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  2. Ah... we know how much that Duck's Worth... Duckworth...
  3. The above is true, we have done exactly that in the past.
  4. As Burton said, he is in the top 5% and should be taxed more. The thicko seemed to think 5% of people are billionaires.
  5. Imagine if the on going Badger Beef had also squished Macca.
  6. i had 3 computers set-up, and i only got thru the once. A friend of mine who was trying didn't get past the holding page.
  7. Pretty sure they’re a UK exclusive for APE so doubt they’d be booked
  8. for anyone that missed out on a campervan ticket - do NOT worry. This year there were a number of resales of CV tickets in may, and at least one of them had the tickets on sale for a couple of hours. A friend got one without any trouble. I reckon lots of cv tickets get bought by friends for their friend without a ticket, and then get returned and refunded when they don't get an entrance ticket in the resale.
  9. For foo fighters, seems bit odd to leave one for later. Hope they don't play so boring
  10. Yeah, that seems to be the popular opinion. Selfishly, I hope they're not booked for next year as I'm not going. I was just reaffirming the point that they'd be fantastic, given the headline slot
  11. Hopefully this means no foo fighters if they've announced a few this morning very happy if that's the case
  12. I treat Glastonbury as mine and my missis big holiday of the year. I usually have two weeks off of work as I’m self employed so it’s costing me a fortune before I’ve even got there. This year I’ve opted for pre erected camping to see if I can work the Monday and Tuesday before the festival and get back Thursday Friday after. If I make two of those days my pre erected camping is already paid for. Worth a try I think. Everyones situation is different and everyone is will have to make different sacrifices during the year to do the festival the way they want.
  13. Snow patrol @Quark, last minute tickets this week , they released some more, row G ( all seated gig gggrrrr ) , so whilst I was here thought I’d grab the chance
  14. B&W has it's good and bad points, it all depends on what you want. Good is the easy access and quick getaway on Monday, (yes you can arrive Tues), proper toilets (and showers too I think but I didn't use them). Shuttle buses run every 15-20 mins and we didn't have a problem with queues, camping is very quiet, some might say too quiet, no atmosphere. The big downside for me was the time taken to get on site each time, at least an hour from leaving your van to getting through gate A, you then have the walk to wherever you're heading on site, even worse is the walk back to gate A each night to catch the bus back. If you're happy to spend a couple of hours each day "commuting" then it's fine. If I stayed there again I would use it as a base and camp on site at least from Thursday to Sunday, but that defeats the purpose of having a campervan I guess!
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  16. Benis glory days are long gone, but 49 Euros for Vampire Weekend, The Libertines, Foals, The Hives, Basement jaxx (albeit a DJ set), Digitalism and Hinds in guaranteed sunshine doesn't sound terrible to me!
  17. I may be wrong but I took Coldplay's comments to mean 200 people, 40 trucks-style stadium touring. Not festivals, which can conceivably be done with much less environmental impact.
  18. Foos and Volbeat for Nova Rock, confirmed
  19. hmm just seen this. Noticed Sum41 are another act as well?
  20. Someone wrote on facebook that kronen zeitung newspaper announced Foo Fighters, Volbeat, Deichkind, Seiler and Speer and more...
  21. Yer standard Sports Direct Karrimor efforts are perfectly cromulent for this kind of thing, if you’re planning on regularly walking/hiking then get something better but if it’s for occasional use then go for em. Your sock choice will be pretty important too - I wear bamboo socks or some mega technical efforts for big hiking events. (I do 20+ mile things a few times a year, which is a pretty standard day at Glastonbury 🤣🤣)
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