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  1. Victorious still have the David Bowie tribute up on Sunday on Seaside stage at 6pm but Choose 90s have posted that they are now playing that slot as well as their slot earlier in the day on the same stage so looks like the Bowie tribute has either moved or been pulled. Trying to find out whats happening.
  2. Ive no idea on the above sorry. Came on to say just giving the clashfinder a once over today then it will be alright to print baring any last minute changes. Its been essentially fine for the last few weeks. But theres always the chance of some last minute changes, Laurel who were playing Castle stage on Sunday are no longer listed in that slot and its now TBA.
  3. Both Preacher and The Boys were created by same fella btw Garth Ennis. Preacher in the 90s and The Boys ran 2006-12
  4. I like the line up, it has a lot more depth than pervious years and I like the headliners but they aren't ticket shifters like stereophonics, noel, prodigy were. There's no arena selling artist headlining this year. I expect next year they will have at least one again. Expect Saturday will sell a lot with Capaldi to his fanbase.
  5. luckysalt


    True Legend passed today in Harley Race. I only caught the back end of his career and his WWF run was hardly great booking but he was a guy who could effortless wrestle in the ring. Tough as hell as well. Hope WWE do a great set of his best matches on the network for everyone to get a chance of seeing his work.
  6. Ynot is going to get the last choice next year, they're out on their own now, Live Nation, Superstruct and Broadwick will all get the picks first due to financial strength and block bookings, Ynot is going to be more the level of Bearded Theory now i'd imagine. This year was booked under the old regime. Some of the names mentioned above they haven't a hope in hell of booking. Be interesting to see the future of the festival, if they keep it low and book sensibly I think they can survive. It will be interesting actually to see how all the festivals that used to be under Global will do under their new ownerships next year. Cus the same acts wont be doing them all as they usually do. Just think this year all the Global owned ones could all use each others acts, Superstruct who have bought the bulk of the global fests will have the most power to book the acts for the mid sized fests, then Broadwick, I imagine Superstruct will try and kill off Ynot to be honest. Lets see how it goes, maybe they won't be as ruthless as Live Nation have been.
  7. So thats like 2 songs? Plus theyre co headlining with The Specials who are also playing the same set length and they could do a MUCH longer set, I wouldn't pay too much notice to set lengths on Friday anyway, the other year Madness had like 50 minutes on paper and played for about double that. In regards to the clashfinder now btw guys, Friday I finished, Beats and Swing I updated for Sat and Sun, rest still needs doing.
  8. No probs. Common, Castle, Seaside and Acoustic are now all complete and correct. Seaside was a complete bloody mess due to Basement Jaxx and DJ Yoda both getting 90 minutes each which is pretty cool, that will be one badass way to end the weekend 3 hours of that if thats your thing.
  9. LibraLibra were not on the Castle stage before, not sure if they were on the line up however, but I was always missing the opening act on Castle Stage for Sunday. So I actually forgot about this this afternoon, so Im just setting about it now, checked over Common and Castle stage and i've virtually had to change nothing. Bloc Party get an extra 15 minutes compared to Paloma Faith in that slot last year. Rest of the Saturday and Sunday are unchanged. I'll set about everything else now. But Common and Castle times are correct if you want to check overlaps anyone.
  10. I'll update clash finder this afternoon
  11. No, they haven't been sent yet, stage times are up, think someone has pulled out on castle, wasnt Capaldi on Sunday before?
  12. From tonight FFP ruling changes. Premier League wages were set at a limit of £67m, beyond that clubs were allowed to raise them by £7m every year, unless they can prove that they bring in more than this in commercial revenue. This whole ruling has been removed for the next 3 years. Basically allowing teams further down the league to spend much more on wages than they would normally be allowed to. Obviously clubs can't be doing £200m transfer fees but it certainly will help teams to improve their squads. Especially if signing free transfers.
  13. One of the reasons I stopped going, when I started going Download, 2009, when Soni was about, they did everything they could to make it a better experience, once they killed of Soni, they cut back on a lot of stuff in the Campsite Village and really give you the bare minimum. Every year that it rains, they let it get worse and worse until the last day when they put a bit of straw down but by then its too late, most of the time its only by the stalls as well so the pathways are always mudbaths, the Village is always a complete disgrace. I have Crohns Disease which leaves me generally feeling fatigued all the time, the last time I went, 2016, the mud was that bad just walking around for 10 minutes because it was so deep, you literally had to rip your leg out of the mud every step I was just exhausted. I was only 1 month on a new drug after a relapse as well so it was just a really bad combination. I know they can't control the weather but they can certainly prepare for it and they never do and its cus they're tight fucking bastards, so I will be tight and not buy a ticket to return.
  14. Cheers and @JBarbour so they're cut adrift then. Could find it hard booking acts for next year.
  15. Who's the new owner then @eFestivals
  16. Feeder as main stage Saturday headliner, glad to see they're going back to the old format of the festival but damn that's a weak headliner. I wonder who the TBC sub is. Think it will be a we will see on the day jobby this Yr if I go or not.
  17. Well, this latest issue. As i've always said how the comic can be so, so much better than its TV counterpart is crazy but it continues to stay strong. I haven't watched the TV show in years as its so much a different beast than the comics I can't watch it, I hate the two main characters Daryl and Carol, always have always will so thats that. But the comic. I won't talk about what happens because I hope more people will read it, but be very interesting to see where they go from here.
  18. This upcoming weekend its only 4 weeks away and so far we have Levellers and Busted and nothing else. Anyone think they're struggling to book acts for this years festival. Either that or they're trying to kill the thing off, I can only imagine the amount of people who are going to turn up on the day without a ticket and the shitstorm and bottlenecking thats gunna cause.
  19. So back to the Prem and after the joy of the past couple hours I turned to my son and said, it looks like the hardest premier league ever! Gunna be a tough time next season!
  20. luckysalt


    AEW announced the winner of the Battle Royal will face the winner of Jericho-Omega at a later date, the winner of that match will be first world champion. Its a pretty bizarre way to crown the first champion IMO. Should have just had the battle royal winner a future shot like was previously announced and then held a tournament to crown first champion.
  21. luckysalt


    Echo the above, Lesnar winning the case is dumb as fuck, I had the PPV on today but it really struggled to hold my attention. So Becky is no longer 2 belts and Bailey has a new push as champ, but WHY give Charlotte ANOTHER reign inbetween??? That could have gone to anyone else on the roster. So fucking annoying. In the end when they're bragging she's 16x champion, cus we all know that's where they're trying to get her, people can look, or even remember how shitty these reigns were. Best part of that PPV, the transition from Rollins stomp into AJ's styles clash, DAMN that was fucking sweet.
  22. You're totally right although £2 isn't bad, its like a lot of these tribute band festivals knocking about they go up every year btw, started at £1.50 one by me and I think it goes up 50p-£1 a year even though its just a admin/booking fee or whatever. Im surprised its only £2. I was expecting closer to £5. Also £10 car parking which was always free, that will give them a fair bit of income. Lets see who they get for the Saturday anyway. I expect we will get it next week.
  23. Another thing, I wanted to see more with Sam. He was just there, made a remark and everyone just laughed at him and thats it. I wanted him respected DAMMIT! I wanted to see him with Gilly and the kids also have a embrace with Jon before he left also.
  24. Found that as a finale of everything, very unsatisfying. It was all just so predictable. The whole Jon arc was just, I dunno, you were watching it, its bubbling, Greyworm and Jon tension, Dany and Jon, then no conflict between them he just stab her, I wanted her to lose it with him first and them rage at each other. So you were robbed of that, after stabbing her not even any last words from her, then I was like Greyworm is going to come in whats going to happen, it just skipped to Jon being in jail for ages, like bollocks, they would have tried to kill him, who was there to police that, who would have locked him up? They all wanted him dead. I can pick apart and pick apart but I'll say what I liked - that Sansa couldn't give up power and came out with some bullshit and become Queen, I liked Arya wanted to continue adventuring, both those were believable, If Jon has left nightswatch and gone to be with the wildlings that is great also, a fitting end for him. I just feel the Jon/Dany blow off was poor.
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