablet and a Galaxy 7 phone on wifi. Access will be via Chrome. Not aware of an F5 option on this system so will be refreshing by hitting the curly arrow symbol at top of screen next to Web address box. Does that hard refresh our soft refresh? ?
  18. airwaves

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    I'll be trying using a laptop borrowed from the boss of guest house I'm staying in in Johannesburg, plus my Samsung Tab 6 tablet plus my wife's Galaxy 7 phone, all on the guest house's WiFi! ! Am on holiday here so no other options. Do have 4 others in the group though who will be trying by more normal connection methods. Hopefully this will be 18 in a row
  19. Hi Can't find the link to a guaranteed Glastonbury 2019 ticket here. Cam you help? ??
  20. But, only the lead booker pays for the deposit for how many tickets are bought in the single order. So, say, there are 6 of you trying then The successful truer need enough Monday to pay 6 deposits ie £300, and Only the lead booker's bank card details go on the order. Then the other 5 of you each pay your £50 back to the lead booker. Then, when the rest of £s is due every individual will get an email from See asking for the rest.
  21. Confirmation please: Credit cards ARE allowed for UK buyers this year aren't they? The reason I ask is i'm on holiday in S Africa and when I use my Halifax debit card it always goes to "security check" But my travelling credit card, Creation Bank, never does Ta
  22. airwaves

    2019 Headliners

    Did someone go to End of the Road perchance this year??
  23. Seem to have missed that somewhere. Where does it say that? If so that is a change from recent years. As it is I'm bricking it as I will be in an hotel in Johannesburg on Ticket Sale day. I've e-mailed them and asked if I can use a hard wired PC from 7.45am (time difference) and they have wifi which I can access through my tablet anyway. I'm on 17 in a row and really would like to make it 18 (and 19!)
  24. Have been queing overnight on the Tuesday at Gate D ever since that became 'a thing'. Also means I get dibs on car park nearest to Gate D (one year security was lax at the entrance to crew parking that goes up almost to Gate D itself and so I sneaked in a parking slot at the top of the slope ?). So, queued overnight in 2017. Fairly pleasant evening/night around 10 places from the front of the q. Trolley was checked before the queue started to move into ticket check area so there was no hold up on that score. So, was camped by 9.30 ish I think and didnt have to q in the relentless heat.
  25. Assuming some date in October I need help. Am out of country from this coming weekend for 7 weeks. If it's 7 October I'll be in Johannesburg with just my travel tablet for web access - unless I can find a hard wired PC in the hotel too. If it's 14 October I'm f***** as I'll be on day 3 of an organised 2 week Cape trip, which won't wait for me to spend 10 am to 10.30 am UK time logged onto See Tickets!
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