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  1. Not a new release but Tool’s Fear Inoculum released on vinyl today at affordable price. Sounds magnificent on vinyl
  2. Great post. We had a brilliant time and it was fantastic being back watching loads of tremendous bands. Music really does help you get through the more difficult times of life
  3. That Haim phone chat was a real cringe moment. I have no idea what the purpose was but it failed miserably
  4. War on Drugs tonight was one of my favourite festival hours ever. Sun going down and the most amazing musicianship. This auld bugger could cry
  5. Log onto your account on the app and if it’s working correctly (it was earlier but not about 30mins ago) it shows individual transactions and balance. Any of top up points inside can give you balance
  6. We used the metro and managed to snake our way across the city to La Latina. Really well laid out festival and plenty of beer stalls, food vendors and toilets. Saw quite a few bands and thought Metallica were fantastic. Enjoyed Wolf Alice, Creeper, Daytime TV, Frank Carter and Fever 333. The security at the entrance were utter dicks. Searched bags and telling everyone to bin sun cream. In that heat that was criminal. Judging by other’s comments on Social Media, the transport hub after the festival was a clusterfuck. You really can’t have a festival on the edge of a city and not provide transport links is amateur. Still looking forward to it today. Hope everyone has a good time and the transport has been sorted.
  7. We leave tomorrow as well. Fingers crossed flights are on time or thereabouts. Hope everyone has a brilliant time.
  8. Their communications are abysmal. It seems to be a festival that’s run by people who’ve never actually been at a festival
  9. See NoS Alive have announced Stormzy won’t be appearing. You’d think that would be the same for MC
  10. Set times posted on Twitter. I’d struggle to watch a lot this year. Line up doesn’t do it for me. Loved the location and the festival in general but far prefer the Mad Cool line up
  11. City centre ones. Shuttle bus goes from outside the main rail station so anything in the main centre or near the rail station works.
  12. I agree with that but on the flip side, I saw them a couple of weeks later at Rock Werchter and they were excellent.
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