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  1. I doubt she'll be back next year just because her set was so huge this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's at least sub-head at EOTR instead.
  2. No chance of Snail Mail playing at all, it clashes with a US tour. I think Bridgers would headline given how huge her profile is, though probably only over Simz of those four and that because I'm not sure she'd have a headline-length set to go. Similarly I'd be surprised if Polachek is that low, I can see her being a Far Out sub.
  3. Looks like Bella Union are going to be doing some events to mark their 25th anniversary - given their previous work with EOTR I wonder if that might include a stage takeover?
  4. A few interesting names there but also confirming Perfume Genius and Aldous Harding are in the country in the preceding couple of weeks.
  5. Not sure how to read that in terms of GM size, but if the Bad Seeds are playing after Kiwanuka that's not happening. Fleet Foxes, Low, Kurt Vile, Yves Tumor, Femi Kuti, Japanese Breakfast, Joan As Policewoman and Sudan Archives are interesting (Perfume Genius was meant to headline EOTR this year and Aldous Harding was on the 2020 lineup)
  6. Could be that DeMarco has been contractually tied to headlining. It's not an either/or anyway, Caribou playing this year means there'll have to be one added even if the 2020 headliner set is repeated.
  7. Of course, no sooner said than Pixies announce a UK date in early July.
  8. Just got named for Bilbao BBK (July 7th-9th) so if we assume she's around in June-July I'm not sure she'd be back in Europe so soon. (So are LCD Soundsystem, who are a European exclusive, and Stella Donnelly)
  9. Bright Eyes is EOTR-bound and I suspect Anais Mitchell will be too as her two announced UK dates are August 31st and September 1st. Still don't understand why we single out UK acts as if that weekend is the only time they're going to be near the UK.
  10. Going by this six of the eleven songs she did are on the album: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/self-esteem/2021/glanusk-park-crickhowell-wales-b8c9572.html But even if she hadn't played anything I 99.9% doubt she'd be back so soon. EOTR had Arlo Parks and Little Simz play this year having been announced for 2020, along with the likes of the NiNE8 Collective and Girl Ray (whose 2019 last album was openly influenced by Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Haim) - and GM for some reason had one of Simz' singles as an IG Story.
  11. Wouldn't have thought they'd have someone go from headlining Far Out to headlining Mountain in consecutive years with the same set. Also you'd be relying on her to keep that trajectory going for the best part of a year.
  12. Bright Eyes are another End Of The Road holdover. I've always wondered if Bikini Kill were being held over for the second announcement in 2020, them being in Europe and not announced for any other UK festival was suspicious.
  13. Big Thief are releasing a double album early next year: https://www.stereogum.com/2162958/big-thief-double-lp-2022-interview/news/ And I know I've mentioned the connections between Wet Leg and the festival a few times, but a significant new detail has emerged: https://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-radar/wet-leg-chaise-longue-interview-2021-3055835 (assume they mean 2018, as that was the Idles year and there's YouTube footage of them live in mid-2019)
  14. I nearly posted the opposite, in that those who come over at the start of summer are more likely to return at its end, but also they were announced for Green Man 2020 so it seems less likely they'd be there.
  15. Parquet Courts (named for 2020) just announced mid-June UK dates. Too late to come back to Europe in mid-August?
  16. Bearing in mind the two festivals didn't share any major names in this of all years...
  17. While it's very possible that they're the only announced US headliner from 2020/21 who are definites right now, I wonder why Pixies have been confirmed today with no warning. I can't imagine they're having trouble shifting tickets given how fast the early birds and next two tiers went. Is it to keep up with Green Man's reconfirmation a week ago?
  18. Where's that Futurama "I'm shocked... well, not really" meme when you really need it?
  19. I also don't think they'd announce four overseas headliners, and not just because the travel/touring situation might be different again come next summer. As you say the success of Simz and the increasing amount of rap/soul/pop-adjacent acts this year is going to have to be built on, but I'm not sure I see a EOTR-appropriate headliner in that sphere right now - we caught Simz (and Parks) at the ideal moment and both could have headlined but, apart from neither having more than an hour long set, weren't booked to do so because it was before we knew how big either would be. The broader issue is it's now more difficult to predict people's plans. Big Thief I can see having an album out early next year and they seem committed to returning but actually having the calendar work out for them is different. Olsen could have an LP out in the next twelve months (or be doing something full length with SVE) or might not be ready at all. Even if they don't come over before, would Perfume Genius or RCBF still want to tour a two year old album? At least there's the option of a career spanning set from Bright Eyes now there isn't a direct comeback to promote.
  20. Possible they were trailing that Olsen sings backing vocals on Van Etten's cover released last Friday of the Velvets' Femme Fatale from the upcoming tribute album.
  21. Actually I'm a little surprised EOTR didn't announce anyone for 2022, given Pixies and Bright Eyes have already rolled over their other dates but also that when the postponement was announced they confirmed six big names had agreed to come back in 2021 straight away, albeit only two actually played. Maybe they don't want to get caught out that way again?
  22. One-fifth of all the 2020/21 ticket buyers rolled over? Are you sure about that?
  23. Very much not normal to be selling out this quickly - GM 2019 sold out in May while EOTR held out until July. They did put the payment plan tickets on sale this morning, which EOTR don't. GM's tweets in this thread are, um, interesting...
  24. Actually, just thought - maybe it's Little Dragon?
  25. More than likely it'll be Michael Kiwanuka. All his other summer dates have already been moved back.
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