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  1. They seem to be trying to add a fairly big act middle of the day on the lower stages Embrace middle of Castle below Little Man Tate. Scouting For Girls and James Walsh are both middle of the day on Acoutic stage. Example is middle of the day on Beats and Swing.
  2. Common and Castle oh and Scouting For Girls have been added to Acoustic stage
  3. After finishing second on Eurovision tonight that's Sam Ryder getting a big slot at Viccy. Low on Common or fairly high on Castle I reckon.
  4. Strange they would just drop this on its own. It went under my radar as well until I just read it here. Completely missed it on their socials. I thought we would get the bulk undercard and stage splits soon but maybe not now.
  5. Libs for £6 is great Value but seeing them 5 days earlier at Victorious so I'll pass. Saturday line ups at Godiva do nothing for me anymore, shame they switched it up and made Friday the indie/rock day and then made it not really a day but an act. Sunday I'd actually love to see Bananarama but can't be bothered travelling for them alone, if they had say Howard Jones on as well I'd be there in a shot.
  6. Yeah was a good stage that was, saw the Kate Bush tribute on there before, was really quality.
  7. Nevermind this, that's me thinking about things on 3 hours sleep. They moved the stage years back from Common and got rid of Fridays. There's 2018 map with it by common then last year's with it down by seaside
  8. Also I wonder if the Beats and Swing has moved cus it's usually open Fridays as well.
  9. Amazing Line Up, will be trying to catch Utah Saints for sure That development is until 2024 so area is closed until 2024 apparently, so next year as well and maybe even 2024 might be shut too depending on timeframes. Crazy how long things will take.
  10. Sorry bud I looked it up and Helme was subbing Acoustic so that's why it worked out fine.
  11. I think Acoustic finishes before some of the other stages. The other year I watched Friendly Fires sub on Common, watched the whole of Chris Helme on Acoustic and then got back to Common Stage before Prodigy had started. So you might be able to do the same this year.
  12. Just been checking out Blue Stones, cant say they remind me too much of White Stripes but I do like them a lot. For those not knowing where to start, I just listened to a whole bunch of stuff by them and I would recommend watching this video highly.
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