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  2. Yeah not much for me on it. The Temple on Sunday 2016 was such a great way to end the festival, loved the venue but nothing has drawn me back since.
  3. Quark

    Us Tall People

    The chair people...when it starts getting inappropriately busy for chairs I think it's our duty to stand in front of them So long as it's outdoors, I don't mind that tbh. Just blow the smoke upwards and you're fine
  4. Oy- it was also my birthday- surely that's more important?
  5. So glad that Hawkwind are playing, it means I won’t be the oldest person there, I forgot about Mr Eavis.
  6. Grooverider and Fabio?! I bet you say chips and fish as well don’t you?! 😄
  7. 1986

    Us Tall People

    I'm 6'2 with a 5'2 girlfriend so I have had as much experience of both sides as possible in that I want us both to have a good time. You can't avoid being in peoples way or people being in yours. I do like to think there should be a bare minimum etiquette though, if we've shown up early so make sure my girlfriend can see as much of possible. Joey six foot barging through 2 songs in to stand directly in front of her is pretty rude. But I'll admit that's a personal gripe and there are no real rules. There is a special place in hell for anyone who lights a cigarette in a dense crowd though.
  8. nikkic

    Us Tall People

    I tend to try and get my spot early and have a look behind me to make sure I’m not blocking people’s view. At 6 foot 3 it’s likely that I’m going to be in somebody’s way, but the best you can do is be considerate. At the end of the day we’ve paid the same amount to be there, so shouldn’t have to stand at the back because of our vertical superiority. Much worse offenders at gigs if you ask me, drunk swaying/stumbling man, chatters, Gary Linekar crisp pun flag bearers, Kasabian fans....
  9. So many decent names on here! Definitely up for Kasra b2b Randall! DJ Vadim is always excellent for festvials. and The Last Skeptik doing his thanks for trying podcast with Asim (aka Chabuddy G) could be a nice sit down break with a bit of munch!
  10. The poster says Samula next to the other venues and a quick Google reckons Samula is an impressive cave, sink hole thing in Mexico. So I reckon that will be the new Cave.
  11. It's a real shame. One thing lacking if you ask me. So much of the South East is the same genres.
  12. Are there ever any live sets at the Temple? If anyone knows of any good live acts on the poster would love something new to listen to today on Spotify!
  13. working on a playlist it's getting me so excited for the common this year!
  14. I don't understand how Anna of the North, Broken Social Scene and Black Mountain/Khruangbin can 'headline' A38. That's sad.
  15. What's happened to The Cave? https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/cave/ Assuming that this is changing into the new venue? NEW VENUE FOR 2019! We’ve made something incredibly special for you. Amidst the well-loved rave-arenas of The Temple and the Rum Shack a new and sparkling jewel has emerged, a secret, sacred well, a portal to another world! Prepare to be submerged in sound and born again… providing the soundtrack for this re-birth are the likes of Channel One Soundsystem, Manudigital and Daniel Haaksman. More details coming soon!
  16. Indeed. Mezcal Yard's will be the sound of me slurring and, later, snoring
  17. Trance/Progressive and techno are some of the more lacking dance music at Glastonbury, the vibe of the areas is great its just a lot of the same.
  18. It's virtually the same sounds/ DJs every year in the Temple isn't it? Would love to see some good trance/ progressive there. John oo flemming, maybe Sasha Digweed. I guess certain areas have certain sounds so each to there own.
  19. Cheers Tuna. Well, I live in hope. Although the schedule seems a bit packed to squeeze anyone in.
  20. Na, do what I do. Say you're not going, get convinced by your mates when it's obviously too late, go, queue for 20 minutes, and then bugger off to the bar because there's no chance.
  21. First thought was that there's nothing in Common that's going to interest me, just not my scene. Then I saw DJ Hype. And then I saw the Mezcal Yard. If there's somewhere on site specialising in tequila and mescal, can someone just wake me up for my coach on Monday morning pls?
  22. Not even gonna attempt to get in to see Hot Chip. Man don't queue at Glastonbury.
  23. Yeah it doesn't seem possible. I can't see any way thAT they would be able to perform a(nother) live set in The Temple in the early hours.
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