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  1. That's all the case, but the point was that the issues around GM and EOTR aren't exactly the same because they're operating under different government strategies even without the Step 4 date questioning. There are regularly organised festivals currently going ahead within the next eight weeks, if that is the general cutoff time after which payments have to start being made - they're going to be on much greater eggshells than a festival twelve weeks away is.
  2. Michael Hann on how EOTR made him fall in love with the idea of festivals: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/festival-end-of-the-road-b1859076.html
  3. Although it just occurred to me that "a couple of weeks" could mean they have to commit to starting to pay suppliers eight weeks before the festival.
  4. GM's issue seems to be more related to the Welsh government's apparent reluctance to completely open up (a la Step 4 of the roadmap) or even drop social distancing despite their much vaunted speed of vaccination. There are some test events going on but none of them appear to involve festival-type setups, even though you'd think with what they have from the others there'd be enough data to show whether controlled entry can work. Maybe their "we'll know in a couple of weeks" line suggests they're in high level talks. There's enough announcements being made of festivals weeks before EOTR (and in
  5. Surely with a major event there already is the vaccinated/recently tested workaround - otherwise what are the go-ahead to have 4,000 people gather at an outdoors event and the restriction-free test events (and I believe Wales are at least planning to run their own) for? And more broadly, if social distancing isn't dropped how is any part of the hospitality or entertainment industry going to survive? They're pretty much on course to have 80% of adults fully vaccinated by the end of July yet they're not going to be able to do basic things together?
  6. The aforementioned Butch Kassidy are on the new Green Man Rising longlist, which I notice they say the winner of will play "the next GM" (though they're still taking stewarding applications for this year) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe5oSbotN5604qqUZICU_N6M81iC9Ed1v7Q6N0Mvva3uf7LOg/viewform
  7. The other factor is it's in Wales, where the opening up has been slower than at least England's throughout (despite having already given at least one dose to 85% of its adults, including more than half of 18-30s so far) There's an announcement due on Friday which is likely to include guidance on opening up larger outdoor events.
  8. Clinic just announced some September dates with a gap between the 3rd, when they play Bristol, and the 6th.
  9. They said "news within the week" but that was announcing the ticket sale.
  10. LINEUP UPDATE: "hopefully within the next month"
  11. And there's been reports today that all adults in Wales could be offered a first dose by the end of June, added to England ploughing though the age groups.
  12. You can also get them from most pharmacies and test centres - https://maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/
  13. Caribou confirmed for another August festival, Lost Village over the bank holiday weekend.
  14. As a caveat to this, the Telegraph report about the findings of the previous test events (which were officially confirmed yesterday) ran on Friday, the day after the post-event PCR tests for the last event were due, and the other second phase events run up to the same weekend so it may not be that much of an issue.
  15. So the event is 18th-20th June, the PCR tests have to be taken five days later, and only after those are analysed will festivals know whether they can go ahead? That's cutting things very fine, and that's not even considering if the results are bad.
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