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  1. Boardmasters should be fine it got bought by a massive hedge fund backed company alongside Truck, Tramlines, Kendal, SW4 and Victorious. They'll be making some cut backs, saving some money crossing over the line ups even more across these festivals. Sziget, Flow, Elrow and Sónar are also part of the new festival group.
  2. I was actually expecting the announcement to be this evening. Superstruct have made the call and done the announcements rather than the festival organising teams. I had good info on the Tramlines and Truck announcements so was expecting Kendal as well.
  3. They share the same freelance booker. Don't know if things will change going forward. Tramlines and Truck share the same in house marketing team. The social teams are still the same as they have been for the past few years I believe. I know Tramlines def still use the same freelancer.
  4. They may have paid for the freelance social media upfront , so they'll still be fulfilling that commitment of coverage. They've sold out and probably hoping a lot of them people keep their tix, so they will be carrying on business as usually.
  5. As well as government lifting restrictions the festival needs support of the local councils, police forces and need to ensure health and safety on site can be followed. Dont forget festivals need medical facilities in place, how stretched they are at the moment and will be for the foreseeable future. Some local councils are revoking licences for festivals. Some local police forces are refusing to commit resources during the current circumstances. Saying that no idea what the circumstances are with Boomtown We can hope an event can go ahead this year, but its not likely.
  6. I havent heard any plans to switch Tramlines or Truck dates again. Its a strange move from Y Not considering its an independent festival to go on the same weekend as Kendal. Tramlines, Truck, Camp Bestival.... Its a busy old weekend for festivals with similar demography
  7. Nah mate sorry. No info on any further names for this. I did get some info on another 3 festivals similar to Y Not that canceling next though. Not that hard to guess, and can more or less right this summer of festivals off now, no surprise really.
  8. WOMAD was told that they will not be allowed to hold this year festival, it got taken out of the organisers hands it would seem. It could be the case that local authorities have a big role to play in pushing early cancellations. It will also be unlikely any event will receive support from local police and medical teams/facilities for festival sites, so councils will be forced to revoke licences even if there is relaxed restrictions this summer.
  9. Tramlines is as good as sold out so they've not got much of an issue. Other mid tier events are stuck between a rock and hard place. How long do you leave it, I don't think the people will be snapping up tickets this year even if they allow events to happen late summer. They are blindly optimistic the event will go ahead
  10. I think there was gonna be a line up announcement today. Not sure if its still the case.
  11. That nearly happened. They were approached by the festival for the big anniversary / Hillsborough move year. I think they offered a fair sum of money.
  12. I think the Tramlines organisers could object to this, it could potentially have an effect on ticket sales for 2021. AM with a full supporting bill booked by SJM would probably be a better line up than Tramlines/Superstruct could pull.
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