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  1. In my opinion... they will allow them to play, but with an empty stadium, just like in other countries. Fans will need to watch TV to see the match.
  2. Your theory makes sense, also check the Werchter thread where one of the organizers commenting the situation with possible plans (for Werchter). Anyway if the US artists wouldnt appear, that would mean that from the headliners we would have only Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris. Which is still better than No Sziget at all :))
  3. Metronome posptoning was potentially also about their poor ticket sales
  4. Complete strangers... who confirmed almost whole first lineup wave are a legit source to me πŸ™ƒ Or do you prefer leak with the poster and then withdrawal of artists like in Mad Cool? Nobody from artist team would give information here anyway. We should be happy with what we have, just saying...
  5. Last post from leaker was that announcement would be later than our assumed date. Nobody specified that it Will take place in the end of FEB. They said wait, so lets wait. At least we know Who Will be announced... I think lot of new users are creating little bit of unnecessary panic. So calm Down and sing Senorita πŸ˜†
  6. Leakers said that we should wait couple of weeks for announcement. Why is everybody acting crazy and say that Leakers dont tell the truth or that they suddenly disappear. What more should they say? Wait a few weeks and Eminem and Mendez Will be announced. Dont create panic ☺️
  7. Beck is subheadliner, bigger name is coming. No, its small festival and I think that although Mr Ken doesnt think so, that for both of the festivals there Will be The Strokes announced.
  8. https://metronomefestival.cz/en/ They usually have two big names, one guitar band, one electronic. This time on of the insiders teased that something really big will happen.
  9. ... Or.... The White StripeS :)) One of the festivals here are announcing big name tomorrow, so I bet its the same As MC. Target group of the festival are People over 35.
  10. Last time when TDCC were at Sziget, they played exactly same subheadliner spot. I think both of the TDCC and Foster the People would be subheadliners. Yeah, the choice is little bit outdated, but anyway it could be MUCH worse than that.
  11. If Jain, Tove Lo could be last year, why not TDCC?
  12. Hi Ken, thank you for all your interesting information. So can you confirm or gently nod that the story happened like this: MC had The Strokes, but HAIM revealed them before the announcement, so the Strokes cancelled their appearance, or we are missing some details, which were not told here? Its just for the curiosity. Thanks!
  13. Mad Cool announcing big name on Thursday. So maybe we will have also announcement on Thursday?
  14. No chance for him on subheadlining set. I mean, there is plenty of confirmed subheadliners... The rest of the main stage will be Hungarian bands anyway πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  15. I asked Sziget and they replied that...... There is going to be..... Mark Ronson DJ Set.... 😞 So probably late night A38
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