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  1. The 3 guys who said they wanted to start Victorious up to replace V festival and make it the same as the earlier V's took it too far when they copied V festival's non existent social media. The two worst social media for festivals ever. By far.
  2. They never used to, but it seems to be something they've done recent years. Unless they're going to start staggering the stages so the Castle headliner plays between the main stage gap, that is a pretty big gap usually it's about 50 minutes isn't it
  3. Whilst I think it's strong, its need a few 80s acts on there, IOW has that sewn up this year. They need Human League, Blondie, Bananarama, Howard Jones, something like this. Also, I wonder have they done away with the early special act? It's a decent line up for me personally, but not amazing. But its better than last year
  4. Weird in the write up there's no mention of Biffy apart from in the very top. Wonder if they weren't going to announce them today but Reading and Leeds have gone strong so had to announce more
  5. That's if he hasn't fallen out with them over covid restrictions, Ian Brown in with that too
  6. Have to say I'm gobsmacked Pixies are such a low slot at APE btw. Talk about lowering your value. Reckon they could do Victorious in a whole range of slots now. If Victorious has failed to get them this year I give with them ever getting them.
  7. Could literally be any day next week, they don't seem to have a pattern. I'd imagine they won't leave it later than next week, I think might be start of the week rather than the end of, as has been said, that Fatboy name has been up for a week. Anyone on tour who they might be waiting on finishing?
  8. All they needed was Stormzy. Chase and Status is a good booking alongside it, this will sell gangbusters to its targeted audience which me and you are most certainly not 😂
  9. Ah didn't know that, yeah almost certainly will then
  10. So you still thinking Catfish, or they pulled out to do Reading? Be first time Reading and Leeds have a headliner playing Victorious as well same weekend, usually they don't even share ANY acts at all, let alone a headliner, there's been the odd exception, Bastille was one but in the past 10 years plus, there's been maybe 5 acts total that have played both the same weekend.
  11. Fatboy Slim being confirmed has really killed the chat eh? 😂 As he's busy Saturday he's surely headlining the Friday. I imagine he will be the biggest name announced. I reckon Madness could be back next year, been a while and they seem very busy. Madness under Fatboy could be fun, or them headlining castle opposite him.
  12. Right Said Fred would be a great afternoon booking, not as the special guest, but after it, 30 min set. Would be fun
  13. It wasn't directed at you, just his name is always touted about, I saw him last time there, he was dull as dishwater. Yeah he's got name value, but he's actually very boring, my opinion anyway.
  14. Catfish are absolutely ruled out. It's also funny pretty much every year for the past 4 years? Maybe more, on here it's people saying Noel must be nailed on, then never plays 😂
  15. Btw, seeing Courteeners at TRNSMT again, surely could be in with a shout at Victorious this year? Never played, played IOW last year, no Neighbourhood fest, only thing stopping it would be if they're at Reading.
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