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Victorious Festival 2024 10th Anniversary


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17 minutes ago, Dales said:

With Pixies at APE, what are they chances of them also being at Victorious. They would make a cracking Castle headliner, obviously against someone I like on the main stage, like mumford and Marr this year.

Was wondering if it made them more or less likely. I think it makes them more likely - agree sub or Castle headline. 

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5 minutes ago, sisco said:

Victorious are terrible with their announcements tbf and social media in general.  That sign has been up for a week, it should have been posted everywhere and then lead up to the announcement a few days later.  Mad it’s all so silent 

Your right, Only a few years ago, it was in the local paper first thing, shared all over social media then like clockwork, 10-10.30 Victorious Post (Its always on my mid morning tea break they post lol)

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6 hours ago, Cowley4 said:

So next Wednesday then ?  The 6th 

Could literally be any day next week, they don't seem to have a pattern. I'd imagine they won't leave it later than next week, I think might be start of the week rather than the end of, as has been said, that Fatboy name has been up for a week.

Anyone on tour who they might be waiting on finishing?

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4 hours ago, luckysalt said:

Have to say I'm gobsmacked Pixies are such a low slot at APE btw. 

Talk about lowering your value. Reckon they could do Victorious in a whole range of slots now. 

If Victorious has failed to get them this year I give with them ever getting them.

Lol I said this exact thing to my mate. I did make sure in included them on my request on my post festival survey. 

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