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  2. Do you mean pink 47-59? Or white 1-5 & 7 (as this currently has purple text)?
  3. sirjonnyp

    Alcohol Thread

    Normally we drive down, this year is different though, particularly as I'm volunteering and my festival will have 24 hours of enforced non-drinking. For that reason I'm cutting down how much I take. Going to pick up 8 cans of John Smiths and a bag of goon this evening to get me to Wednesday, and @tumbles is being an absolute gent and taking 30 John Smiths down for me in his motor on Wednesday. Should probably pick up a bottle of port too, wouldn't be a Sunday at a festival for me without one!
  4. Dave_c


    Is the circle in the middle of this picture the moon?
  5. Vice versa, if somehow we end up bumping into each other.
  6. I camp near the coach site and the noise of the coach announcements starts around 6am from (hazy hungover) memory but I'm sure if you ask a steward on the way in you'll get a better idea of the return times.
  7. I've done close to fuck all so far today. The highlight of the day is when I was interviewing someone who said that they're going to Glastonbury for the first time. Cue me gushing about how much of a great time they'll have and how excited I am. If I wasn't already going to employ them, I think that would have definitely tipped the scales!
  8. I'm sure they pass the same mountain twice even before it repeats! I've finally escaped from the Royston Vasey of the weather thread. It looks as if the major w*t stuff will hit us here at the wrong end of the A361 just as we're packing the caravan. Sacrifices will be made. We aim to be in cv east tomorrow evening (maybe bump into @fatyeti24, @H.M.V and @carlosj if I can find you?) and I plan to come to the meet on Wednesday for the first time. Bit scared as I have trouble recognising people at the best of times... at least I should be able to spot you @Tranquility of Solitude wearing Shaun the Sheep(!) I owe you and @deebeedoobee a pint for scoring our cv tickets. @Seldom Seen Kid I'm glad you've decided to go. Let the farm do its healing thing. @Funkyfairy! I hope I can find you to ask about the bin painting - something I'd love to do once I'm free to take the time out of work. @lucyginger good luck with first-time stewarding. I hope you get somewhere in the shade 😎 @vintagelaureate fingers crossed you're heading for Somerset on Wednesday. To all (and everyone I've failed to mention) safe journey and have a fabulous party. Even more precious this year as we came so close to missing out. As I've said before: what a joy and an utter privilege
  9. Lakey91

    Coach ticket?

    I had a feeling that might be the case actually!
  10. Unless things have radically changed.. just rock up at the coach area with a valid email and they will throw you on the next coach to Brum. Nobody turns up ontime for their return seat and they just want you off site - they'd rather fill coaches than have empty seats.
  11. Aroseey

    Big Tent

    Hi! Over the weekend I thought I'd try out my tent that my mum gave me for Glastonbury, she told me it was a 6 man which would have been fine for the five of us that are going! However when unpacking the tent it turns out its an eight man! I don't have any time to pick up anything smaller, will this size tent be ok? We're not fussed about being in the busy campsites and are happy to go somewhere a little further out. Where would you recommend camping with this size tent? We hope to arrive at around 5/6am Wednesday. Thank you!
  12. Hawros

    Coach ticket?

    The barcode's not actually a barcode - just (confusingly) part of the See Coaches logo. (To confirm, everyone will have been emailed their own individual tickets).
  13. Did a write up of food traders for a brunch booking website based on some personal experience and recommendations from this thread, linked below https://www.bruncher.com/news/a-bruncher-s-glastonbury-survival-kit/#.XRDCRv37YPA
  14. It's something that has to be done. I've done the same in '17, managed to get work at the last minute and ended up having one of the best times of my life there. D.C. Site services are usually a good shout if you are desperate. They tend to have people drop out and spaces appearing on the glastonbury team at the last minute. Be aware that they will likely expect you to work every day of the festival and are very strict in regards to camping so bear that in mind should you go for it.
  15. Down a girlfriend and up a dog... not a bad trade-off that
  16. Raincatcher

    Vegan Traders

    Did a write up of food traders for a brunch booking website that covered a couple of the vegan stalls, linked below https://www.bruncher.com/news/a-bruncher-s-glastonbury-survival-kit/#.XRDCRv37YPA
  17. I've only ever done it to the gap between the inner and outer (so attached to the outside of the inner if you have double skin), so can't make a comparison (and I've only done it in 2017 and at a couple of other non-Glasto scorchers). It's not too noisy if you do it on the inside and less chance of blowing away!
  18. I've got in using other peoples ticket a few times since they had photos on them, the last time was 2015 I think, the original ticket holder was 21 I was mid 40's :-) You can generally scan the checkers and see who is checking thoroughly and who isn't and shuffle over to the non thorough one... The photos on tickets has greatly reduced the touting, the times I've bought other peoples I've never paid a penny above face value due to the risk involved. I've been lucky the few times I've done it, obviously it's not a certainty though.
  19. EMorgz92

    Alcohol Thread

    10 cans of cider, about 10 pre-mix cocktail cans, 1 ltr spiced rum, 1/2 ltr 20% coconut & vanilla 'liqueur' (rum-based) and a hip flask of port
  20. Hi everyone, I'm a bit of a lurker, but was wondering if anybody knows the best route to the festival from Evercreech? Staying there on Tuesday night, and intending to set off very early Wednesday morning. Am I right in thinking it would be A371 and then A361, and we'd be going into the East car parks? Thanks!
  21. They probably got sick of mates falling out with each other etc in the interim and just send them individually now!
  22. His charisma already has the votes he needs locked in. His major weakness is being gaffe prone, so not worth the risk.
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