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  1. No not heard much about anything this year. Everything is quiet. Imagine it's tough for organisers to plan much when it's unlikely events can take place.
  2. Yeah as above mentioned. First they were linked via Count Of Ten, then Global/Broadwick. Then Superstruct acquired most Global Festivals with Broadwick hanging on to a few like Field Day. YNot got left behind and eventually went indie. Its an ex Count Of Ten guy that acquired it with a loan from Global. I think it's had a few shit years that maybe contributed to it. However, I think it's more the case Kendal, Tramlines and YNot are pretty close to each other, they share a similar crowd, similar line ups and if not on the same weekend they are within a week of each other generally. They e
  3. Boardmasters is owned by a massive entertainment group backed by a US hedge fund. It should be fine. Saying that they could well make cut backs. They own the likes of Sziget, Victorious Festival, South West Four, Kendal Calling, Truck, Tramlines... They've not put any of them events on yet though since acquiring them in 2019.
  4. Yeah I heard Anna mention that, not sure if she misspoke, unless they get a special waiver. Did she say they didn't need visas going forward or never had to apply for them? I didn't realise how expensive visas get for big events. £600 a band? How many acts Glasto book again? 😳
  5. Not sure about Parklife / WHP but the parent company, LN / FR have used the Loop at its events in the past. Melvin scrapped it in 2018 I think Jon Drape (Broadwick, Ground Control, ex Global festivals) is one of the people that run The Loop I believe. Ground Control used to run the Parklife festival site, not sure they still run the festival site with LN taking over.
  6. Funny how they ask Anna / Boomtown all the drug related questions when you have the founder of Parklife and Warehouse as a witness there as well 😀
  7. So you've got Grand Central Plaza (part of the "Main City") that will be at the centre of the new Boomtown with six completely themed district areas. Each district will have a brand new main stage representing a specific collection of music styles. Plus the return of forest parties and micro venues with some of the theatre. A reset on the story that got too complicated for most. They've done what I mentioned a few posts back, dumbed-down. I think its the best the festival can do under the current circumstances. Sounds decent to me.
  8. Any acts booked exclusively elsewhere can potential play, they don't have to mess about with agents that dictate when their acts are announced. They can book acts later than normal and last min so that could potential get them some cheap deals. They also dont have people moaning about the line up across soical media and acts moaning that they not billed higher up the poster. Th downside would be if people don't take to it, paying £200+ for any event not knowing the line up before the event and unlikely to get money back if its not for them. The upside would be people are there for the ev
  9. Boomtown - Chapter One: The Gathering. No line up released prior to the festival. Boomtown will all now be located in what was previously known as ‘Downtown Boomtown’ Forest chillouts and woodland parties will return. "every inch of the ‘Downtown’ valley to build up the most detailed festival city"
  10. Haha. The complete opposite I would say. Back to basics.
  11. I don't know any acts for Vict. I'll get more info like other press closer to the event announcement. But I do have good info for another Superstruct event, so thats why I know some headliners are likely to change.
  12. Oh my. More of a reboot than I expected
  13. I don't think they'll announce their plans such as dropping venues. They will build something into a theme and story announcement like its progressive. It'll probably be like the R&L announcement, no mentioned that they are likely to have less acts and stages/venues, they pushed it as progressive with two big outdoor main stages.
  14. Yeah. Looks like some a false start again from them. I think they still struggling to put full line ups together. Some acts have dropped out. Certainly changes with some of their headliners, some have pencilled in a new headliner.
  15. I've just dug out my email and the quote "With over half of the 2020 ticket holders choosing to support Boomtown and the festival industry during these challenging times by rolling their 2020 tickets over to 2021, there is less than half the amount of tickets available for 2021." So it does sound like a big reduction in the capacity. Considering they never went onto the top tier tickets The quote from the local committee is "they're reducing the numbers quite a bit" The tickets needed to come down in price in my opinion it got expensive for the level of acts they were bo
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