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  1. jackarmy

    2020 headliners

    People who would have been more excited at the thought of having Elton John headline over Paul McCartney have clearly never seen both of them perform live. Macca is streets ahead, even the fact that Reg is on his farewell tour doesn't change that.
  2. The Jesus & Mary Chain, please.
  3. jackarmy

    Other Stage 2020

    When they say acts who could headline the Pyramid Stage, I'm inclined to think of acts who have headlined other festivals but would probably be seen (on here at least) as a weak Pyramid headliner: Nick Cave, Noel Gallagher's HFB, Foals, Florence, Prodigy, etc. Metallica are touring the USA up until May next year, and then stop until September. Lars is there every year, maybe it could be be a goer...
  4. jackarmy

    2020 headliners

    Got to agree on this. Went to see them at Mad Cool, knowing only a handful of songs, and they were brilliant. Easily had the biggest crowd of the weekend as well. Don't think they'll do it next year, but it could happen at some point.
  5. jackarmy

    Nick Cave

    Tour finishes the week before Glastonbury. Nailed on surely....? Will be interested to see how this sells. This is without doubt the most popular he's ever been, but I don't think he's ever done an arena tour extensive as this.
  6. Pretty sure it's not mattered about whether you include a space or not in the past? This would be a new thing.
  7. Can vouch for this, in the resales last year I F5'd on one laptop and it showed Sold Out, pressed F5 on another laptop a few seconds later and managed to get through to the booking page. At the same time my friends were still in the refresh/queue stage. God knows how it works...
  8. jackarmy

    Coach Question

    Just for the record, the queues for the Box Office at Gate A are usually pretty monstrous, as they have to deal with a multitude of different ticketing issues.
  9. jackarmy

    Nick Cave

    Surely got to be a very good chance of him appearing in his usual Pyramid sub slot given this news.
  10. Headliners? Underworld, Bjork, Courtney Barnett, Ezra Furman, Flaming Lips, Bonobo, The Jesus & Mary Chain Undercard: Sleaford Mods, Rolling Blackouts C.F, Johnny Marr, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Temples, Songhoy Blues, Django Django, Fontaines D.C, Pip Blom, Roisin Murphy, The 2 Bears, Boy Azooga, Genghar, sir Was, The Orielles, Honeyblood, LIFE, The Rythym Method, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzzard, Working Men's Club, Mattiel, Sports Team, Mush, Simon Love.
  11. Anyone had any experience of buying day tickets outside off the touts outside before? At Primavera we've been walked through by the touts and only paid them once we were wristbanded. Hoping to pick up day tickets for certain days on the cheap.
  12. jackarmy

    The Rock Slot

    It won't be Sabbath. Know a bloke who roadies with them and that "last tour" really was the LAST one. Ozzy on his own I suppose is a possibility. I still like the Metallica shout though, given Lars' conversion to full on Glastonbury fanboy.
  13. It was between £4.00 - £5.00 for a pint at most bars on site last year from my memory. The lager they sold was Wrexham Lager, which is a pretty decent pint. Have only done the festival as staff, but my mates who were punters said it was pretty easy to sneak a couple of cans into the arena area in a jacket.
  14. Can highly recommend both Nozstock and Green Man. I would say Green Man is probably the "nicest" festival I have been to, always such a lovely crowd there.
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