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  1. Will come back to this tomorrow when I have a clear head (and if we're not still arguing about the wind that was so destructively almighty it made the trees and flags flutter a bit more than usual) but I'm currently thinking SVE was set of the weekend.
  2. Before we get into "Beirut said they were cancelling their August tour but EOTR ends in September so they must still be playing" territory, EOTR is listed as the last date of the Crack Cloud tour on their updated graphic (twice for some reason): https://www.instagram.com/p/B0GLphPnMi7/
  3. Forecasts for the start of next week won't be settled across the board yet. Why are we having a two page discussion about an independent and not always accurate even for the same day site predicting the weather in two weeks' time?
  4. It's that they don't have a time or stage that concerns me - if the delay is because of transport trouble that's fair enough, but there's not really potential gaps in the Friday schedule (and the Weddoes were asked at 1pm according to David Gedge's Twitter so they knew well before the announcement)
  5. There's now a yellow Met Office rain warning for the whole of Wales tomorrow, though at least Saturday is looking better.
  6. I'm not sure we can trust forecasts for more than 3-4 days in advance, never mind two and a half weeks.
  7. Maybe he really hates Hangout At The Gallows. (Yes, I looked up FJM's recent setlists - occasionally it's Real Love Baby but the summer dates have almost always been that)
  8. Sunday being good is a bit of a stretch given Met Office talks of some heavy showers and wind.
  9. Big Thief just announced their second album of the year: https://twitter.com/4AD_Official/status/1161178070054842368
  10. Cheers! Just added Cinedrome. And obviously the most thanks should go to @benali
  11. Chai Wallahs and Babbling Tongues added. Will complete Cinedrome if the full times appear here, though the Crystal Massage times are already up because they were revealed a couple of days ago. https://clashfinder.com/s/greenmanfest2019/
  12. Four big music stages updated, will do Chai Wallahs and Babbling Tongues in a little while: https://clashfinder.com/s/greenmanfest2019/
  13. Well, that's one of those we already knew was going to happen in fairness.
  14. The clashfinder edit suite is waiting. (Although it'll probably be mid-afternoon at least, what with our sources likely having to do such minor inconveniences as getting in, setting up, getting settled etc)
  15. Just idly checked Twitter to see if Rough Trade had announced this year's sets/signings yet and...
  16. Part of the A40 about fifteen miles further on than Glanusk Park going west was closed due to a fallen tree yesterday, but, again, three years ago there were gales across the country - I've found a 63mph reading for the Mumbles, which is around fiftymiles away, and yesterday 64mph was registered in the same spot - and all that happened was one of the bars was briefly closed. In other news Brigid Mae Power has tweeted her Walled Garden Thursday night set is at 9pm, which is the time listed on the Clashfinder (which are exactly the same times as last year's Far Out because I didn't know what else to do with them) so I'd guess the Far Out times are being shifted around this year.
  17. Of course it should be pointed out that there are plenty of festivals going ahead this weekend, though how many will make it past/through Saturday's winds remains to be seen.
  18. I don't think they've even announced the whole of that stage yet, though the comedy names came out earlier in the week.
  19. Met Office's long range national prediction encompassing next weekend: Wind prediction for this Saturday is maximum 45mph.
  20. We don't know who's headlining the Tipi yet, Du Blonde is the assumption.
  21. There were high winds during GM in 2016 - up to 55mph nationally, according to news reports, though I don't know what it was in the festival region. Being in a valley shielded the site from the worst of it.
  22. Now the headliner business is out of the way and while we wait for stage times, let's have a prediction game - five artists who you think will play piano sets, five who will play secret Tipi sets.
  23. 2016, just after Boy King came out. They headlined in 2014.
  24. That was advertised as a secret set. The only way there'll be a gap on Sunday night in the Big Top is if BEAK> or Fontaines DC pull out, and there's been no suggestion of either (god knows what was going on with the latter pulling some of their festival dates given they played in Montreal on Sunday)
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