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  1. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    Yeah man, was getting them mixed up with Manics.
  2. luckysalt

    Slam Dunk 2019

    Expensive. Very, very expensive.
  3. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    Headliners seem to get the 90 mins set length. Even when Madness set length was revealed as 50 mins or whatever they still ended up playing 90. But yeah I know the Cure play a lot longer. Mumford at APE takes them out the running.
  4. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    They headlined in 2016, I guess they would if they struggle getting a replacement Ah so just what we all was doing ha ha, thought he had said something new on his show.
  5. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    BTW did he say the Joe cocker thing on air then?
  6. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    So this sound we heard that he said you keep doing that they might get it and we thought it could have been water... Could it have been..... Pulp?
  7. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    Or did he.....
  8. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    It's not Biffy.
  9. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    I reckon it'll probably be about 3 weeks time. Unless it's just the headliner they announce. But if will probably be first or second week of march with a few more acts alongside.
  10. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    I thought when I listened again it sounded more like a can of spray paint or something ha ha. Whatever it is, it ain't helping.
  11. luckysalt

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    It's not only that though, you have to look at it through the bookers eyes, it's a day festival essentially people aren't rocking up out their tent and they're there. They book a radiohead or a queen, you think the bulk of their fanbase is gunna turn up at 12pm spend the day there and spunk cash at the bars and food or whatever. They ain't. They're more likely to turn up towards the end of the day and be in pubs prior. A younger crowd WILL turn up all day and it's much easier to book a day aimed at them than it is to radiohead and Queen fans ill tell ya. It's not as black and white as I'm making out but it is a factor.
  12. luckysalt

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    @didinowanttohearthat you're a refreshing breath of fresh air on here dude. You know what guys, back at the start of 2000's people were moaning about bands like Muse getting the push to the top of festival line ups, come their second album they were still only selling club venues and not done any arenas. Its ALWAYS happened. You're coming across like newish bands have never headlined before, Catfish are on album 3 and selling out standing at multiple, multiple arenas in SECONDS. SECONDS!!! And you guys are STILL moaning. Ezra had the best selling album in the last year and sold a shit load of dates out. Stormzy is riding a wave of popularity. Hes headlining Glasto. I get the undercard might not seem to your liking BUT the headliners they have are big headliners, you just gotta come to terms with they're newer acts and you're not with it. The bulk of festival sales are 16-21 year olds. They sell these festivals to what's current and now. Its always been the case, always. Festivals aren't going to be able to book Stadium acts anymore, it just doesn't happen. These are arena acts and thats what you're gunna get regardless of year. Sometimes things fall nice into whos touring and they're like ok we will do that as a show, think Queen and Radiohead are gunna roll around and play? No chance, no chance at all. Radiohead haven't played an English date outside of Manchester and London in over 10 years. They only did this cus it was easy for them and offered on a plate. They just can't be arsed most of the time and im a radiohead fan!
  13. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    I just ordered my tickets, decided to go anyway so may as well get them now before they bump up the prices, can't imagine it will be long before they do. Interesting that they've changed it this year and they don't send you the tickets immediately instead saying they will be sent in the month leading up to the festival. £210 for 2 weekend tickets. You can't moan this line up for £105 IMO. Well you can. But some people moan about everything.
  14. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    It's cool, but like I said it's all a bit of the unknown at the moment to start doing one, I'd say April we will be better off.
  15. luckysalt

    Victorious 2019

    2 years ago they only had 2nd stage open, last year they only had main stage open, this year they're opening main stage and this extended part, world music village is a fair bit away from main stage, it's pretty close to second stage. Wouldn't surprise me when we get to 2020 the second stage is open as well as the main.