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  1. SCG95

    Liam Gallagher finsbury park

    Still yet to receive mine either. I've checked Festival Republic on twitter just now and they've mentioned they'll be sent out 2 weeks before the gig.
  2. SCG95

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    5 weeks - I can taste that cerveza already!
  3. SCG95

    Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    For the first edition of this festival, there isn't much too moan about. Only slight niggle from me would be it felt rather crowded across the site. Having said that, bars were handled very well and I was never queuing for more than a couple of minutes. Noel Gallagher and DMA's were the standouts for me. Magic Gang and Blossoms get better each time I see them. I'm going to take a punt at 1975 to headline next year. Maybe alongside Gorillaz?
  4. SCG95

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Anyone for First Aid Kit? Playing a fest here in Salisbury over the Beni weekend and yet to announce a Spanish date.
  5. SCG95

    Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Couple of frustrating clashes, but that was to be expected. Sundara is a decent replacement for Kodaline.
  6. SCG95

    Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    22:30 finish on both days then. Reckon it'll be 90 mins sets from both Teeners and NGHFB? Would love stage times ASAP!
  7. SCG95

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Chase and Status is a good addition. Across the bill there's a bit of everything for all. Line up aside, if it's your first time going I can safely assure you that Benicassim is a fantastic festival and you'll have a great time.
  8. SCG95

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Hoping for The Streets after LG on the Sunday. They're quiet this summer though so it looks unlikely.
  9. SCG95

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Blossoms for the 2nd year on the bounce? The Coral? I see Miles Kane is in Moscow over Beni weekend, but then again so are Wolf Alice.
  10. SCG95

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Just matching up this years acts so far VS last years full poster... 2018 - 4 headliners & 18 in the mid-sized font 2017 - 6 headliners & 23 in the mid-sized font If that's anything to go by, lets hope we have a few more names to come.
  11. SCG95

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Bit of a nightmare to start with, but they got it together as the week went on. I'm simply going off what I've heard, rather than personal experience mind. Big numbers attended last years festival so I guess that was a factor.
  12. SCG95

    arctic monkey shows

    I predict extra dates in Sheffield, B'ham, Dublin and Newcastle due to demand. Keen for Newcastle, but would much prefer to see em' on the Friday IF they announce an extra date that night. AAAHHH!!
  13. SCG95

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    On checking what we've got so far against previous years, there's definitely scope for another 8 or so international sized acts. Who are we hoping for in the next announcement? - Miles Kane and RA are a couple of names for me.
  14. SCG95

    Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Great to see Gerry Cinnamon and The Night Café added!