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  1. BCNR aren't exactly going to be in Europe for onlya limited time, though (and they've played Far Out, their most obvious home)
  2. I wouldn't read that much into that, and not just because she's bound to be hugely expensive by now - their following pattern isn't that consistent and they're not going to give announcements away that easily. (That said, they've also just followed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...)
  3. Flow Festival has less crossover but it's the same weekend as GM and also just announced Bon Iver.
  4. They've been announced for Mad Cool in early July so I'd guess they aren't going to hang around in or return so quickly to Europe.
  5. Wilco playing Black Deer Festival in June (week before Glastonbury) Only 2020 visit or preparing to come back at the end of summer?
  6. It's not like he doesn't have a history with EOTR, though - he headlined No Direction Home!
  7. Far Out headliner, I'd think. They only headlined EOTR a couple of years ago because Bill Callahan, who'd been announced as headliner, was, depending on which version you believe, either thought better suited to the Garden stage or his London dates didn't sell well enough to justify it.
  8. They were stellar at Green Man. With the reviews Two Hands is getting and with UK dates in February to bolster that reputation they might even be a Friday Woods headliner candidate, depending on whether/when Olsen is over.
  9. https://www.mojo4music.com/articles/mojos-5-favourite-things-at-end-of-the-road-festival-2019
  10. Idles' festival booking this year has been very weird, they haven't come near to main stage headlining (AFAIK) and one weekend played five UK festivals in three days with the aid of 2pm Special Guest slots.
  11. EOTR also tweeted the survey link not long ago. I went Sleater-Kinney, Battles and Big Thief (I know they had issues when they played last year but they were far superior at GM) Are Spoon that level any more? Thinking about who else has never played: Torres (who's due new material soon), Black Belt Eagle Scout, Clinic, Nicole Atkins (about to release an album with Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos), Shana Cleveland/La Luz - also the Mountain Goats haven't been back for a while.
  12. By the way, I love that it's two days past the festival which has its own forum and we're still all posting in the Predictions thread started two days short of a year ago.
  13. I don't know if it will really make that much difference, it's still the end of bank holiday week, the September dates is just because of the way the calendar falls.
  14. That reminds me - I know the only official Sunday Best Fit piano stage sets were Martha and Squid, but there were three other people who got to use the amplified setup without introduction or being filmed. I now know one (with a keyboard) was one Martha Skye Murphy - former Nick Cave backing singer, apparently - but who were the American guy who did three songs right before Martha set up and the Scouser who was on the piano for ages? The impression seemed to be that they were someone notable.
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