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  1. That Rosali album "No Medium" is really good. Nice to see some Americana/Country/Folk on at EOTR, which unfortunately seems to be diminishing over the years.
  2. Yes I remember there being some debate about how long to let it brew for 🙂
  3. I'm with you, and while we're at it, please can indie bands learn to sing again instead of talking over their songs.
  4. Fleet Foxes headlining the Garden Stage in 2009 blew me away. I wasn't expecting much but they were brilliant, especially the atmospheric harmonies in that special setting. I'm also led to believe that the fact that the crowd was rammed for their set persuaded Simon that he needed the Woods Stage from that point on.
  5. Bands I think could provide some special moments... Keg, Lael Neale, Gabriels, Purling Hiss.
  6. First reaction... that will be an excellent weekend. Happy with that. No sign of Wet Leg or Big Thief. I wonder what those clues were pointing to?
  7. Perhaps it could be a broader agenda for the Thursday, since we already heard that the village will open from 1.30pm (I think).
  8. There's an EOTR sized hole in the Osees autumn US tour schedule: https://www.brooklynvegan.com/osees-announce-2022-fall-u-s-tour/ You never know. Fingers crossed.
  9. Could be a reference to the famous Duck on a Stick that someone always used to carry around EOTR.
  10. Some are suggesting this is a hint at Wet Leg.
  11. Did anybody else notice Simon Taffe's Instagram post this morning. It was just this picture with no comment. Looks like Nick Cave to me. Now, Simon might simply be listening to a Nick Cave album and want to show appreciation, or should I be getting excited? Addendum: I just discovered that he's presently on tour in the UK, so it looks like Simon must have been to see him. One can but hope though!
  12. Building on the Idles comment... a potential Woods stage headliner for 2022?
  13. I should think, and am really hoping, that Wet Leg are nailed on for next year. Not only this connection but they fit the profile in every way - up and coming, growing public attention, played a small tent at Green Man and might be given a break of playing something bigger, no album to plug yet but might have by next summer.
  14. Stereolab. The longer the song, the more motorik the beat, all the better 🙂
  15. I saw this fantastic put-down on Twitter yesterday. Well played Grumpy!
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