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  1. I went to see Damien Jurado in Bristol last night (partly to make up for not seeing him at EOTR 2018 , where he was replaced by the Wave Pictures due to illness). He was in solo singer-songwriter mode last night, just him and an electric acoustic guitar, but very enjoyable. The support act was Dana Gavanski, who I later found out will be playing EOTR 2020. I heard elements of Cate Le Bon, American folk and even Lola vs. Powerman era Kinks in her sound. She was good, definitely worth checking out, and I could see her working well in either the Tipi tent or early afternoon on the Garden stage.
  2. I was there too. She was stunning and so was her band. Very much in moody arty character of the new album for the first half of last night's gig - dramatic and cinematic sounds that will be a perfect fit for the Woods stage. About halfway through, once her mug of whisky kicked in, the older songs came out, the lighting went up a notch and we saw a more intimate and light-hearted approach.
  3. "Half as large again" = 50% bigger than EOTR.
  4. Obviously a great first announcement, as seems to be agreed everywhere. I'm just amazed at the overlap of artists with Sea Change Festival (Totnes, 22-24 May) - Field Music, Katy J Pearson, Vanishing Twin, Squid, Dry Cleaning. Never mind, I don't mind seeing that lot twice.
  5. There is some lovely woodland, containing walking paths, art installations, games to play, a library, speaker stages and even a late night disco, but it is also possible to completely avoid it and still have a great time.
  6. That Alexandra Savior album really is great. I hear a bit of Bat for Lashes, Lana del Rey and Mattiel in there.
  7. I'm not a massive fan of Alabama Shakes but their Woods stage set in 2012 totally blew me away for the amount of musical talent on display and the way Brittany Howard had the audience in the palm of her hand. One of those times when I just had to put aside my musical preferences and say "wow". Probably one of the highlights of 10+ years at EOTR for me. Real Estate were good, if not stunning, when they played the Woods Stage.
  8. I was so disappointed when Tame Impala played EOTR. I really wanted to see them back then but they didn't play a single one of their early more psychedelic rock tracks from the first few EPs and album. And I haven't liked anything they've done since. Hey ho.
  9. There was a time when I thought they might fit, when they did the more acoustic/folk-influenced "Flaws" album back in 2010, but not now.
  10. He certainly would but I knew someone who knew him and was told that he doesn't like doing festivals. Not even that keen on touring apparently.
  11. I think they probably could, although I was underwhelmed with their last performance there, when sound problems seemed to throw them. It occurred to me that The Twilight Sad would be another great Garden headliner. They have the folk credentials, with some fairly harrowing earlier tracks, plus some noisy indie anthems these days.
  12. My guesses for the 2020 headliners at this stage would be Angel Olsen, Wilco and either Idles or King Gizzard, both of whom have been rapidly growing their way up the festival lineup orders. I think Wilco must be hot contenders. They headlined a few years ago, Jeff Tweedy has played at least a couple of times (I think) and seems to be matey with Simon, and they have a new album out (which sadly is a bit dull tune-wise). All would be decent headliners, but as has been said many times before, EOTR is probably even more important for the wide breadth of quality found elsewhere onsite.
  13. I used one between our two tents in 2018 and there were plenty of others.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. It was the quality of that lineup that's tempted me for next year, along with it moving out of the multi-venue approach in Totnes centre into a single site at the manor house. I do like the idea of an easy tent pitch as well :-)
  15. Yes to this set of headliners! Substitute any with The Pixies and I'm still happy :-)
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