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  1. How much could all this impact artists financially? The likes of Declan McKenna, Vistas, Sea Girls etc are all releasing albums and on the verge of exploding but surely cancelled album tour shows would have a huge impact on that. Is it possible some artists could just call it a day over a lack of money?
  2. Manics confirmed. Any guesses for the Sunday special guest? Personally I think it could be someone like Sister Sledge, especially with Chic playing later in the day
  3. Updated the clashfinder, despite having no intention of going this year. It's a shell of its former self, and it's so sad to see. https://clashfinder.com/s/iow2020/
  4. Do you know who’s what day? Ideally Sundara Karma or La Roux on the Friday
  5. Spotify playlist and clashfinder made for you lovely people https://clashfinder.com/s/iow2020
  6. In context, in 2016 Duran Duran headlined the now defunct Common People in Southampton, for £29.50 a ticket. 4 years later and now all of a sudden with no new material since then, they’re now headlining Isle of Wight, for £185 a ticket...
  7. Surely that’s Kaiser Chiefs confirmed
  8. Any of Stereophonics, Kings Of Leon, Foals, Catfish or The Strokes I’d be happy with Across the weekend: Kaiser Chiefs, Snow Patrol, Sam Fender, Kooks Make or break year tbh, either they’ll go back to stadium level headliners or may be stuck with the lower arena headliners
  9. Who are people predicting then?
  10. In Austria on the Friday and Italy on the Sunday. Quite unlikely but not impossible!
  11. Pretty sure they’re a UK exclusive for APE so doubt they’d be booked
  12. First announcement for FIB. A month after IoW but could be some crossover Kooks, Example, Circa Waves, Foals, Lumineers, Kaiser Chiefs and The Hives all possible from that I think
  13. I went in 2018 and I remember weekend tickets didn’t sell out till the week of the event
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