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  1. Why? Tramlines and Boomtown are different beasts. Boomtown is independent and a massive, complex build. Tramlines is part of big group with deep pockets and a small build, city event. I think Tramlines has more options than camping events. Still quite easily get cancelled but can hold out for longer.
  2. Did I tease that too much! 😄 Glad they finally made an announcement.
  3. Are yous two still at it. Take this over to the toxic Glastonbury threads 😛😄
  4. I think Tramlines has more options than a camping festival. The trouble is the events decision makers aren't local anymore so probably have no interest in scaled back or the fringe events that made Tramlines. If the festival gets cancelled but pubs and venues can operate as normal I think the city will see an unofficial fringe event with the backing of the council.
  5. Tramlines could well be in a better position than camping events and it would be easy for them to adjust to a few big outdoor stages and no tented stages. Issues such as the public transport that's widely used to get to and from the site weighs against them though. I'm hoping the organisers don't throw in the towel too early and consider doing a day event or two, a scaled back version. Not sure how that would work with full priced tickets, maybe a voucher for next year. They could also use the fringe events more in the city centre, like Tramlines of old.
  6. Its a weird one with ticket sales because that ticket money sits in a escrow account and the organisers don't see it until the event happens. I suppose if they had to borrow money there is some security to the event knowing its mostly sold out. What may complicate things is if there is a change in the capacity and licence conditions. An example would be Y Not have reduced their capacity by 10k for this year. Another example is Tramlines had 3 headliners from last years cancelled event that have dropped out, so that opens a whole new issue of people buying tickets to see them acts. Then
  7. I love Boomtown and gutted not to be going, but I'm more gutted for the organisers, team, third parties and freelancers that depend on events for a living. I hope they can pull it round for next year. I think the problems for the events industry is going to run deep for years to come. If politicians had an interest in festivals either financially or emotional this would be a whole different story. There would be gov cancellation insurance and more guidance/support.
  8. Can everyone just chill, don't want these parts of the forums like the toxic Glastonbury threads on here. 👍😄
  9. I can see a few late Live Nation/Festival Republic events maybe going ahead. Melvin Benn seems to be creeping up the politicians arses. Live Nation also have their own little bubble within the industry that don't rely as much on freelancers and third parties. At some point they'll have to test these events and see how/if the virus spreads at outdoor festivals. They doing it with some half arsed Blossoms event in Liverpool. Organisers may try to hang on to see the outcome of that, but I'd guess that could be months off to see the research and results. It makes sense for day events
  10. Shame no politicians are invested in festivals 😄
  11. I don't care if people react negatively tbh. The truth is its getting more and more unlikely large scale events are happening. Festival organisers are still planning the best they can though. The point they have to cancel is when they start having to make large financial commitments with no financial security. Its as simple as that. No line up announcement doesn't mean a festival has given up though and waiting to announce the cancellation. Could it be cancelled before the line up comes out? Sure. At that point I'd happily say the three headliners I think it is, but that info is ob
  12. The silence and no line up is nothing to do with possibly cancelling the event. Internally they are still planning for the event to go ahead at this point. I can keep saying this over and over. The line up announcements are out of festival organisers hands for the most part, festivals can't just announce when they like. The delayed line up is not the organisers doing. I do however think there is likely to be more or all festivals being cancelled this summer. Everyday that passes with no clear date or further help and guidance from the government is getting less and less chance of la
  13. No not seen a poster. They might not even have a poster ready at this point or they have an early draft. They could send out an embargoed poster at some point this week ready for marketing though. Probably agent/s still holding things up
  14. Who knows. 😆 I was pretty sure the line up for Tramlines was gonna be announced early this week, based on what I was told. Now for some reason it could be delayed. Could be agents being cock ends still or organisers at least blaming agents. Tramlines now have a full house of headliners after loosing all three from last year. If Tramlines and Y Not are sharing a headliner then that gives an indication as to who could have delayed it.
  15. They've got three headliners if that's what you're asking 😛
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