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  1. Ladylike, Mari Mathias, Nature Kids, The Orchestra (For Now) and TTSSFU are the GM Rising finalists. Final is on 13th June. Winner opens Mountain on Friday, the rest play Rising.
  2. CMAT is third down Woods and also headlining the 10k capacity Deer Shed. Simon told the Guardian's piece about festival costs in February that 75% of tickets went before the first announcement. Quite aside from the bad faith takes going on, given the festival usually sells out in June/July (outside the Covid carry-over period) and there feels like more general excitement around the line-up than usual I'd be very surprised if it's that far away (and unless you have insider knowledge you can't possibly tell what the current level is, it's been at the final tier for ages)
  3. Last year there were those who predicted tickets would sell so badly it would have to be cancelled. Instead it sold out nearly two months in advance.
  4. Ha! Those are nothing to do with me, they're added automatically from the MusicBrainz database.
  5. Yep, just changed the times round on that.
  6. Clashfinder updated: https://clashfinder.com/s/eotr2024/ As you can see there's one fewer in Big Top on Sunday than last year, and as it surely isn't Cornelius playing at 11pm I've left it as a gap just in case.
  7. June 2nd, which was also the date of the second announcement, but of course they had a headliner to add then as well so that might have come as soon as they were able to confirm one (there was no advance warning) In 2022 they were on June 30th.
  8. Problem is it's rare for comedians to announce their days in advance (or at all - Lee, Long and Harouni don't list EOTR on their official sites yet) and the times aren't released until the programme so it'd be complete guesswork all round, whereas with musicians you can get some idea from styles, size and other dates of where they might play.
  9. GM Rising longlist, which apparently the public aren't voting on this year:
  10. They're not even promoting him as the stage headliner! Seemingly they think people will be much more interested in Janine Harouni, which to me is just a name vaguely heard.
  11. Well, why not? Give those people settling down with their chairs and blankets for the afternoon something to think about. (oops, well spotted)
  12. None of the new acts have announced a day yet so it's been a case of fitting them in where seems right. Obviously I've taken into account days that have been confirmed and also when acts are elsewhere. While we're speculating, though, the idea has been floated of Jockstrap as the big pull act in the Sunday 11pm Big Top slot, which I'm not going to change on there - the actual day splits are on the horizon so it's pointless changing things for the sake of it unless one of the big names declares a day - but in the absence of other likely candidates I can absolutely see, especially as you'd think CMAT could move into that Woods sub spot easily.
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