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  1. Its a guy called Jason Oakley through a newly incorporated business called JO Worldwide. I believe he as ties to Y Not and previously Count Of Ten and he's pals with the Count Of Ten/Y Not founders. Global is a lender to JO Worldwide. It could be a round about way of the founders acquiring the festival if they have a non-compete or similar clause after selling the events. But as far as we know its solely Jason Oakley. I have a statement from Global that says as much.
  2. The booker for the Broadwick/Global events is/has been a freelancer so prob be ok and similar line ups to other events again, unless they go down a different route.
  3. It's looking more likely he has a Count Of Ten connection
  4. Looks like a newbie but could have ties to Broadwick and/or Global.
  5. It has a future for now otherwise the risk wouldn't have been taken on it
  6. It wasn't public record for the likes of Truck and Tramlines Festival, their Companies House filings shows no indication they've been acquired. So before Global released the statement it wasn't clear.
  7. I got that quote for that publication and had a full on conversation with the Tramlines team regarding it. The story is from me. Who you think broke the story, had the balls to publish it first. I was the one that got all the statements and quotes. And know mostly what's going on.
  8. Broadwick management are looking at buying the company back. The statement and replies from Global / Superstruct were very wishy washy and cagey. The festivals that got acquired didn't want the news getting out pre this years event and got taken by surprise when the press release got sent out to a few publications. Just look at Tramlines statement they put out.
  9. There is more news to come out about this after these events wrap up this year. Its not all as it seems at the moment.
  10. it's secured the future of the event as it looks like Global want out of the festival game already.
  11. Or and anyone that hasn't heard yet Tramlines was part of the Superstruct Entertainment deal. So they have bypassed Broadwick / Global straight to the private equity firm that owns some huge Europeon festivals and Warner Music.
  12. Into The Trees is to be announced. I think its bigger this year.
  13. Yep they have lowered capacity but didn't get near selling out capacity last year. They've sold more tickets up to now than all last year.
  14. It's heading towards a sell out and sold more tickets than last year.
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