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  1. Green Man Rising for 2021 has opened: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfarFJe0SPU9t99Iv38CSV9zAN7LxpfvoExA8CyzOD1TkKWDQ/viewform
  2. The Drive-In Club events have been cancelled mostly citing low ticket sales against increased costs, with lockdowns almost listed as an afterthought: https://www.chortle.co.uk/news/2020/07/16/46518/more_drive-in_gigs_hit_the_skids
  3. Beardy Folk: https://www.efestivals.co.uk/news/20/200710a.shtml Though there doesn't seem to be any suggestion of how they're going to ensure social distancing etc. Maybe they're using the pub form of ensuring distancing, ie cross your fingers and hope.
  4. Somewhere in Whitehall Oliver Dowden is asking why all those venues can't just do this.
  5. 90% on Metacritic, number six in the album chart, featured practically everywhere, would currently have been prime support on a major world tour in normal circumstances, even Radio 1 playlisted at the moment. There is no way Bridgers isn't a massive deal in the context of where she'd play on a 10k capacity specialist festival, especially if the only argument otherwise is "she's below King Gizzard on an announcement made in December". Although again, this is all speculative as I really doubt GM are going to make any huge new headliner announcements for 2021, if 2021 happens given they're already casting for a fundraiser.
  6. No.6 in the new album chart, loads of press and positive word of mouth - in normal circumstances I would imagine GM and EOTR would completely be in contention for her to headline next year. As for actual 2021 GM, though, I imagine they'll be trying to retain as much of this year's lineup as possible in the same way as EOTR have already announced three of the four 2020 headliners, the one everybody thought were going to headline and three of the bigger other names.
  7. In fairness nobody seemed to think it was going to last into the summer back in March, hence festivals were being rescheduled for September and events announced for autumn. Even Glastonbury's statement at the end of that month basically said "everything will probably be alright by that weekend but we can't start building the site".
  8. I can't see anyone else referring to them playing GM 2021, so it wasn't on a press release or anything similar and sounds to me like they've taken a guess at which festival they were playing this year and not checked.
  9. I wonder if there's going to be any virtual festival events nearer/at this year's dates?
  10. Staff salaries, deposits paid, suppliers already paid, marketing and ticketing for this year... Every festival is losing a lot of money regardless of when it was postponed (AIF are asking for hundreds of millions in a bailout and some festivals like the always sellout 2000 Trees are running crowdfunders) plus that practically everything is likely to be more expensive next year but they can't put ticket prices up to counterbalance that because of the rollover.
  11. ...I mean, I think most people would accept Bright Eyes being the fourth headliner.
  12. I wasn't really thinking January, more the flood of people who in the weeks leading up to the festival suddenly decide they need a ticket, but I don't know if a company like Ticketline would be willing to refund half a booking. In other news, interesting that EOTR has already confirmed six of this year's top seven, including three US acts, for 2021.
  13. I imagine it'd therefore be better to hold onto both tickets now (ie helping ensure there is a Green Man 2021) and then try and sell one on nearer the date given it'll probably sell out soon enough if/when confirmed.
  14. Well, the gardens are open most of the year. (Probably not right now, though)
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