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  1. luckysalt


    Of course it isn't just down to Impact, but im just saying in past it wasnt that case in Impact, it has been in past few years they let people flourish its more me saying how they've cuffed Lashley since hes returned I see so many people who only watch WWE say hes shit. My point is, WWE has become what WCW was, older guys, not letting young talent showcase themselves, im just AMAZED people dont give other promotions a chance and still blindly watch WWE. Its so annoying. All the guys have to leave to grow just like Jericho, Eddie, etc moaned they had to leave WCW to grow now guys are having to leave WWE and THEN its like the 80s where they just took up all the star guys from all promotions and left them to die, thing is back then, they used guys well, now not so much and back then the other promotions died out but they're thriving still, despite I see so many people wish death to impact. AH man, its conflicting being a wrestling fan.
  2. luckysalt


    Thats what happens when you go to Impact and you actually develop as a performer, learn how to promo for yourself. Its just a shame that they are wasting Lashley who improved VASTLY at Impact too. It does some however Drew is desperate to make it work this time and be a huge star and Lashley is just happy going along with what they give him and is there for the cash. Other WWE news Mysterio has signed a 18 month deal. Couldn't care less tbh. He always bored me in WWE and his best work was WCW. Injures have bogged him down, he was good at the rumble but it was a limited spot. On tv everyweek he will get boring fast. I don't understand why WWE keep bringing all these older talents back, why not use the younger guys more. I mean I just saw booked for Saudi is HBK & HHH v Brothers of Destruction, yeah, its a nice special attraction but WWE is CLEARLY WCW in the 90s now. Keep relying on all the older guys and newer guys getting wasted, Impact is pushing the younger guys if they were a bigger company im sure some guys would jump over like how Christian did to become a main eventer.
  3. luckysalt

    Shiiine On - Birmingham

    I remember Soundstation being packed out. Although a lot of people only turned up for Coxon at the end of the day, it was only £20 to begin with dude. They [organisers] said it was a bigger success than they hoped and would defo be back next year and then you never heard anything again from them. I think something along the same size/idea on that land in summer on a Saturday would sell well.
  4. luckysalt

    Shiiine On - Birmingham

    Soundstation was a success in 2006, I have no idea why it never returned or anyone else try to run one on the land at Millennium Point. This and the one last year in Brum both September, why not try an outdoor festival in Brum in June/July/August. I get the feeling this festival just had a lot of people not feeling the acts on a whole, Orbital just didn't fit with the acts below, yeah Mondays are dancey, but if they had done a double bill of Orbital and Underworld as co headliners it would have seemed much more attractive. I didn't even know until I just saw this that it had dropped from the NEC, it being at the NEC was one of the things that was putting me off. Slam Dunk in Wolves was awesome until the dumb ass Wolves Council completely fucked up the Civic Hall. SIGH.
  5. luckysalt

    Download 2019

    I was thinking more along the lines, they've agreed to leave off a midlands date because his slot at Download will be substantial enough to warrant people going to Download instead, I guess 2nd stage headline would do it, but I think he's too big for that now, they seem to put smaller bands in that slot these days and 3rd down isn't a long enough slot. Plus he's fresh off the back of the GNR revival.
  6. luckysalt

    Download 2019

    Slash touring and no Midlands date. That's him at Download next year. I can't remember his slot last time, think he's likely to sub I'd imagine.
  7. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    If Noel headlined when the festival was smaller no way is Liam too big. Kasabian I could see at a push. I can't see The Killers doing it but who knows? Bastille are too small, Snow Patrol are the right demo, so maybe, Courteeners could headline Friday night yeah. I actually called all 3 headliners right after last years, but for next year I've not a clue. I wonder if they could manage to get Pulp together? Suede are another maybe as sub, New Order sub, could see primal scream back, maybe get Ian Brown if he's done with Stone Roses now. Morrissey is another who could headline if he keeps his mouth shut ha ha, Pixies for me could headline but im not sure theyre strong enough these days for the Victorious audience, maybe with a strong sub.
  8. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Bit late with my review, but got a chance now, so Friday was what it was the rain was a bit of a dampener, I thought the sound in general needed to be a bit higher, everyone put on a good performance however, Kaisers went over really well and Libs really put on a strong performance. I saw so many Shed Seven t shirts, they were class. Saturday was the lovely weather day, think it always makes a huge difference at a festival. Mondays put on a standard high performance, everyone seemed to really be into it, including themselves, Weller headlining was first time i've saw him and the set flew by, I thought it was gunna get a bit boring and drag like Phonics last year but nope, he smashed it, Brian Wilson was an experience, I don't think i've ever seen anything like it and not sure I will again, so it made my festival, the crowd was REALLY into the hits, and was respectful of the other stuff, but damn he needed 12 people with him on stage to carry him through it. Was really good stuff though. Cribs were just alright, they didn't blow me away and they just kinda past me by, Gaz Coombes was the same but at least he has some personality into the songs. Sleeper were REALLY enjoyable, they seemed really into their set. I caught some of Pigeon Detectives, weird they are so far from being popular yet the singer still acts like a cocky twat from 10 years ago, absolute shite. Cabbage I caught a bit of, they seemed alright. Sunday we just left it til the rain had gone, So I saw Friendly Fires, Chris Helme and Prodigy and that was it! It was a shame the weather destroyed the day, even when we got there and the wind had died down they still had all the speakers lowered and screens down, the sound suffered badly for FF and the first 1/3 of the Prodigys set until they turned the sound up. Friendly Fires really went for it but I felt they wasn't connecting that well with the crowd, Prodigy went over huge but was just a standard set, they had no light show tbh and it was a bit flat. A lot of young uns here for Prodigy and they didn't know anything pre past 2 albums which was a shame. Now to the festival. I liked the reshuffle of stalls, the prices however were ridiculous, some stalls it was £12 a double cheeseburger. Thank god the chip shop and cafe on site is there at more normal prices. The alcohol was disappointing, £5.50 a pint at standard bars and just Strongbow or Dark Fruits and Amstel, I loved that Victorious had Coors Light in the past so Amstel was a shitter for me, I tried it and it just wasn't for me. The Champagne stage had Heineken on tap and Cloudy Apple Strongbow both better choices but they were £6 a pint. Cloudy Apple was also at the Strongbow stage but its fenced off and they were only letting like a 100 people in at a time its stupid, the bar needs to be separate from the dance floor part of the strongbow area, they must loose so much business because of this, yet I don't see why Cloudy Apple was 50p more anyway. The Victorious model won't be sustainable if they keep rising the prices of tickets and bars/food inside unless they start upping the line up. They should make main stage older acts and castle the newer acts whilst putting some name acts on the other stages, especially the seaside stage.
  9. luckysalt


    I completely disagree, I hate him as a face, I loved him as a heel. Whilst im here, my thoughts on Summerslam, it was just average. No match stood out, no match made me think wow that blew me away, or exceeded my expectations, it was just meh. I also thought the crowd were poor. AJ v Joe was the best match but it seemed like the crowd was sitting on their hands, except for the TNA chant, which is ironic as they had far superior matches in TNA which most of the people chanting I expect have never seen, Impact's slammiversary also absolutely kicked Summerslams ass, yet most WWE fans still refuse to give it a go, maybe in a few years they'll chant impact when Penta v Sami is best match on Summerslam 2022 eh? Away from the matches is anyone else extremely bored of Elias? he's had no development in a year, same old thing, what the hell was even the point in that skit on Summerslam?
  10. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    The problem is, its not families, its teenagers, they came in on cheap tickets, don't spend any money onsite and were generally a pain in the ass, fighting each other and getting bad PR for the festival [that lad who got threw out and was all over social media] Adults give the festival their big turnover in beer money. Families come in and they're buying food for whole family and families might travel and make a holiday of it, money into the local area, its all good. The local teenagers do fuck all for the festival. Last year the teens were coming in, in mass on their own when its meant to be with 18's over only. Now they've raised teens to adult prices, im wondering how it will affect the numbers, I also hope as its more expensive they might respect the festival more and stop acting like utter pricks like last year. It will also be interesting to see if they stop them coming in without an adult.
  11. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    After reading this, just had a quick look on their facebook, wow, seems people really had no idea how this festival malarkey works, did they think there was going to be 100's of acts all on one stage one after the other? If they knew about this site could have found out months ago where everyone was playing. BTW the clashfinder, ive done 8 stages now. Is anyone bothered about the ones I've not done?
  12. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Afraid to say it appears Catherine McGrath has cancelled, just updating the clashfinder and she's no longer in the slot she was in before or even that stage, unless she's moved somewhere else and I haven't got to her yet. Naan Breddaz is also removed from that stage as well, replacing them are Heir of the Dog and Billy Lockett replacing Catherine.
  13. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Im just doing the clashfinder update, Common and Castle are complete, infact I had to do very little to the times I already had up, some days were completely unchanged. Anyway Im on the Acoustic stage now and just saw Joe Hendry, is this Joe Hendry the Scottish wrestler who wrestles on WOS and Impact amongest others???? Ive tweeted him to see if it is, sadly he clashes with Gomez if it is him. EDIT - he replied on twitter its not him. Then did an Eminem gag.
  14. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Stage times are up, I'll do the clash finder this afternoon when I'm in from work. Sunday times fit really nice for me. Bluetones finish on common then can go castle for Gengar, rev and makers, embrace, then back to common for friendly fires and prodigy. They've added some acts as well but nothing great, but common has an opener prior to the special guests each day as expected. Sadly no slow readers club it seems anywhere.
  15. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Gunna post the maps, just for future reference more than anything else. So is it airing om Dave this year? plus I notice theres a Dominos Pizza onsite this year, remember it being at Download about 2010, was about £15 a pizza and they only did Plain or Pepperoni. Hope the Coke part is a freestyle machine again.