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  1. Although in fairness last year nobody really knew the way out, having only had the experience of low-level pandemics like swine flu, but by summer we were all aware that vaccination was the only way out, whereas we now have that and a likelihood of it being at least semi-completed in plenty of time (literally half a year, EOTR is 26 weeks from this Thursday) and a corresponding framework for the removal of restrictions. Wasn't Van Morrison playing Black Deer? Maybe he'll try and perform regardless of whether it's on or not.
  2. If American imports are unviable this year, either through continuing travel restrictions or there not being a European festival circuit, I imagine every British act around that level will be subject to an extended bunfight.
  3. But we don't know if this is going to be the case, hence the DMCS announcement on running test events in spring primarily to see if indoor venues will still need safeguards but also looking at whether tens of thousands of people can gather together outdoors without a major risk (and presumably anything associated with covered areas therein) What would a EOTR with only UK-based acts even look like? Shear off the non-Brits from the top of the bill and that leaves King Krule, Little Simz, Aldous Harding (New Zealander but last I heard based in Wales), The Comet Is Coming, Girl Band (probably
  4. Not necessarily, as much as big marquee tents are, and usually can further be, ventilated we know there are ways of making sure something is more safe even if just to quell those who are now worried about the return of crowds and close contact, and as mentioned earlier there's going to be test events in the spring to see if restrictions still need apply to minimise risk after Step 4 is reached.
  5. The key is they have a little time to spare should things take longer, ten weeks between 21st June and the start of EOTR week. That's not a great amount of time to be playing with but by then the number of adults with a second jab should be a comfortable majority given first jabs may well reach 50% by Easter. Additionally Melvin Benn, while not confirming anything, has suggested testing will create a festival-sized bubble, though presumably you'd have to account somehow for people who don't stay on site and artists and associated who are only there for a limited time. But as with anything this
  6. Been pointed out, especially in light of today's "Reading & Leeds definitely going ahead" headlines, that the DCMS issued this on Monday alongside the announcement (Step 4 of course being the final one):
  7. I mean, let's just make sure first... Occurs to me that GM, if it's trying to get the 2020 lineup back together, isn't in such a bad position as it could be even if a lot of overseas acts can't make it. (Travel restrictions review by April 12th "at the earliest" but a lot of artists will be planning around a period of European festivals which could well be on shakier ground)
  8. It kind of seems weird that the current roadmap goes straight from thirty people gathering from 17th May to (supposedly) as many as you want from 21st June, though maybe the possibility of vaccine passports will ease that part.
  9. Well.. *gestures to most of the last eleven months* I worry that with that date being set a chance is being taken on what proportion of people will take the vaccine and (albeit knowing we'll be well outside the traditional flu season by then) how low the infection rate will be given the aim is to offer it to all adults only by the end of July, but then by my reckoning half the adult population should have had a jab by some time in April (they passed one third on Saturday) so that campaign will be into last push territory well before that date.
  10. In other news... To save you a job: Kikagaku Moyo
  11. The government quietly moved their target for giving everyone over 50 (and those younger with underlying health conditions) at least one shot from "by April" to "by May" in their most recent announcements, but there's been a suggestion that that's more like arse covering based on the rollout going so much better than expectation - three million in the last week - that supply is barely keeping up. Apart from vague "aiming for everyone being covered by autumn" quotes there's been nothing publicly announced about under-50s yet, maybe wisely given the shifting timeframes, circumstances and rate of
  12. Number 3 album this week. Part of me hopes that whenever EOTR happens and if she still keeps the date they keep her in her original intended slot so she packs out the Big Top at 4.30pm before Archie Bronson Outfit or something.
  13. Almost certainly not the last even if it does go ahead:
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