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  2. I'm saying it won't be happening. Another poster thought it might be a possibility.
  3. So Lewis capaldi arena tour sold out in minutes, starting to seem like a bit of a coup truck having him!
  4. Where? The tour will probably be in October/November. Not in July.
  5. I am seeing Basil at Wychwood as well
  6. Another week of fuck all. Expecting day splits with this announcement.
  7. I will give a big up-vote for the coleman blackout tent. I got the 2-manner for solo camping last summer and it's great. Not tried it out in really hot conditions yet (it's meant to be a bit cooler), but was I ever sleeping in late rather than being woken by the sun.
  8. ha! That's almost Utd's recent form.
  9. Wellyboot

    Resale Club 2019

    I really dont know what I'm going to do with myself until Sunday. I feel proper well sick
  10. smiley33

    CV ticket

    Need two East tickets if anyone has any for sale Thanks
  11. "mess up our bodies and the energy of the land" So scientific! Read the comments below the petition. Comedy gold. Garry Frazer·13 hours ago 5G is fucking stupid Andrew Smith 15 hours ago Mobile phones hurt my head when I use them & im worried this will be intensified with 5G!! 
  12. priest17

    Grime/Hip Hop

    This mixtape is sick, a bit long maybe. Pay For It All sounds like Gorillaz collaborating with Odd Future or something. Good attacking Friday music
  13. Someone has started a petition against it! 😂 https://www.change.org/p/ee-network-glastonbury-festival-no-5g-at-glastonbury-festival
  14. Oh, here we go. https://www.change.org/p/ee-network-glastonbury-festival-no-5g-at-glastonbury-festival
  15. maelzoid

    Resale Club 2019

    Just added myself and got yellow'd up. I am rolling solo for Sunday, so am happy to be put into a group of 4. Fortunately I have a credit card with over a grand of give on it!
  16. Wheels starting to move. Als Barris is up. Ciutat details later today I'd guess.
  17. Showing my age, I only know two names on that lineup!
  18. Alright lads! Hasn't been mentioned here but on the day of the announcement Echo and the Bunnymen put up a different poster on their Twitter feed that included Johnny Marr so expect him as an announcement later in the year. This year is lacking a big electronic act so far - I think maybe there will be an addition in that vein and Hozier will be maybe subbing on Sunday evening.
  19. We've currently hired a motorhome from MotorHome Hire (South Gloucester Depot). If successful in the resale, we're due to fly back home out of Bristol on the 7am flight on the Monday morning. This would mean a 5am drop off which the Motorhome depot cannot faciltate. Would anyone know of a rental crew in or around Bristol who would be able to facilitate such a drop off time? Thanks in advance!
  20. Thats fair. Huddersfield are total shite. Won 3 games all season, lost 27. One of the worst teams in the history of the league.
  21. He was quite badly bullied as a kid...which got him into magic ((his grandad, i think) to distract / prevent bullies). Stoked he'll be there. And Basil Brush. And Katy Ashworth from CBeebies. Brilliant. Which must make Justin Fletcher / Mr Tumble Bono (or something)!
  22. Maybe the 5G will be for people working at the festival, reporters etc who may need decent internet access as they move about site? Mind you don't know if the BBC budgets would stretch to 5G devices. Point is I doubt it's purely for the punters benefit.
  23. You'll be grand - I went to a few last year, including the Nick Cave day on my own. You'll surely find a couple on here if you'd want to make new friends. I'm going to the Strokes and Bon Iver days with mates, we'd always welcome tag-alongs.
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