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  1. Because there is probably nothing to announce yet or they maybe struggling for acts like APE. Got told which press team handling the announcement thats all.
  2. I've heard nothing. I dont work from rumours, I work from press releases. If I receive anything I'll post if I can.
  3. Back on 14th Jan I was told it was going ahead by the press team so unless things have changed very recently its still happening.
  4. Field Day and the ownership only have themselves to blame for their fall from grace this year, nothing to do with AEG and APE. They had a change of directions for a number of reasons. Primavera Sound was going to take place at Drumsheds. The Field Day founder and PS peoples had the idea to merge the two events then shit hit and fan, he stepped down. It got as far as festival bookers submitting offers for Primavera's Field Day.
  5. It was mostly Mama Group that Live Nation later purchased. They ran LoveBox and High Voltage. But different promoters used the same stage hire and festival site management I think. Like Field Day was Tom Baker/Eat Your Own Ears, a different promoter.
  6. Yeah the quote is "I believe it’s her only UK festival which is even better.” So it might be an exclusive but they've not billed it as or booked it as an exclusive, so she could show up elsewhere.
  7. I go back to my quote from last night The Kooks day will probably outsell the "really strong headliners". It may not be to everyones tastes but people losing their shit over a festival announcement and comparing it to voting tories and brexit is overkill.
  8. A "really strong set of headliners" would be something that sells well
  9. I can't wait for scenes when this outsells the Tame day and all the cool kids lose their shit
  10. And neither will Bombay or Kooks considering they've already both been announced for a handful of festivals and not headlining some mid tier events. I think at this point AEG will just be looking for half decent acts to save embarrassment.
  11. VIP weekend still available though. Hmmmm
  12. Not exactly. The new owner used to work for the company that founded the festival. I think he was there from the beginning though. The new owner looks to have borrowed money from Global to keep the event going, so I wouldn't be expecting improvements. It's an independent event not backed by a big company anymore.
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