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  2. Did well last night.
  3. My last forecast RHCP/Royal Blood plus, as undercard, Parov Stelar, Lumineers & Liam G In 3 and a half hours, we.ll see.
  4. Ex smoker here ,nearly 2 years smoke free and actually live with a smoker... I still love the smell and would have one in a heart beat, but 30 a day was becoming too much both financially and physically
  5. This looks to be a more accurate clashfinder: https://clashfinder.com/s/sdf2020/
  6. The Roots self-confirmed.
  7. I told you there would be a penalty and sending off 🤷‍♂️
  8. What were Nothing But Thieves like last night to anyone that went
  9. Clashfinder also doesn't have Bayside on it so wouldn't base too many decisions of it just yet
  10. Yes! I'd be up for that! I've decided to give it another go in the resale
  11. It’s been 8 hours. Think we all died.
  12. you're dead right, what with VAR ruling out the first goal because of the push, and not awarding a penalty or sending Ramos off.
  13. A journalist 'sniffing for a story'. That's literally their job.
  14. Today
  15. Gaz_88

    Volunteering 2020

    It's only Glastonbury and boomtown that have full price deposit, the rest are only £35
  16. Last year we stayed in an Airbnb in Cheddar (driving from East Yorkshire). Quiet 30 min drive into the site and into the queue at 6.15am. Tasty curry and crazy golf in Cheddar the evening before too!
  17. Seriously? How many albums have they had?!
  18. Feel like they are working towards this and I'm all for it. Will take many many years though. As someone who's never smoked and is slightly asthmatic there's nothing more annoying than being stood in a busy crowd like at glasto and someone lighting up directly next to you For me the next steps should be banned when driving, public parks and high streets. Increase the minimum age of sale to 21 as well Apologies to smokers in the thread who will likely disagree with my views
  19. They won't show up here anyway but this pic is complete bullshit! So many shittier bands out there....
  20. Bon Iver and The National headlined this thing last year, as well as dozens of non-headlining acts (some are shared with PS and some are on the bill on the previous/following one). It is a competition regardless of the other headliners, but in 2020 I could definitely see both festivals try to book headliners such as Billie Eillish (unavailable during Primavera), The Strokes (as mentioned earlier), Disclosure (played a DJ set in MC19), Beck, Pavement, Faith No More, Massive Attack, etc.
  21. Interesting article on this subject here; https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/environment-and-conservation/2019/08/cigarette-butts-are-toxic-plastic-pollution-should-they-be
  22. 1986

    The National

    How much do you have to listen to them to get that sort of status?
  23. zico martin

    Volunteering 2020

    So its festaff applications at the weekend then, am I right in thinking to have any chance of getting in I'll need to pay deposits of about £500 to work 2 festivals?
  24. I'm gonna have to look this up, I'm a rolly smoker who's interested. I used to love nothing more than flinging a cig butt away, I get now it's a bit of a shit move. The filters do make them nicer though and the bio degradable ones do not. I dunno what else to say really. It's killing me and the planet but I really fucking love it. I kick the habit as I drop in and out of employment (freelance) as its bloody expensive.
  25. Tuna


    Welcome @uglyscotsman, lovely story, hope you get onto the farm (we should sort an E/D resale crew if ppl are interested?), sounds like you'd make the absolute most of it. Plenty of indie rock for the mornings too
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