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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRZWp_ChDUH/ Edit: sounds like they will be ok for Tramlines.
  2. Yeah, I considered just deleting or turning off the app and going to Tramlines but if cases do start spreading as a result of the event, they may just tell anyone that attended they have to isolate. So I can't take the risk of another 2 weeks off work when I've been on furlough for the past 6 months. A number of other reasons I'm not that fussed this year is the line up is weak for my tastes and I'd imagine the queues are going to epic to get in when they are having to check everyone's covid status as well as tickets. It will be the first Tramlines I've missed, I may go to a few of the quieter fringe events/bars.
  3. that mid section hasn't been too bad in the past. Previously was the passage between Library, Leadmill and Main, t'Other. Should be fine. I've decided to turn down tickets this year. I can't afford time off work if get pinged. With over 30k in a field i think guaranteed to get pinged. A similar event in the Netherlands with 20k capacity per day, had to have a negative test but at least 1k have tested positive after the event.
  4. It's a grey area. They can't legally deny someone, people have different dietary requirements and can't be forced to purchase from food stores. People with diabetes for example, they can't deny them taking in food and drink.
  5. Pilot events taking place after 19th July will continue to build on the evidence already gathered by the Events Research Programme and trial the use of the NHS app for covid-status certification on a larger scale to inform how crowds can return to large events safely If you can't prove you are negative with a test or had both jabs you might be stuffed unfortunately
  6. At entry, ticket holders (except children under 11) will be asked for proof of EITHER: A negative COVID result from a lateral flow test taken within the previous 48 hours. Two vaccination doses, with the second received at least 14 days before
  7. Resale & map details Can see the site has changed this year. the second stage has moved to the other side of the site, previous unused
  8. They are the new "house band" for these mid-tier events it would seem, much like The Libs, Stereophonics and Noel before them.
  9. I do agree with others that this line up is weak to average at best. I understand some of the struggles the festival and bookers may have faced putting it together and not knowing if it will/could go ahead. I think going forward we'll get more of these levels of line ups at similar capacity events because of the shifts that have occurred in the music industry in the past year. The under-card is lacking. Generally that's where these mid-tier events shine through with a strong under-card of up-and-coming acts. Supergrass is a decent replacement considering the circumstances. They are the last band I seen live before COVID hit and they were great, that was in an academy venue though so not sure how they will translate outside, headlining. I believe Supergrass would of been pencilled in for next year.
  10. What you mean wouldn't be doing this? The original line up for 2020 was Brown, Catfish and Madness. It was only some/most of the under-card that got carried over for 2021.
  11. I think you're being over dramatic. It's a choice for people and what people feel comfortable with nothing more, nothing less.
  12. No idea. The festival peoples found out when everyone else found out by the sounds of it. So they'll be awaiting on the booker sorting something out, if no one can be pulled in, they'll have to rearrange the current line up.
  13. He told his peoples not Tramlines peoples. So where the message got lost I'm not sure. Ashcroft reasoning to pull out is a decent excuse but is lame, he's probably not ready for live shows or got an holiday booked. 😄 He’s hardly a anarchist and seems to have fundamentally misunderstanding what a pilot event is. He fancies himself as anti establishment, its trendy in these circles see Ian Brown. They are all in the country and recording an album at the moment, I think 🤔. One can dream. It would break the bank though and unlikely. Maybe Timm can pull in a huge favour.
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