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  1. You just can’t see gatherings of anywhere near 60k happening in Europe this summer.
  2. I can't see how you can postpone a festival. I get they're trying to cover their business and the individual tours, and you could argue that I've bought a ticket to see a specific artist at a specific venue. The line up scheduled for this year will maybe be the polar opposite to what 2021 will bring and as such I'd think (hope) that refunds or carry forwards are the options for festivals. I carried forward my Download ticketand will do the same for Belladrum, but would prefer a refund for Mad Cool to give me the choice of the European festival that suits my taste next year
  3. Watching the reports from Italy is harrowing.
  4. Be first year I won’t have a festival since early 90s. Feel bloody awful
  5. So shit when you spend most of the year planning and looking forward to festival season.
  6. Don't think you'll be wrong. I've resigned myself to no festivals this summer unfortunately.
  7. 😎😎😎. I’ll catch up with you in the arena in thar case
  8. Get the skylink to Derby and get a beer there on the Thursday with me and the young lad
  9. I had a watch of the vid on youtube. Looks like the transport hub is opposite side of arena from where it’s been. Walk from there to arena seems to be hard standing as well.
  10. I do that all the time 😀
  11. I can't quite workout where transport hub is going to be
  12. Faith no More and Alt-J I’d watch. Probably won’t bother with others. Maybe watch a bit of RB. For me Rock Werchter headliners are so much better
  13. I'm Scottish and also hate them with a passion 😀
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