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  1. I wonder if there's going to be any virtual festival events nearer/at this year's dates?
  2. Staff salaries, deposits paid, suppliers already paid, marketing and ticketing for this year... Every festival is losing a lot of money regardless of when it was postponed (AIF are asking for hundreds of millions in a bailout and some festivals like the always sellout 2000 Trees are running crowdfunders) plus that practically everything is likely to be more expensive next year but they can't put ticket prices up to counterbalance that because of the rollover.
  3. ...I mean, I think most people would accept Bright Eyes being the fourth headliner.
  4. I wasn't really thinking January, more the flood of people who in the weeks leading up to the festival suddenly decide they need a ticket, but I don't know if a company like Ticketline would be willing to refund half a booking. In other news, interesting that EOTR has already confirmed six of this year's top seven, including three US acts, for 2021.
  5. I imagine it'd therefore be better to hold onto both tickets now (ie helping ensure there is a Green Man 2021) and then try and sell one on nearer the date given it'll probably sell out soon enough if/when confirmed.
  6. Well, the gardens are open most of the year. (Probably not right now, though)
  7. But also there's factors that might make it less likely that so many GM-level US acts would come over for festival season, whether it be increased travel costs, potentially increased accommodation costs, ease of travelling from practically anywhere should the EU transition period still close at the end of the year... and remember that if they have to sell whatever tickets do get returned at the same price as this year they're automatically going to have less money to spend anyway as the build and hire costs are going to be higher.
  8. Bearing in mind how quickly a lineup many thought was underwhelming sold out I think more than enough will hang on.
  9. 19th-22nd August 2021, tickets automatically transferred but refunds available from Monday if required.
  10. On the back of talking about independent festivals' struggle earlier the AIF has released details of how the shutdown will affect the sector: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/may/13/uk-live-music-festivals-sector-at-risk-coronavirus This, I imagine, doesn't even begin to cover the issues festivals will have, especially when I keep seeing "hope they keep the lineup for 2021/at least there's something to look forward to next year" posted on here.
  11. Reading & Leeds now gone. I assume huge festivals would announce postponement earlier because of licencing, commercial tie-ins, build times etc, but I wonder what the exact timing of such announcements depends on.
  12. There hasn't been an explicit ban on large events at any stage, though, not holding them has been "advised" and necessary medical support withdrawn. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/covid-19-guidance-for-mass-gatherings Also GM would not have pandemic insurance so they'd have nothing to claim for, in the same way clubs, bars and venues couldn't claim anything even though they'd been ordered to close.
  13. Leicestershire-based country festival The Long Run, due for 11-13th September, was postponed yesterday. All scientific expert opinion is that social distancing will likely have to continue into next year and for that reason, as well as international travel restrictions, demands on medical staff etc., mass crowds can't happen. The situation isn't going to suddenly right itself in the next three months.
  14. Not necessarily, a lot of acts this year (including Pixies) were coming over for long stretches of European festivals with maybe the odd gig in between. But then, to bang this drum again, the situation with travel costs, long haul travel willingness, booking fees, Europe-to-UK ease etc is going to be very different from (assuming the summer goes ahead) 2021 onwards.
  15. The Association of Independent Festivals, the body which represents a whole host of festivals including EOTR (and Field Day, 2000 Trees, Truck, Blue Dot, Y-Not, Belladrum, Deer Shed, Standon Calling, Kendal Calling, Swn...) has since the lockdown began added nothing to its site and two posts to its Facebook, both links, an online magazine article from the end of March about the European circuit being in limbo and a BBC piece in which they're quoted as telling fans to hang on to their tickets for next year. It looks from their Twitter like their members had a crisis meeting... on March 24th. If we're being charitable maybe they're waiting to see what happens?
  16. People will go to EOTR and Green Man whatever. Look how quickly the early birds usually sell out, and indeed how quickly GM completely sold out this year with what was widely seen as a weaker lineup - and for next year the majority of people will elect to defer their tickets, even without the cast iron guarantee until some time next late winter/spring that there'll be a GM/EOTR at all, whether because of the continuing situation or because they can't keep it going. And what's to assume, as I implied, that they can ensure the same lineup? What if, let's say, Angel Olsen finds it's now too expensive to take her whole live show abroad with travel and accomodation costs - both from US to Europe and then the very likely now more difficult, delaying and expensive step from the well paid European circuit into the UK - against possibly reduced fees? (Or of course would just want to put this lost year behind her and get on with new music) What about Larmer Tree Gardens' financial situation? Or Simon's personal circumstances? There's currently no festival rescue package or charity fund as there is for venues.
  17. If anything it's more likely they'd go the livestreamed virtual fundraising route.
  18. Idle thought - almost all postponed sizeable festivals are primarily offering the transfer of tickets over to 2021 so presumably that's what EOTR will do - but with the same budget available for such a US-heavy top end of the lineup against the knock-on effects of booking costs, air travel etc (not to mention whatever happens once the Brexit transferral period has ended if it still happens at the end of this year) surely they aren't going to be able to put on the same or even similar size bill as this year, maybe even permanently screwing up the USP of what we've come to love about its booking policy?
  19. Yeah, from hearsay it does seem most people at the more niche events that have been cancelled for this year are when offered refund or carry over are choosing the latter. The fatalistic view then, of course, is the reason for refund offer being presented as a secondary option being the potential that the next time we see that money is when listed amongst the creditors in the administrators' report...
  20. Larmer Tree festival is off, ahead of a lot of other July festivals:
  21. I don't know, it's only a couple of weeks since we were being told large gatherings may not return for up to six months (which I saw quoted as a fresh scientific estimate in a sports news item over the weekend), so adding another year to that feels like alarmism for quotability - not to mention that if it does take another eighteen months there won't be concert venues or festival grounds to return to.
  22. Wonder what the latest deadline for a decision would be? End of June, maybe as late as mid-July being independently run and the site build not having to be started that long in advance going by previous years? But yeah, as much as there'd be a lot of acts who'd want to play somewhere by then the American-led booking policy is really going to bite it if it does go ahead in a way that it wouldn't Green Man, which has two European headliners, maybe three depending on where the rest of Caribou are based, and some that could step up a notch underneath.
  23. Ronan is running a Zoom version of Ringo Music Bingo at 6pm and 9pm every day: https://www.eventbrite.ie/o/ringo-music-bingo-26146463977
  24. No, you're right - Ezra Furman headlined 2014, I got the date confused.
  25. ...OK, so I think I've either underestimated the length of time people on here have been going to the festival or overestimated how many people are still reading the forum. Answers, then: 1. Josh Ritter 2. 2008 3. Mogwai, 2011 4. The Horrors 5. Palma Violets 6. Bob Lind 7. Perfume Genius covered them all during his 2014 Comedy stage secret set 8. Monotonix 9. Summer Camp 10. Jens Lekman and Architecture In Helsinki (don't know if there were others)
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