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  1. paulwa

    2019 Predictions

    One of the 2019 headliners just announced...
  2. paulwa

    2019 Predictions

    I saw Cat Power at The Garden Stage. She was a bit wobbly that night. Kept walking on and off stage, unhappy with the sound and the lighting. There does seem to be more stage monitoring issues on the Garden than any other stage in recent years - Big Thief, Jonathan Wilson and others this year, Julie Byrne last year. It's a shame because the sound quality for the audience is great.
  3. paulwa

    3 things you would change

    They used to have sinks on the path leading through the campsite towards the monument at the far end of the field. It was a few years back, but they were a regular feature at one stage.
  4. paulwa

    2019 Predictions

    And they'll chuck bloody Interpol, Damien Jurado, Waxahatchee in there too. Perhaps the return of Bloc Party? Meanwhile I'll be having a nice birthday meal with my family. Not bitter at all. No, not bitter at all.
  5. paulwa

    2019 Predictions

    It's not that hard to predict. There is a pattern. I'm not able to go there next year, so I predict Courtney Barnett and/or Sharron van Etten headlining, with Angel Olsen and Our Girl somewhere below, just to piss me off big time. I could also see Mogwai coming back.
  6. paulwa

    Large campervan pitch

    We bought a larger campervan pitch, but I honestly don't think the stewards knew what they were doing. Some were big, some small. Luck of the draw in terms of where the next group got parked next to you. We got lucky in that the people parked next to us got cheesed off with their allocation and moved, so we expanded into an area that felt like value for money. If we couldn't have done that we'd have felt like we paid the extra and ended up with a small pitch. Because it seemed like a lottery, I'm not sure it's worth paying the extra.
  7. paulwa

    Early Bird 2019

    Can't go next year. Only the second time I've missed it since 2008. Will be watching this forum for my remote fix :-(
  8. paulwa

    2018 - Your Thoughts

    The best EOTR in 10 years of going. My top 5 this year (no order): ShameSt. VincentStella DonnellyLucy DacusSunflower Bean Saturday was amazing. As well as being my birthday, we had sunshine, bloody mary's, Beavertown, to the soundtrack of A. Wesley Chung (really impressed with him), Shannon & the Clams (great fun), Shame (am I allowed to say "Awesome" on here?), Sunflower Bean, Vampire Weekend. That day will live long in the memory. Disappointed with: Yo La Tengo. I was bored until Pass the Hatchet came on (ironically a 10 minute repetitive dirge!) Big Thief. They seemed all over the place. Too much talking, not enough music I didn't see any problem loos for the whole weekend. Some standout tracks:
  9. paulwa

    Predictions for 2018

    Well my prediction was totally wrong. I'd thought Big Thief on the Garden Stage would be special but they really seemed thrown after some stage monitoring difficulties. However, my top 5 acts of the weekend, in no particular order, were: Shame St. Vincent Stella Donnelly Lucy Dacus Sunflower Bean What were yours? After 10 years of attending, probably my best EOTR yet - for the outstanding depth of quality of the artists across the whole weekend, as well as the weather. Saturday was my birthday and it was like the dream day of music + sunshine + Bloody Mary's + Beavertown. It'll live long in the memory.
  10. paulwa


    Wiltshire has been nice today, especially this afternoon. I'm about an hour from Larmer Tree Gardens.
  11. paulwa


    Currently hammering it down in mid-Wiltshire. Let's hope this is it for the week, not least because I've a wedding to attend tomorrow, sober up Tuesday, pack on Wednesday, start again on Thursday.
  12. paulwa


    I did a lot of the hot cider 10 years ago and have grown to dislike the stuff (and especially its effects), so I totally agree that hip flask brandy is the way to go. It used to be beer all the way, but I got fed up of nipping off for a slash. Age eh?
  13. paulwa


    I just remembered reading this a while back... We’re also proud to host Beavertown Brewery for the third year running at End Of The Road this year, with all their sublime beer and ill behaviour. The Beaver Bar will return with the craft beers you know and love, with Gamma Ray, 8 Ball, Smog Rocket and festival favourite Lupuloid all making appearances, as well as Neck Oil available on draft at The Black Crow bar for the first time. I think this is the bar by the Woods stage. Good news. More info on the bars here: http://endoftheroadfestival.com/food-drink/drink/
  14. paulwa


    For a full size can and hoppy flavour, I can think of Adnams Ghost Ship (4.5%) and Wychwood Hobgoblin Gold (4.2%). For draught beer at the festival, head for the Beavertown bar. Their stuff will fit the bill taste-wise, especially Lupaloid, but it'll also hit your wallet I'm afraid. A slightly cheaper option might be to head for the real ale tent and look out for anything with American IPA or Citra (a punchy hop variety) in the title.
  15. paulwa


    I'm going with vodka, tomato juice and this stuff. I've seen plenty of good reviews for it, so will give it a bash.