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  1. GM Trust has started a fundraiser for affected communities:https://wonderful.org/appeal/supportwelshcommunitiesaffectedbystormdennis-d7ff6e20
  2. Bright Eyes just announced a world tour which lists Sunday as their EOTR day.
  3. Green Man, and the dates end on 20th August.
  4. The Glanusk estate Twitter says there are "disruptions" on the land and fallen trees in the area. Damage to the roads around the site will likely be the longer-term problem - this is the road that the entrance is on and I think this part is the bridge on the right as you approach from the A40/A465.
  5. What was I thinking last night? They played a late Tipi set, of course. I'd be interested to see what kind of festivals Scalping do this year, last year's EOTR Tipi following one on GM Rising was the same as what Black Midi did in 2019.
  6. They played there last year. Stereolab are headlining 10,000 capacity Deer Shed so I'd say they're Garden headliner size. Do Nothing might play given EOTR may be the only festival they haven't yet been announced for.
  7. In case you were still hoping, Oh Sees just announced a US tour encompassing the festival dates.
  8. I'd be surprised if Phoebe Bridgers comes back so quickly, she's in Europe for 3-4 weeks up to Latitude and then has a festival in Montreal at the start of August. I don't know if Bikini Kill would that outre compared to some recent Far Out headliners, and it'd be strange for them to be in Europe in August and not have any UK visits.
  9. There's a link on that page that leads to a Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carolinetheband/ Doesn't look like they have any music out and there's next to nothing on their About page so I'd guess they're this year's Black Midi/Scalping-like soft launch.
  10. I believe it is that John, they're playing a lot of festivals for some reason - maybe some agent thinks they're the new Idles, plugging away for years before hitting paydirt. I want to know what kind of festival Eve's agent thinks it is, assuming that's Who's That Girl/Let Me Blow Ya Mind Eve.
  11. They're both pretty big shows (and that's assuming there aren't her own gigs in between), and artists don't generally return to the UK so soon after playing July dates.
  12. Yeah, heavy's a good umbrella word - prog metal, doom metal, experimental, math, post-rock, the weirder/heavier side of punk and emo, that kind of thing. Though there's a couple of bands playing this year that have done EOTR in the past.
  13. Just to make it even more confusing, GM just retweeted Caribou posting that version of the poster.
  14. Caribou just tweeted the Polacheked version. Nothing yet on any of her own outlets. Here's the original GM tweet, which doesn't have her on
  15. Caroline are on that list as well. Definitely wasn't listed in the original GM tweet, though.
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