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  1. SCG95

    BBC Coverage 2022

    What a beautiful racket Fontaines DC make. Deserve a later slot in my view.
  2. SCG95

    Wolf Alice

    Incredible set and energy, especially considering the circumstances.
  3. SCG95

    Gerry Cinnamon

    Keen to find out who’s supporting for his gig at Cardiff Castle. Anything confirmed?
  4. Tim Burgess tweeted this morning to say big news about a gig in the NW at 12. I thought it could’ve been Stones at Anfield, but it’s been confirmed they’re supporting LG at the Etihad, so ignore me.
  5. Looks like Charlatans could be supporting Stones for the Anfield gig. Find out at midday, either way. Hoping we get news on support(s) for the Hyde Park gigs this week.
  6. I’ll have a punt.. Strokes / Libertines, Sun 3rd July
  7. So, potential for 2 extra shows TBA? If so, Sat 25th June and Sun 3rd July?
  8. I’ve got 2 wknd tix up for sale to anyone who may be interested. Tix include Thursday entry. PM if interested and open to reasonable offers below FV.
  9. Lovebox is pencilled in for Sat 16th, so I guess it’ll be a wknd either side..? https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/lovebox Wolf Alice are playing their 3 London tour dates this wknd, so ties in nicely with an announcement next week…
  10. Community fest lives on. News next week.
  11. Day tickets for the Sunday running low and line up news on the way “soon” according to RW’s iG page.
  12. Can anyone confirm if there was a refund period for 2021’s festival that didn’t go ahead?
  13. I’ve had a browse through their socials and a fair few people are also asking the same question. Here’s hoping for some confirmation soon, along with some more names.
  14. Eager for the next announcement now. Some crossover with this Danish festival to be expected? https://sydforsolen.dk/en/
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