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  1. He certainly would but I knew someone who knew him and was told that he doesn't like doing festivals. Not even that keen on touring apparently.
  2. I think they probably could, although I was underwhelmed with their last performance there, when sound problems seemed to throw them. It occurred to me that The Twilight Sad would be another great Garden headliner. They have the folk credentials, with some fairly harrowing earlier tracks, plus some noisy indie anthems these days.
  3. My guesses for the 2020 headliners at this stage would be Angel Olsen, Wilco and either Idles or King Gizzard, both of whom have been rapidly growing their way up the festival lineup orders. I think Wilco must be hot contenders. They headlined a few years ago, Jeff Tweedy has played at least a couple of times (I think) and seems to be matey with Simon, and they have a new album out (which sadly is a bit dull tune-wise). All would be decent headliners, but as has been said many times before, EOTR is probably even more important for the wide breadth of quality found elsewhere onsite.
  4. I used one between our two tents in 2018 and there were plenty of others.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. It was the quality of that lineup that's tempted me for next year, along with it moving out of the multi-venue approach in Totnes centre into a single site at the manor house. I do like the idea of an easy tent pitch as well :-)
  6. Yes to this set of headliners! Substitute any with The Pixies and I'm still happy :-)
  7. Having just missed my first EOTR in about 10 years, due to being emotionally blackmailed to spend my 50th birthday with family, I feel so much better that I'm now in possession of a ticket for 2020 - even if it does start a year from today! I'm going to check out Sea Change as well next year as I don't think I can wait another year before getting my festival kicks. It seems to have a similar lineup to EOTR, an interesting location, and is the same small scale as EOTR was when it started.
  8. You're damned right it is, but in less of a special location. It used to be in that food zone just off the Garden Stage and was worth spending time at as a destination in its own right. Now it's in the row closer to the Tipi Tent, near the exit to the campsites. It's OK, especially once they fire up the nearby bonfires in the evening, but it has lost something.
  9. I was saying exactly this to a mate. There's not a lot of the folk-Americana-country strand in there this year. Israel Nash being the obvious exception. I always liked a bit of that relaxing stuff in the day, followed by psychedelic raucous nonsense in the evening.
  10. Sadly I have to miss EOTR this year, but I am quite relieved when I see this lineup. Other than missing Courtney Barnett and Cass McCombs I'm not that gutted. Low, Parquet Courts, Israel Nash, Steve Gunn would have been nice, but most of these have played before. I'm sure it'll be good as a complete event though, it always is.
  11. One of the 2019 headliners just announced...
  12. I saw Cat Power at The Garden Stage. She was a bit wobbly that night. Kept walking on and off stage, unhappy with the sound and the lighting. There does seem to be more stage monitoring issues on the Garden than any other stage in recent years - Big Thief, Jonathan Wilson and others this year, Julie Byrne last year. It's a shame because the sound quality for the audience is great.
  13. They used to have sinks on the path leading through the campsite towards the monument at the far end of the field. It was a few years back, but they were a regular feature at one stage.
  14. And they'll chuck bloody Interpol, Damien Jurado, Waxahatchee in there too. Perhaps the return of Bloc Party? Meanwhile I'll be having a nice birthday meal with my family. Not bitter at all. No, not bitter at all.
  15. It's not that hard to predict. There is a pattern. I'm not able to go there next year, so I predict Courtney Barnett and/or Sharron van Etten headlining, with Angel Olsen and Our Girl somewhere below, just to piss me off big time. I could also see Mogwai coming back.
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