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  1. Saw The Avett Brothers at Avalon in 2010 - would love to see them back again. They've got a big gap in their US tour dates so it could happen.
  2. I'm thinking Cultseeker would have enjoyed this thread.
  3. Desktop pc via ethernet. AWS Windows instance One laptop tethered to Three One laptop tethered to O2 One laptop connected to work VPN. Lets do this...
  4. The Smyths SuperOrganism Sleaford Mods Spiritualized Death In Vegas Art Brut Public Enemy Ian Brown Ren Harvieu The Avett Brothers
  5. pehaw


    Got to see a preview showing of Wonder a few days ago. Hit me right in the feels. Well worth a watch.
  6. Sounds good. I'll try my very best to stagger along.
  7. Anyone watching Last Man on Earth? Gotta love Kristen Schaal
  8. pehaw

    Kanye west confirmed

    Just means there's gonna be an immense Other headliner.
  9. Sigur Ros Spiritualized Stone Roses
  10. I reckon this balls up will help the very dedicated ticket buyer...
  11. pehaw


  12. pehaw

    House Music

    It all comes back to this slab of perfection
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