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  2. Surely in line for this or that All Points East thing.
  3. Everyone creaming themselves over the prospect of RATM when it's probably just a Blink/BMTH co-headline
  4. From the reaction they're getting at the moment it's more #2ndSucks than hype for a #2ndDay.
  5. Anyone know if they were checking O2 Priority tickets for names when you go in? Me and my mate have both got 2 tickets each and are essentially taking another mate each as a "+1", but are probably going to get there about 2 hours before our other mates as we're getting out of work early so we can watch Idles. Assuming our mates rocking up with 02 tickets without either of their names on isn't going to be a problem?
  6. Pretty confident none of them will be there
  7. Looking forward to the meltdown on the Nervus twitter page. A band name glorying an outlaw who murdered 8 men 150 years ago?! Disgusting.
  8. Architects pulled out of headlining a festival in Holland because Parkway Drive were also headlining and had a bigger logo on the poster
  9. Oh didn't even realize. Fair I guess.
  10. It's all about exposure. They'll get the chance to play in front of a very different crowd at Slam Dunk and whatever stage they play will be packed out for an early set because so many All Time Low fans will be there and willing to watch anything Alex does. Lot of people might pop along just because it's Mark Hoppus too. A band generally wouldn't bother opening a stage at Slam Dunk if they were headlining the 3rd stage at Download 2 weeks later, you're right, but at this point in time Simple Creatures will want to get their music and EP in front of as many people as possible. Playing both Download and Slam Dunk is a big way to do that in the UK. No idea if they're planning any EU shows or fests as well, but as well for Hoppus to come over to the UK other than doing some press for Simple Creatures/Blink, makes a lot of sense that they'd do a show at Slam Dunk too. They won't need to protect the value of the brand/band as there isn't one at the moment anyway, they're not in a position to not want to open a stage at a festival or cry about their logo being smaller than another band that's bigger than them anyway (OH HI ARCHITECTS). It being billed as a special guest appearance protects their brand anyway as it's a special thing, not just them opening the stage as if they're a small nothing band. It makes perfect sense that they'd do it and I'd be surprised if it wasn't them at this point.
  11. They wouldn't be able to headline a stage at Slam Dunk as Alex is already headlining the fest
  12. Maybe Broco back at Reading on main stage. Seems weird they wouldn't do any UK festivals at all.
  13. I think Sum 41 only sub-headlined it. I'd still say it's a step down technically but I think from DL's perspective it makes more sense to get a bigger but more suitable headliner of the Avalanche. On a year like this where they have more budget then if they're still paying Sum 41 and Shikari what they'd usually make anyway for a bigger slot and you can convince them to take an Avalanche headline slot then that's only good news for the punters really.
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