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15 minutes ago, Chaarlie said:

No chance Architects will only play APE, if not here then Reading, think they're ruled out for download though cant remember why. Glasto on an off chance and maybe Trnsmt, they're not gonna miss out on their moment in the spotlight. BMTH success will depend on Amo's reception really, they haven't had a Number 1 where the 1975's last 2 have made it (probably this one as well), thats why they got the headline slot before them. YMAS could do it, surprised at how many of their shows sold out on the last tour, they're not dead yet...


I don't think getting a #1 album is that relevant now really. All Time Low and You Me At Six both managed it around the period of Sempiternal/That's The Spirit, neither of them sold as well as either BMTH record. Now they've factored in streaming as well it makes it harder for bands to get to #1. Obviously they've dropped off in popularity since then as a result of poor records, but YMA6's album this year finished lower in the charts than The Greatest Showman soundtrack that had been out for almost a year, even this week it was 3rd in the album charts. 

 For bands to headline festivals now it basically boils down to ticket sales. The 1975 are simply a significantly bigger draw than BMTH at this point. I don't think Amo will get them their first #1 but even if it did that wouldn't guarantee them to headline festivals, what's more important is that it's actually good and full of massive songs like Sempiternal and That's The Spirit. I think the two leading singles have been very average personally and if they're anything to go by I think they've possibly blown it. 

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idles sold out 2 nights at Albert hall in manchester in a day, actually i think their entire tour is sold out, they're for sure big enough to headline.  

Frank carter could headline i think too.

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Forgot about Frank Carter. Could certainly happen, not so sure he would be back to headline so soon, but would love to see it. I suppose from the bookers point of view after another album cycle he might end up too big for them, so maybe they would take another go with him whilst they can. 

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