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  1. luckysalt


    I think it was around 8 years ago a bloke from by me started a wrestling promotion, it has since grew into one of the UK's best promotions, had unbelievable international talent, done shows around the UK and sold them out, done shows in the US, in the new year has a show in Japan and tonight that man lost, alongside Pete Dunne and Tyler Bates, a loser leaves Fight Club Pro match. That man is Trent Seven. WWE have gone so far as to stop Trent appearing at his OWN promotion. Yet will continue for him to work Progress and ICW. Its just pathetic. Whats even weirder, they lost to Devlin, Maloney and Banks. All 3 under WWE contract too, so surely will not be allowed to continue working there also. Wrestling injuries can happen at any point, the whole 'only work at WWE tied promotions and against WWE talent' is daft, the UK indie scene isn't full of shoot fighters and it certainly wouldn't have gone down at FCP. Its bullshit. They're trying to say its safeguarding talent but its just trying to kill the industry in the UK apart from WWE UK, It wont be long until they cut ties with Progress and ICW either. If they arent going to put their stuff on the network, then whats the point in keeping them around. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years. I have to say, the whole taped format for the UK show isn't doing it for me, I'd love a live show on Monday nights UK time on the network. Our on Monday Night Raw. That would be fun.
  2. luckysalt

    Download 2019

    Amazing what happens when they fuck Copping off isn't it?
  3. luckysalt


    So Nia Jax broke Beckys nose last night on Raw and now Becky v Ronda is off. Saw the footage, reckless punch from Nia. Nia just can't stop injuring people. Can't cut a promo, have a good match, apart from her size why is she even there! Oh yeah, the Rock.
  4. luckysalt

    Who's watching what on tv

    Just finished Homecoming. Really enjoyed it, casting was brilliant, some really great scenes. Be interesting to see where they take it in season 2.
  5. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    Not on FB so I had to have a look, looks like they seem to post a hell of a lot more shite on FB than they do twitter, just a quick look and I see they have a vote on if the queen film is worth watching, a vote on are you onto xmas now halloween is over or do you do bonfires night and a vote on is ghostbusters theme or thriller by MJ a better halloween song. So i'd say theres nothing in it. Although, of all festivals I think Queen would be a good fit at Victorious. As im here, I have no plans on returning for 2019. Nothing to do with Victorious but i've done 4 years in a row and from 2005 [and there were more before that, but I had a break] ive done multiple festivals every year and I think I need a break, 14 years straight of multiple festivals, its gotten to the point, 1 they're very expensive and 2 they just don't feel a special experience anymore. So will take a HUGE line up to get me and the other half back. Hope its a good one for everyone else though! But hope its a bad one for me!
  6. luckysalt


    I rewatched 95 recently. went through every PPV and every raw and it wasn't that bad, helped that Raw was only a 40 odd min show after adverts taken out. Michales was featured a hell of a lot which helped, Bret is also on a lot yet he has some shitty fueds here and there. Hall and Jarrett are great solid undercards. Nash has his best matches in this period, he has a hell of a match against Bam Bam Bigelow on raw, I think its helped by the fact Nash can actually go all out on Bam Bam, he's doing flying stinger splashs and everything not worrying he will hurt him cus he's another big guy, check it out below. There is a lot of cack there, but there's some good matches to be found also.
  7. luckysalt


    What a pile of hot garbage. Absolutely PATHETIC wrestling PPV in the year 2018. I can't believe how bad the booking was on this show. They just NEVER improve. I was really looking forward to Lesnar and Strowman just knocking fuck out of each other and we just got that... And the tournament finals.... just how do they get away with it? Theres your chance to give Ziggler or Miz a huge rub and nope, lets put Shane over, theres just no logic behind it at all. None.
  8. luckysalt


    Id imagine Vince will go with whoever is selling the most merch aside from Reigns and Cena. Who that is, I don't know. But Braun is defiantly marketable but id imagine Rollins is a wiser long term investment.
  9. luckysalt


    Ive never been and never will be a fan of Reigns, but I don't want to see him or any wrestler [or anyone for that matter] get sick just to get them off my TV. Id say no better time to give Strowman the title. Hope Reigns pulls through fine.
  10. luckysalt


    I caught some of it, missed Taker but I saw Edge waffle on a bit thats when I turned off, I also caught Evolution which was ridiculous as they were a Raw stable, Tom philips even said the first time ever Evolution has been on Smackdown, which made it even more stupid. The promo they all did was abysmal. Batista was over as fuck though, I've always liked him, he knows his strengths and just plays to them AND he can cut a promo all the same, I've read the guys book and its a great read. He did kinda get over exposed during his SD run though. As a legend Flair is, he looked like a mental patient escaped fanboy last night and Orton just plain sucked. HHH didn't add anything to it either. They should have just let Batista go out on his own and do a promo. Have to say, i've no interest in Batista v HHH at Mania, I'd like to see Batista in the ring again but v HHH, nah, dont care. Would rather see him face Joe. I think that could be something really great, smash fuck out of each other.
  11. luckysalt


    No one really seems to know but its got people talking, my guess is that he's taking some time off and they've written it like this, but who knows. BFG wasn't as good as Slam, mainly because Penta v Sami was just outstanding, but BFG was still an enjoyable show, the crowd was ace, seems to be heading more in an attitude era vibe every month and the crowd was like an ECW crowd, most swearing ive heard on a PPV in ages from the crowd and talent. I've read post BFG spoilers and seems decent enough stuff, no real storyline progression but seems like some good matches taped. Im very happy they've signed Jordynne Grace, shes an amazing talent.
  12. luckysalt

    Slam Dunk 2019

    WTF are they doing, greedy bastards, oh lets make it outdoor in a field like every other bastard festival this way theres no pass out and everyone has to buy shit from the stalls on site that we will take a % from and also charge them to be there. How very punk and alternative of them. If they really think everyone from the Midlands venue is gunna just go to this on their buses they've got another thing coming.
  13. luckysalt


    They cut this as well, this is just going on social media from fans, they haven't promoted this scene at all, making it look even more like a shoot, of course its a work but EXCELLENT work. Impact is smashing it.
  14. luckysalt


    Watched Abyss' HOF ceremony and the angle at the end of it was AWESOME!!!
  15. luckysalt


    Bound For Glory tomorrow night folks. On paper for me, the card, how do I word this, I wouldn't say not as strong but im less emotionally invested in the matches. The actually matches will be stellar. A lot of rumours going around that Jericho is going to debut at the PPV. He could easily do a Impact schedule fitting in with all his other commitments, but who knows, someone is going to debut anyway. Nice to see Ethan Page back again with the company, his short stint before was really fun and im not sure why it wasn't longer. Hopefully this time hes around for a while. Im very interested in what they do with the Su Yung stuff tomorrow as well. Their previous stuff has been awesome so I expect the bar raised even higher this time. Hope some of you guys give it a watch!