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  1. Both owned by Live Nation so will save money sharing a top tier line up.
  2. Likely no announcement while next year.
  3. Probably not. Their stock as fallen quite a bit in recent years. Could be put on par with the likes of Foals and Noel. Just not sure if they fit the Tramlines/Truck vibe. I'd like to see them at Tramlines though.
  4. Yes Truck and Tramlines are likely sharing a top tier line up with local/regional acts at each festival. Both Superstruct Y Not is independent again with some financial backing / borrowing from Global. In the past Truck, Y Not and Tramlines have all shared a freelance booker for top tier acts whether that continues I'm not sure.
  5. Y Not is an independent festival again. Truck and Tramlines will share main stage line ups with local acts different at the events.
  6. There was a story going about of Superstruct twinning the festival with Truck. That still looks like that's the case but too a lesser extent than rumours suggested.
  7. We are possibly on track for some news soon. But not line up related.
  8. The future of the festival/s
  9. Could be a lorry load of news pretty soon
  10. Thats may not be the case. The booker is a freelancer that will offer the best packaged deals for all festivals. 2017: 25,000 2018: 30,000 + staff, artist and guests Ownership - Count Of Ten 2006 - 2016 > Global / Broadwick 2017 - 2019 > Now someone who worked for Count Of Ten has taken on the festival with the financial backing of Global.
  11. Packing tonight. Walking boots or wellies? Last year I survived the stormy weather in walking boots. But it looks like at least a bit of rain most days now. Anyone know what the ground conditions are on site at the moment?
  12. Friday is starting to look grim.
  13. I can see Glastonbury being so high with the sheer number of acts and their guests. I've attended Glastonbury and Boomtown about the same number of times now, Glastonbury just feels a hell of a lot bigger to me still. Boomtown can be more knackering with the hills though.
  14. Oh interesting not quite the 80k they previous applied for but close enough. That crew/guest to ticket holder ratio has got to be one of the highest for a UK festival, surely. Not moaning too much though on that crew pass again this year
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