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  1. jackarmy


    Aye, strange one. Seems to be plenty on there worth watching this year, think I've only ventured there once in the other 8 festivals I've been. Boy Azooga, Mattiel, Squid, Richie Ahmed, Joe Goddard, Stanton Warriors, Norman Jay, She Drew The Gun, Chris Tof., all highlighted on the Clashfinder. Most of them are playing more than 1 set, so it's good to have the option if you're near the area, conveniently located near the showers as well!
  2. Friday: The Vaccines > Yak > Craig Charles > Pond > Ms. Lauryn Hill > Dub Pistols > Solardo > Tame Impala > Carl Cox B2B Jamie Jones > SE Corner Saturday: The Proclaimers > Grupo Magnetico > Carl Cox > Fontaines DC > Johnny Marr > Jungle > Sports Banger Mega Rave> Hot Chip > Fat Boy Eats Everything > Patrick Topping Sunday: Boy Azooga > Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra > Kylie > Loyle Carner > Maribou State > Friendly Fires > The Streets > Beat Hotel Closing Party > Seth Troxler Or something like that...
  3. Thursday - John Digweed and then Bushwacka! on the Glade. Friday - Tame Impala Saturday - Hot Chip Sunday - The Streets
  4. Preach, brother. Big Baz and the lads always get the party started on a Friday. OH. NO!
  5. jackarmy

    TBAs 2019

  6. jackarmy

    TBAs 2019

    Still hoping Confidence Man will be the TBA on The Park on Saturday morning. Did a similar slot at Bestival last year and went down very well.
  7. Skream won't be there this year. Too close to the expected arrival date for his kid.
  8. jackarmy

    Other stage Sunday

    The new Underworld single released today is a bit of a banger, and tour dates announced for the winter. Just book Rick and Karl for the Other Stage and be done with it. They won't let us down. Interview here if anyone hasn't read it: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/may/21/born-lippy-helped-underworld-write-socialist-banger
  9. 9th Glastonbury on the bounce for me. The last post-fallow year festival in 2013 was fucking brilliant, so many changes to the site and new ideas, everything seemed fresh, the year off definitely gives the team a year to recharge their brains. Confident it will be the same again this year.
  10. I suppose this is counter-balanced by the fact that you know you've already got your tickets secured before the Sunday main sale. For me, I couldn't turn down the opportunity of getting tickets on the Thursday coach sale, and relying solely on the Sunday main sale. As it happens, since 2013 every year I've managed to get Wednesday coach tickets, and this the first time I've not had a departure time I'm happy with. It's a small price to pay. Better to be there a bit late than not be there at all...
  11. jackarmy


    Aye, true that. Went to Mad Cool last year and Tame Imapla's live visuals on those sort of screens they have at dance festivals was something else.
  12. Bit of a gutter, looks like I'm the only one on the later bus from Cardiff on the Wednesday. 13:15 departure. Hopefully there won't be a repeat of 2009/2016's traffic, and we'll miss the initial queues...
  13. jackarmy

    Glasto Leave

    Some of these responses, you lot are mentalists, or machines! Booked off from Wednesday 26th, returning to work on Monday 8th July. Hopefully by that time the brain zaps will have subsided, I'll have stopped crying, and I'll be able to hold down a normal conversation. Other festivals I've gone back on the Tuesday, but Glastonbury is too physically demanding to even consider going back before the Thursday.
  14. Did West Holts have screens last festival, I can't remember?
  15. Hmmm... Not sure on that last bit, wherever it is it will need good access routes for the amount of goods that are going to be delivered. I think somewhere up by Gate A makes the most sense. Funny it hasn't been placed on the map yet though.
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