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  2. But to an American your Fanny is your Bum - so we're going round in circles...
  3. Go on your own friday to sunday? We don't know the full circumstances here but if she's insisting that you use all 5 weeks leave for family time that is completely unreasonable. Maybe suggest that if you do this you'll happilly take the kids for another weekend and she can go and do something with her mates. Or else do what I would do to anyone who attempted to place such restrictions and tell her to do one.
  4. Yeah the intro is great. The transition into the 'song' part that follows is weak though, the song is a completely different tempo and feels bolted on.
  5. I remember one year the rumour was Richard Whitely from countdown had died and to this day I've no idea if it was true or not!
  6. rookie error ... there's no link so I would say the survey is unsustainable
  7. Im not so certain. I think goalkeeper is the one position where it is harder to get that move as you can only play the one position and you are rarely used as a sub. Looking back Bolton managed to keep a player like Jaaskaleinen (better than Pickford in my view) probably because the top clubs a had decent keepers
  8. ConorC

    Resale Club 2019

    For the card details section what is required exactly? I'm thinking card number, expiration date and security code on back obviously. But do we also need the address the card is registered to? Can't remember what was needed last time.
  9. yay ... this thread returning is like bumping into a random friend in the fields at Glastonbury
  10. You could always fake your own kidnapping. Just remember to take your wristband off before you come home, otherwise she may suspect that you weren't being fully honest.
  11. Will it have a question about which other festival sustainable surveys I have completed and how they compare to Glastonbury Festival sustainable surveys?
  12. I did once - but my wife at the time didn't think I'd be much cop at it.
  13. The Wednesday of the festival is Christmas Day is it not?
  14. Really wish West Holts would drop their line-up a bit earlier - so much great and unusual music on there that I'd like to be mugging up on now! I guess this could be said for several areas of the fest, but West Holts' line-up does seem to come from further and wider than some areas
  15. Think dutty moonshine band are I live act. Watched a couple of videos on YouTube & they looked like they could be fun. Not checked if they are on spotify
  16. When was the last time the 'keeper with the most clean sheets wasnt on the team of the year? Again, apols for my ignorance.
  17. Astrolabe Twitter account came out of hibernation yesterday.
  18. Have you ever thought of a career in marriage guidance?
  19. When the kids grow up they will be mortified if you say you gave up a glasto for them. Especially if they become music freaks and understand what it means to everyone lucky enough to get a ticket.
  20. You'd wait all the way until Xmas Day to crack on with it?!
  21. Ouch! Looks like we know who wears the trousers in the Chrisp1986 household! Are you sure you're a true Yorkshireman?!!!
  22. I'm not having Ederson in the PFA team of the year. He has been a very good signing and compliments City well, but there are many keepers who have waaay more to do.
  23. Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up there! So I didn’t realise that Track My Order would update to show who had & hadn’t payed balances - & yes, another 2 from a group of 6 I bought for have seemingly dropped out. Which is frustrating when I’m trying again tonight & Sunday for people I’m much closer too & would literally bite their arms off* to go! *not literally **ok maybe 2 would literally
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