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  1. I think if Boomtown was to look for some kind of sponsorship or investment they'd have to drop the politics and XR, it can be very divisive. They'd have to simplify/dumb down the story/maze and messaging, which they could well be doing anyway. They'll continue being indie as long as they can get a budget under control, dumb it down and get rid of more of the freeloader "mates" of the festival (they started making progress with that at the last few events)
  2. Yes. Its not hard to work out. Tickets were still on sale. They planned on doing a stripped back event this year before all festivals starting cancelling. They are pushing their independent element and asking for support. The communication from the press team speaks volumes. Why reduce ticket prices if you already sold half the tickets, doing a story and line up announcement for next year will sell a hell of a lot more tickets. They are also reducing the capacity. Most festivals teams/promoters claim a much higher uptake of tickets, so the loyalty maybe fading. You only have to look
  3. Half of the tickets sold won't be right. There was a retention of half the tickets sold for this years event and it was nowhere near selling out. So it will be way less than half the "normal" capacity. Suppose it will depend on the capacity agreed with the local council and how flexible it is for next year.
  4. They have told the local council committee they are reducing the numbers by quite a bit, add that too the reduced ticket prices it can only mean less stages, less acts and a smaller event. Especially considering they needed the increase capacity to continue the festival at its current level. Maybe they'll go in the direction of R&L keep the bigger outdoor stages and scrap some of the small indoor/tented stages.
  5. Ticket prices have reduced and anyone who has carried tickets over will get an automatic refund with the difference.
  6. Some festivals in the same group as Victorious will have at least one different headliner that was billed this year and should be announcing end Sept. I don't know what Victorious is announcing yet but it could well be some different headliners. One of the festivals has vastly improved their line up if they pull it off. (in my opinion)
  7. I was confident Superstruct events were carrying over the line ups but some headliners for some events are changing.
  8. There is at least one Superstruct festival announcing in Sept and seen as a lot share acts they'll be rocking and rolling with most announcements in the coming weeks.
  9. When Live Nation acquired Camp Bestival from Rob's loan shark pal they also got the "Bestival" trademark via Safe Festivals Group Ltd that LN's Mama Group controls. So if Live Nation and Rob wanted to they could prob launch a fresh Bestival event.
  10. Most Superstruct festivals (Victorious, Tramlines, Truck...) will be bringing back a good portion of their line-ups. Although there will be some acts/agents that have made other plans. There will be some fresh acts on the line ups. It could all change but thats the info from last week.
  11. The capacity will be less than Tramlines I would of thought. Tramlines is 5/6 stages plus all the extra stuff. Single gigs will likely be one stage, a handful of eating places and a few bars. Will also depend if its an outdoor stage or in a big tent. It still might not go ahead.
  12. All I know at the moment is organisers are working with artists and agents to see what bands can return.
  13. Festivals have to move on, you can't deny R&L has always been a young festival. Its a first festival for most. If a festival wants to stay fresh you have to change with the times. Booking 6 smaller headliners could well be the way forward. You'd hope Melvin hasn't over talked it and its acts that have already headlined the likes of Kendal, Tramlines etc. I'm not knocking them festivals, I actually like them. but all R&L will be doing is smashing together two mid-tier festivals. The likes of KOL, Muse, Rage will be considered old acts by teens. Much like Fleetwood Mac, Paul M
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