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  1. Does anyone know if they did day tickets for this last year? I'd be looking to go on the day Pearl jam headline if the rumour is true. Although 117 euros for a two day ticket is a bargain.
  2. Can’t believe how easy that was. Literally 1 minute queue for the wristband and no queue to get in. Enjoy the festival everyone
  3. Did anyone have any issues with getting in with PDF print outs from Festickets last night? My wristbands never turned up so only have the print outs. Also, how was it getting to the centre after the festival? lower numbers last night so interested to see if it’s already a nightmare before the main event starts today.
  4. 1 - The Killers 2 - Tame Impala 3 - The Cure
  5. For those that haven't received tickets yet it's worth checking your spam email folder. I found an email from Mad Cool yesterday that was sent last week asking me to confirm my address details. I checked with Festtickets that the email address was legit and it was, emailed Mad Cool today and thy confirmed they would now send the wristbands to me,
  6. Hate to say it but I think that Ireland show isn't happening unless they decide to break their usual touring habit and therefore don't think they will play Glastonbury. I would love it if i was wrong, Pearl Jam at Glastonbury would be a dream come true but I don't think it's happening next year.
  7. leekstokie

    2019 Headliners

    I don’t think Pearl Jam will play Malahide castle next year and can’t see them being in Europe based on normal tourning patterns and the fact they covered Europe this year. Really really hope I’m wrong though, it would be a dream come true for me if they played Glastonbury to add to the 17 times I’ve already seen them.
  8. Just landed back in the uk. I had an amazing time, Thursday queues weren’t great but it helped me having the wristband posted to me so pretty much got straight in when the gates opened. Huge improvements in organisation on Friday and Saturday. As for the line up, it was world class. Highlights for me were Pearl Jam and Tame Impala on the Thursday, Odesza and Arctic Monkeys on the Friday and the mind blowing run of QOTSA, Depeche Mode, NIN, Underworld on Saturday. Ill give it another go next year if the line up is as strong as this year
  9. I think my plan is: Thursday - Eels, Fleet foxes, Tame Impala, Pearl Jam, Kasabian, MGMT - I'll leave Tame after an hour to try and get a decent spot for PJ Friday - ATDI, Snow patrol, Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, Massive Attack Saturday - Wolf Alice, Jack Johnson, QOTSA, Depeche Mode, NIN, Underworld
  10. Mad Cool Festival in Madrid and 5 Pearl Jam gigs across Europe
  11. Agree with this. The atmosphere at the Killers was incredible. I've still got ringing in my ears from the noise the crowd made.
  12. The Killers - Mr Brightside Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees Foo's - My Hero
  13. leekstokie

    Top 5 Acts

    The Killers Radiohead Foo's Frank Carter The XX
  14. leekstokie

    Top 3 Must Sees

    Radiohead The National Foo's
  15. 5 after today. Tomorrow and Thursday then Guns n Roses Friday, Stone Roses Saturday then work Mon, Tue next week
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