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2000 Trees 2024

sacred shape

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49 minutes ago, onlyacat said:

I'm starting to get my hopes up (and convincing myself in the process) about Electric Callboy for Trees. Anyone want to talk me out of it? 

Sold out UK Academy level tour finishes on the 28th. So popularity and timing is right. No clashes for 2024. Seem to go down well at silent disco but right for a headliner? 

I also said Sleep Token was an unlikely headliner for lore reasons but they have announced other events so they are back in the running for me too. And what a contrast to have them both! 

Possible, I think it could be likely if they're not announced for Slam Dunk on Wednesday.

Sleep Token could very easily headline, I just can't imagine they won't be in a decent exclusive slot at Download.

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On 7/25/2023 at 2:44 AM, foolee said:

Bit of an early suggestion, don’t think it would happen but I’d love Thirty Seconds to Mars to headline Trees or Slam Dunk in 2025 after they’ve toured the new record and play A Beautiful Lie in full for the 20th anniversary. 

Do either attract enough teenagers to make Jared want to play?

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19 minutes ago, Nice to Michu said:

Do we get a decent amount of bands announced before the end of the year? Thinking about doing this instead of Slam Dunk.

Yeah, they offer refunds up until the end of the year so it's in their best interests to put their best foot forward before then. My guess would be there'll be at least one more headliner and probably 30ish bands by then.

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5 minutes ago, Rusty Spoon said:

Unless I've misread the email, the announcement will cover Wednesday and Thursday so I wouldn't expect Electric Callboy in this lot as they'd be pushing main stage headliner surely? 

It'll have the Wednesday line up, but that'll be about 6-8 bands, the rest are for the weekend though I do think they'd have mentioned if they were announcing a headliner amongst it 

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20 minutes ago, Nice to Michu said:

Electric Callboy UK tour ends tomorrow, wonder if they’ll show up.

Hot Milk & Hot Mulligan too seeing as they weren’t on the SD announcement.

Loving Hot Milk's new album so really hoping for them. 

Another smaller band with new material I'm hoping for is Floya. Discovered them at Radar and think they'll go down a treat and Trees. 

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