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  1. Last time Editors played they clashed them with Travis, I had the same problem.
  2. I edited it, they MAY be someone placed above him, but actually its probably The Streets, Rag n Bone Man, Fratellis, Feeder, Morcheeba, Reef, Stereo MCs, Craig David as the running order.
  3. Rag N Bone Man subbing The Streets. Actually the Main Stage sub might not be listed yet, it looks like either the sub or 3rd down is TBA
  4. I'm pretty sure its Editors, they're just holding them back for next announcement until after their tour next month. Last time they played was 2016 and they subbed second stage, but they're doing a fairly big venue tour this time around and looks like the sub is Blossoms, Twin Atlantic 3rd down, so that all fits nicely together.
  5. I think its Editors. But don't kill me if its not!
  6. Means they will be on at 1.15 until 2pm in the early afternoon slot, they always put a 'bigger' than the following acts in that slot Sat and Sunday and give them a 45 min set, next 3 acts get 30 minutes then the top 4 acts get longer sets. They do it to try and get people in early doors and drinking and eating onsite earlier than later, I expect Craig David will be busy, All Saints last year was absolutely heaving, one of the most successful ones i've seen. They were really good as well tbf.
  7. Victorious is scheduled for 11th Feb announcement dude. Unless its been brought forward in which case it would be Tuesday or Weds next week, but pretty sure its still the 11th. Will 100% NOT be this week.
  8. You got Heather from M People.... [shudders]
  9. The Streets will be Saturday then as they're at SW4 on the Sunday. They might not be Common headliner, could be Castle headliner. They fit more in line with size of Castle headliners of past than Common. They've used the sign before for non headline acts, but with Rudimental headliner last year, Streets are easily that size so maybe they're gunna do that and have a same size indie act on Castle like they did with Bloc Party.
  10. You could bet the house on it once IOW never announced him.
  11. If Reading don't book them and they want to do a show they can and then play Reading again no problem. The alternative festival landscape is shrinking, there's Reading and Vic which are BIG festivals in terms of capacity. Everything else is much smaller. All about growing an audience to your music to come out and see you on tour dude.
  12. Ian Brown is easily big enough to headline, especially the Friday, he fits the demo so well. Biffy is a good shout to be honest. Can't see where else they could turn up now. They don't seem to be doing any festivals at all so far. So could be a year they just do a UK date or two and chill. I don't know, don't keep up to date on Biffys touring cycles. Pixies are still around in Europe the week before Vic and aren't exclusive at Pearl Jams date so maybe they might finally do Vic. Be interesting to see if Vic gets any crossover bookings with Sziget as they are now owned by the same company. It's only 2 weeks before Vic as well.
  13. They ain't been announced for IOW have they? Everyone on here
  14. The main problem this has is, the headliners. Its not even the size of them but the type of act they are, all three alienate a younger audience, all 3 target 30 plus audience I'd hazard to say 40 plus audience actually and that age range just do not go to festivals in large numbers. The Rock audience do yes which is why Download gets away with it every Yr but, asking people to spend half a grand which is what it ends up being with everything, traveling down to the coast, ferry across, it's just not gunna happen. No way, no how. Capaldi is available elsewhere Chems just done a massive tour their fans would have just seen them. There's just absolutely nothing about this line up that would get multi thousands travelling, it can't pass by on residents alone. IOW has lost its identity, its lost in the shuffle and its like V was and is doomed to failure.
  15. They're at IOW. Vic and IOW don't share acts.
  16. Its the dumbest booking Copping has ever done IMO. Theres absolutely no crossover in fanbase whatsoever. AlterBridge would have been better subbing KISS and Deftones under Maiden, I can only pressume DLUK have had no say in it and had to just make do with them playing where they can. Cus if that was done by design, my god.
  17. Kele said at Victorious this year that this is the last Bloc Party show for a very long time, said something like this is the last Bloc Party performance of the year, for many years in fact. So don't expect them to turn up anytime soon, sadly, cus they were bloody brilliant. But sounds like they're on indefinite hiatus now.
  18. I'd say it was more the POP factor, I said before the event All Saints wouldn't get people in, how wrong was I, they had an absolutely HUGE crowd, fair play though, they were brilliant. In comparison Idlewild had one of the smallest crowds I've ever seen at Victorious, so something im sure they will be thinking about. BTW with Capaldi being so rammed, I was actually at OCS who had a really big crowd still then I went over for the end of Capaldi to meet the mrs and I saw the crowd he had, I actually have photos of it from up the top [and idlewild] I might post them up.
  19. luckysalt


    Wow this thread is dead isn't it. Happy that Anthem got the deal done to buy AXS tv in US and Impact will be moving on there, hopefully they push on. The rumours are going around they're buying ROH as well, id be amazed if WWE let that video library pass them by. But I can see Anthem taking control of the company, they've been in freefall since AEW came into effect all their fanbase jumped over to that. Amazes me however that whilst this news has hit the internet, theres so many people saying TNA can't pay their wrestlers let alone buy ROH which is the bigger company. Lets get a couple things straight, firstly, ROH has never, ever, been a bigger company than Impact, they just had the NJPW connection and the Elite guys working there, they've never had a bigger worldwide scope etc. Secondly Impact was sold years ago, theres been no financial troubles since then. Yes they're working on a smaller budget in terms of no live weekly show etc but they can afford a great roster, they wouldn't have been able to pull Elgin from NJPW, pay RVD's salary, Morrison who has only left because he wants time off wrestling, their female roster is absolutely stacked. As much I i enjoy Impact, I hope they do go live, theres nothing like a live wrestling show where anything can happen, anyone could turn up. WWE puts on a live show every show and somehow makes it look as taped as possible. Which defeats the purpose. Anyhow, the wrestling landscape has never been brighter [well, in the US] shame this chat is so dead.
  20. Agree I didn't see any dickheads at all tbh. I did see lots more security and police though, they were everywhere. Not planning on returning next year, nothing to do with the festival, just done 5 years in row and the hotel prices are getting a bit ridiculous. We had one booked that cancelled us right after the festival as obviously we had it at a cheaper price and they want to resell at a higher price. I actually had a look and some places are charging £500 a night, just insane greed. So will probably look to do something closer to home. Bet after they've reformed now Supergrass will be there next year, they've already said they'll be doing festivals after the tour early next year.
  21. Little review here, was very much if ain't broke don't fix it, but there was little changes on site that made things better like placing of ice cream van on castle stage finally moved to behind sound mixer was perfect. Only thing I can moan about was they moved the toilets on seaside stage which were usually the quietest on site, so was queuing more for the toilets (well the Mrs was). Saturday was defo the busier of the weekend bar queues were LONG all over the site. I wish they sold cloudy apple strongbow at all bars instead of just strongbow stage and champagne bar. Don't understand why this is still the case this year. Also strongbow original 5.50, dark fruits 5.80, cloudy apple 6. Just rips the piss.
  22. I've pinned the link to clashfinder on my twitter if anyone needs it over the weekend
  23. Go for it with Clashfinder, not doing anymore with it, added Sundays people lounge and Comedy Tent both days which is the same both days. But the other stages missing not sure anyone is too fussed about. Sorry if anyone is performing on them! Theres still that big gap on Friday on the World Music stage that I thought they had done by mistake and would correct but I guess not! 1 hour and 15 minutes gap so strange.
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