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  1. Not the full festival unless one of the headliners they booked is setting the tone for the rest of the line up.
  2. Interesting Tramlines have gone more rock than I would normally expect. Its built the dark fruits, bucket hat crowd over the past few years. Some rock does cross over with that crowd though.
  3. It could be earlier. Its not often they have acts in the bag at this point. Just to be clear though I've no idea of a date they are announcing and I don't think anything is penciled in at this point. Id expect festivals like Y Not who have missed two events to announce to help shift some tickets and to give them some financial sustainability
  4. I only have one (may be two acts) so it's difficult for me to rule acts out at this point.
  5. Def tomorrow at 9am. Press have the announcement
  6. Not along the lines of Dizzee. A little bit different for Tramlines, still a crowd pleaser. They fit in with the size of the Superstruct mid tier events.
  7. Considering its a one off event over a number of days I still think it points to AM with a supporting line up.
  8. Is too earlier for 2022 news yet? 😆 Festivals seem to be booking acts earlier on for next year.
  9. Not heard anything. Situations like this are different to pre booked acts with scheduled press releases. A guess would be either another act that's played a Superstruct event recently or someone that's penciled in next year. Tramlines with Supergrass it was a case of both.
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