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  1. Twin Atlantic headlined 2016 then 2018 so they don’t seem too against having people return quickly, would feel like a bit of a cop-out to have them for 3 out of the last 5 years to me though.
  2. Not seen anyone say imagine dragons yet. Probably gunna pop up sooner or later, possibly as headliner, as bleak as that it.
  3. Would festival republic really get slipknot to headline now, feels like they’d be getting what is now a very alien band to the majority of their audience. Don’t really see what benefit they’d have booking them over a safer, yet probably boring, option.
  4. I recon there’s still a chance while they’re only the openers, maybe that’s just me wanting it to happen more than any realistic guessing tho.
  5. Tent was pretty busy for them last year Tbf. Probably have a huge crowd when they play I recon.
  6. On the announcement video it says Saturday headliner, not really a headliner for me to be honest
  7. Turnstile+angel dust+drug church+single mothers. Very good.
  8. Yeah it probably costs a full days worth of festival just to book them
  9. I’m expecting don brocho but hoping for frank carter. pretty sure weezer are playing on the Saturday night in Spain so it’s basically impossible that they’d play now considering that’s the only headline slot left at trees.
  10. Title fight would be so good. Right up my and my groups street.
  11. Frank turner confirmed I’m very happy to be honest, never got to see him with all my mates before think it’ll be propper good
  12. Any leaks yet? Feels like nearly every announcement has been leaked for the last couple years.
  13. Frank 3rd down? bold but i like it.
  14. Jimmy eat worlds tour dates write them out of playing this year. I’d be expecting frank turner to be announced on the 4th now.
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