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  1. A little miffed about that tbh (I bought primary entry tickets in pre-sale) but oh well, you can't win them all! At least we're going. A nice 1200 round-trip journey for us!
  2. I was waiting in the queue 45 minutes before tickets went onsale and I got through pretty much bang on 10am and there wasn't any then. I just went for GA because I wasn't taking any chances! I'll also assume they'll be a small batch kept back for general sale, but they'll be like gold dust, I imagine.
  3. I also found it strange that the primary entry and the standard GA tickets were the same price? But £90 for an unfinished running bill of Pixies + Pearl Jam is a steal in my opinion.
  4. That queue system was a nightmare but I managed to come away with early entry tickets for Pearl Jam as no Summer Garden ones available. At least I'll have one very happy boyfriend on Christmas day! Very very relieved.
  5. With the AMEX garden tickets, do you need to be an AMEX cardholder to purchase these in general sale?
  6. For the Pearl Jam date, you don't have to be an AMEX card holder to purchase tickets for the Summer Garden section do you? I'd rather spend the extra money and get closer.
  7. Could anyone tell me if the sound at Hyde Park is as bad as a lot of people seem to make it out to be? Super wary of getting tickets because of it.
  8. Disgraceful. Three acts that have played almost every year since the festival began in 2017. Absolutely piss poor.
  9. All the brilliant female talent that's been around this year & Rita Ora is the best they could do? Incredible scenes.
  10. It's such a shame about the lack of female representation on this line-up so far seeing as so many festivals are striving to get it close to 50/50 as possible. A disgrace.
  11. Where are all the female artists?!?!
  12. The Dark Fruits brigade will be delighted with this line-up...And that's about it.
  13. This is highly disappointing. All these brilliant acts playing other festivals in Europe at the same time & this is the best they can come up with? Almost a repeat of two days from 2018? Jesus.
  14. The screen's gone blank on me but I managed to get Liam Gallagher, Foals, Snow Patrol & Courteeners. Shite.
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