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  1. SCG95

    The Strokes 2019?

    Agreed, I still see Foals being the more likely prospect. Would absolutely love to be proven wrong mind!
  2. SCG95

    The Strokes 2019?

    If The Voidz get announced on the full announcement, then you can be almost certain of a secret Strokes set. ...but I'm sure they wouldn't be that silly!
  3. Tempted by the Parcels date. Historically, is it just the one support for each day?
  4. C'mon then, who we calling for the final headliner? British band? I have to say the 3 playing so far have come as a surprise to me. Looks like the last one will too.
  5. SCG95


    Great value for this line up! Was already planning on attending, but even more so now Miles Kane has announced a home town show close by the following day.
  6. Casablanca is in the town centre, so a little further away from the festival and Buddha. Entry was no more than €10’s for both clubs for me. I expect the price goes up the later you turn up. Smirnoff is like €10’s, but yes you can find other brands way cheaper. It’s great!!
  7. Very true, it was more like a treble in fairness! For those who haven’t been, the booze from the supermarkets around the town is great value. You can get crates of 24 for €5’s and bottles of 1l vodka for like €10’s.
  8. Attended both last year - Gary in Casablanca on the Tues and Dave in Buddha on the Weds. More of a vibe in Buddha as the DJ booth is outside, but I rated both clubs. Gary even turned up in Buddha the following night and played a set after Dave had finished his. Drinks were like 10-euro for a double in both places.
  9. Has to be Fatboy Slim! Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix would both be headliners. Doesn't look like we'll be getting a headliner tomorrow.
  10. Catfish have to be a possibility to play again this year, but they wouldn’t headline. I’m hoping DMA’s play Beni. Every chance too since they’re in the U.K. in July to play Citadel and TRNSMT.
  11. Sure I heard in a recent interview that they weren’t keen on playing stadiums and they preferred open air gigs. Shame that they’ll most likely not play in the U.K. this summer. Would’ve loved them to play a show or 2.
  12. Waaah that’s disappointing!
  13. Now that would be great, but looks like Cage are touring in the US on the day of Citadel!
  14. I’m not so sure about those names being amongst the strongest, personally. Stick Kendrick Lamar in there instead on the Thursday night and then we’d be talking. However, for the price we pay, you have to be reasonable and that would be about right for €125 - I do agree there.
  15. No, not at all - the last time was in 2017, but not sure about before then in all honesty. Lets hope we have two headliners still to come.
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