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  1. Thanks for ruining my night 😀
  2. Yes please and throw in Twilight Sad and Mogwai
  3. That's our tickets arrived today from See Tickets
  4. Could well be that. There’s no real big names that I can think of left to announce. If it turns out to be the likes of FATM I can’t see why it’s not announced yet
  5. Killers are in America on the 12th so although not impossible you’d think it would be very unlikely.
  6. Can’t really see anything there that hints at a headliner for nos
  7. I was totally disappointed in TBK at Glastonbury . One of the must see bands thay year and they were dire.
  8. I was thinking, but might be way off the mark, could the delay in announcing a Friday headliner have anything to do with a band waiting to announce Glastonbury first as part of a summer festival run ? Getting close to time Glasto announce.
  9. Certainly hope so. There's a few Scottish bands playing Mad Cool that I'd like to think might turn up at NOS. Likes of Mogwai and The Twilight Sad quite often appear on the same bill as the Cure. There's also Teenage Fanclub. From a personal point of view, I'd be pretty happy if they were announced. Noel G is also at Mad Cool and would think he'll be at NOS as well. New Twilight Sad album is brilliant.
  10. I've had a look at her tour dates and she plays BST in London on the Saturday. I'm not sure she'd play the Friday in Lisbon and then London the next day. The Thursday already has the Cure as headlining so it's unlikely she'd be on that date. It's maybe more likely she won't be there. As for who the other headliners are, I've no idea. I was thinking maybe The Who, but I saw on one picture that their London show is a European exclusive. Does seem strange they're taking so long to announce, as are Mad Cool
  11. Fair point, but it depends on the undercard. I went in sharpish for the Queen day last year because the other bands were worth a watch. For the Radiohead day I did spend a fair bit of the afternoon in the pub as I'd no inclination to see much else. Youngsters probably are more likely to spend the whole day there as you say.
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