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  1. You say that about SOAD and tbh they were disappointing at DL in 2017, but I saw them 3 weeks later at Rock Werchter and they were fantastic. I’ve still no idea why that was.
  2. It was my first listen of the new songs. Really good watch and the new stuff was enjoyable for a first listen.
  3. Watched the Biffy live stream from the Barras last night. The new stuff came across really well live.
  4. Totally agree with that. I'd watch SOAD but not Kiss or Biffy. I really like how the doghouse is shaping up but it's such a god awful set up in there. I'd like to see it expanded a bit and located somewhere without creaking your neck to view the stage.
  5. These surveys area complete waste of time. They might use the answers as a bit of analysis but not a chance any headliners are booked on fans opinions.
  6. Good you got that back, but those charges are ridiculous. It costs the same to process a festival ticket as it does a ticket for a 10 quid gig. A set fee was fair enough but changing it to a percentage of the ticket price was a smart move on their part.
  7. Can see a slight difference in a refund due to exchange rates, but £56 less is outrageous. That's seriously taking the piss
  8. I do that every year but mainly because they’re so cheap. For the early bird 150 I get brilliant value.
  9. You’d like to think so. The tickets going on sale again without any early bird discounts makes me think they’ll be announcing something soon. I was hoping/expecting something over the weekend,
  10. That's just your opinion. As I've said before, I like Biffy, have seen them since they were playing small venues, but for me they're a pretty disappointing DL Main Stage headliner. I'd certainly not be getting very excited if they get announced.
  11. I met Copping at Biffy last time before I went to the second stage. I like Biffy but the crowd was tiny for a main stage headliner and Copping noticed that. They’ve done nothing of note since and just don’t see them as a headliner at DL and for me personally, they’d be a very disappointing . That said, It’s the type of thing Andy would do.
  12. You just can’t see gatherings of anywhere near 60k happening in Europe this summer.
  13. I can't see how you can postpone a festival. I get they're trying to cover their business and the individual tours, and you could argue that I've bought a ticket to see a specific artist at a specific venue. The line up scheduled for this year will maybe be the polar opposite to what 2021 will bring and as such I'd think (hope) that refunds or carry forwards are the options for festivals. I carried forward my Download ticketand will do the same for Belladrum, but would prefer a refund for Mad Cool to give me the choice of the European festival that suits my taste next year
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