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  1. Will be going to Slipknot in January if you’re planning on that
  2. We got onto the train no problem after the Cure. Managed a pint in Solid Rock before closing time as well
  3. Brilliant day yesterday. Didn’t get in for JF but Twilight Sad, Mogwai and the Cure were magnificent. Time just disappeared. Anyone going today wear boots. It’s very soft underfoot
  4. See Metallica have announced shows in South America in April. Suppose it suggests they might be active next summer and a reasonable shout to headline. Can’t see it being Maiden unless it’s a final UK date for the legacy tour.
  5. Can't believe it's virtually sold out already. Pretty amazing how popular its become
  6. Absolutely. As much as I'm more than happy to go back, I'll need to see a fair bit of the line up before committing. There's plenty othere festivals to go to.
  7. Line up was a bit of a shambles this year and as you said a few times, communications was abysmal. Hope for a top line up next year. Really enjoy Lisbon but it's an expensive trip from Scotland if the line up is weak.
  8. Ok cheers. Seemed to be a lot made of it by NOS when I was at the festival.
  9. I bought our ones on 3 October last year and that was after the Cure had been announced as a headliner. Probably around then I'd guess. I've never heard of the band they have announced for 2020 but one of the locals might be able to say if they're likely to be a big seller.
  10. Funnily enough I thought they were going through the motions and totally bored at Download. Saw them two weeks later at Rock Werchter and it was like watching a different quartet of people on stage. They were fantastic.
  11. From a TRNSMT point of view they're not the type of band that would shift tickets as a headliner. I was very critical of the line up this year and didn't think it would sell, but it did and was aimed at a very teenage market with what was popular on Radio 1 and the likes. Fair play to DF for knowing their target audience. I can't see them shifting from this strategy now and sadly they have moved on from bands like Tame Impala who are a great band, but probably don't fit the type of act they're going to book, at least not as a headliner.
  12. Nice one, hope that turns out correct
  13. I do like Nos but line up will need to be a lot better than this year to go back next. I like the way it’s easy to get to and weather generally very good. Also like the size of the site to get around. Will wait and see who they get before committing.
  14. Reasonable day today but didn’t compare to the Saturday last year. Saw Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever who were very good. Dossed around that little bandstand at the small toilet block for a while. Idles next who were outstanding. Got food and sat down for Bon Iver. Food was good, Bon Iver, jeezus that was a struggle. No idea why they were on main stage. Watched first bit of smashing pumpkins but my love of Radiohead drew me away to see Thom Yorke. Loved it. Was going to watch Chems but after 3 days and my age, gave them a miss snd got train back to town. Overall a great weekend away with my mates and a really well organised festival. Line up for me was really weak in comparison to last year. I’d come back next year but only if they put on a better line up. Communication was amateur this year and there’s so many options to go to different festivals, they need to have a look at themselves and start communicating better.,
  15. Nah, they aren’t a band that should be playing festivals like this. I was so so bored
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