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  1. You're a star, Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  2. Thanks for the offer. We’re staying about 10-15 walk west (i think) from Real Madrid ground. What’s our best way to get too and from the festival? Thanks Edit - Staying just off Calle Ntra. Sra. del Carmen, if that helps
  3. good to see you back posting Ken. Very interesting post as well
  4. Rage are in America during DL. I’d guess AC hadn’t a hope in hell booking them, even if they were his no 1 choice
  5. POR were brilliant couple of times I saw them recently so I’d doubt Rage will be past any sell by date
  6. The rage about rage on twitter is hilarious. Half of the kiddies have no idea who they are
  7. Might have a day at Reading or Leeds
  8. I’d be happy with Biffy but I get the impression they’re not really classed as a headliner in europe ? Are they popular in Spain ?
  9. See Rage have been announced for Rock en Seine at end of August. You’d have to guess timing of this announcement makes them likely for Reading as well
  10. The translation is a bit over the place. I read it as the site Mad Cool is currently on is unlikely to be available next year. No alternative has been agreed and they're currently looking at alternatives. Some other places are offering to host the festival. Maybe someone who can read it in Spanish can advise if that's something close to what's being said.
  11. Strokes speculation is now the new MCR speculation
  12. Post Malone is playing Glasgow at the end of June. Maybe a potential headliner
  13. I’d go see placebo instead of kiss. FNM would be a great addition
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