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  1. Printworks promoter/venue and field day are basically the same company. Part of Broadwick Live
  2. The forum is hyped for that announcement I can see
  3. A RELIC headliner is amongst the line up announcements next week
  4. Oh that sucks a bit. Loved Springs. The location, the bar/cafe, pre pitch. It ticked a lot of boxes.
  5. Does it seem like they offing Springs? https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/info/sleeping/ Seems like they splitting Springs into giving Camp Skylark more facilities at Lions Den and the springs space going to Camp Orchid. Could be wrong though.
  6. The game starts at 4pm for fans... the actual announcement is at 5pm.
  7. From the Press blurb: To get involved: Head to https://trnsmtfest.com/ at just before 4pm on Tuesday November 26th Follow the clues and work out the correct destinations before anyone else Type in that guess, and search for the mysterious X and the artist found at that address Share your findings on Twitter or Facebook to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to TRNSMT 2020
  8. Generic and predicable springs to mind
  9. Nothing for certain.
  10. Would seem that way... "American Express presents BST Hyde Park And we’re back! BST Hyde Park returns in 2020, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with American Express." Wonder if Neil Young would approve.
  11. Although Truck and Tramlines will share a lot of top tier line up doesn't mean they will share every act. It was initially thought the festivals were straight up twinning but that got knocked back by the organisers.
  12. Both owned by Live Nation so will save money sharing a top tier line up.
  13. Likely no announcement while next year.
  14. Probably not. Their stock as fallen quite a bit in recent years. Could be put on par with the likes of Foals and Noel. Just not sure if they fit the Tramlines/Truck vibe. I'd like to see them at Tramlines though.
  15. Yes Truck and Tramlines are likely sharing a top tier line up with local/regional acts at each festival. Both Superstruct Y Not is independent again with some financial backing / borrowing from Global. In the past Truck, Y Not and Tramlines have all shared a freelance booker for top tier acts whether that continues I'm not sure.
  16. Y Not is an independent festival again. Truck and Tramlines will share main stage line ups with local acts different at the events.
  17. There was a story going about of Superstruct twinning the festival with Truck. That still looks like that's the case but too a lesser extent than rumours suggested.
  18. We are possibly on track for some news soon. But not line up related.
  19. The future of the festival/s
  20. Could be a lorry load of news pretty soon
  21. Thats may not be the case. The booker is a freelancer that will offer the best packaged deals for all festivals. 2017: 25,000 2018: 30,000 + staff, artist and guests Ownership - Count Of Ten 2006 - 2016 > Global / Broadwick 2017 - 2019 > Now someone who worked for Count Of Ten has taken on the festival with the financial backing of Global.
  22. Packing tonight. Walking boots or wellies? Last year I survived the stormy weather in walking boots. But it looks like at least a bit of rain most days now. Anyone know what the ground conditions are on site at the moment?
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