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  1. Looks that way. One of eight new main stages.
  2. What? I think you've been going to the wrong gigs. A lot of the casual fans or people just passing at festivals are crap to watch decent acts with. I find most acts tend to be much better at their own gigs. Sound, atmosphere, intimacy. There are some exceptions when I thought a festival show and crowd would be hard to beat. Glastonbury - Rolling Stones and Leeds - Rage Against the Machine stand out for me, but then when you see the likes of Foals at a 220 capacity venue it's a feral atmosphere, you just don't get that at a festival. Saying that festivals can be much better value if you like the headliners and some of the undercard
  3. Ha. It would make a great tribute act name for echo and the bunnymen. They are very much a tribute of themselves anyway going by the last time I seen them.
  4. Couldn't possibly say. I can't fuckabout
  5. You missing something from another post?
  6. Check again on my posts. I can't spell it out much more. Tramlines will bitch slap me
  7. Read my post again you might find what you've been looking for.
  8. Yeah I've seen what's being announced. It's decent, if a bit middle of road and expected. 2 biggish o2/leadmill sized acts and fillers. Easy money... for Tramlines really.
  9. So today's announcement ended up being apply to play the festival Not long until they announce the second wave.
  10. Not sure, not heard anything else. Broadwick where due to announce a few things this week, maybe pushed back.
  11. JBarbour


    Its a fairly big media company. I don't think they shy to splash the cash. One of the guys that runs it also runs a big talent management company for footballers, media and music. They manage and book other events too.
  12. JBarbour


    The event is mostly a pop festival sponsored by Capital FM. Previous acts have included Little Mix, David Guetta, Shaun Mendes, Take That. That's prob why this kings of leon event is separate to the festival.
  13. JBarbour


    This is a one-day event. It's from the same people that organise Fusion Festival but its separate.
  14. That's a shame. Bit of a wasted announcement seen as they already did an Area 404 line up in Dec.
  15. Anyone seen what area they announcing next? Wonder if it's one of the new ones.
  16. what no leak yet? its in journo inboxes and has been for hours
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