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  2. Stereophonics have a couple of dates in July... did we ever 100% rule them out? They fit the “Pyramid level” Other description...
  3. is there still gonna be that weird random headliner on the sunday night like Nike Rodgers and Craig David was? or is it just indie stuff now coz it’s shared with Truck?
  4. I'd heard that Tool were meant to be coming to Europe over April/May but they still haven't announced anything. Maybe they have pushed their dates back a little? I still have a feeling that Foo Fighters are a good shout and the lack of any Spanish dates from Green Day is a possbile sign that they may play imo. The only other thing that I come back to is Kendrick. I know he was announced as "exclusive to the region" for BBK but there is nothing on their site now about exclusivity and money talks. I do kinda agree with the earlier statements that Mad Cool doesn't need to push the boat out that much. Tickets are selling well, the bill is already amazing and they may hold back on spending too much this year for the Friday. Maybe a Post Malone/ Fall Out Boy combination of meh-ness?
  5. Initially i've heard rumours about chemical brothers playing here, but now i think my chemical romance are very likely as they play russia on the 11th
  6. Tom Jones on the Friday and Glastonbury 50 has a legend slot each day 😉
  7. Volt announced My Chemical Romance not even as a headliner . So I'm expecting some great stuff by Sziget, good HL and a great undercard..
  8. Tramlines sending stuff out in the post this week. Not announcing the same day. Next week
  9. can i get excited about blossoms and catfish at tramlines?
  10. Hopefully Papa Roach and Good Charlotte! The Offspring are at Download as Bowling for Soup so think that’s a no for them! Four Year Strong are over and at Slam Dunk but probably too early for them to come back for Reading! Would like to see them though! Limp Bizkit would be amazing!
  11. Reckon they'll be announcing on the same day?
  12. i'd imagine it'll sell out... can't remember if it did or not last year though
  13. I imagine his Manchester dates in June rule him out
  14. Some shares, line up not identical.
  15. Hi does anyone have a secret hotline to customer services at Kendal Calling or know how to get a reply to an email? I have messaged 5 times over the last few weeks to ask if there is likely to be more live in vehicle spaces released - I registered on a list for Frontier Field but have received no acknowledgement or info. I also asked if you can buy day tickets and camp outwith the arena visiting daily. I assume this will be ok as folks who live in the area are not going to camp but I can't get any reply from them and don't want to wait until the festival tickets are sold out. Any ideas?
  16. I have the feeling next week we will have something 😎
  17. are tramlines and truck sharing headliners?
  18. Maybe MCR are slacking then, i'm certain they've played Volt before too.
  19. Would be into Tom Jones me yanno. Got some absolute tunes.
  20. could Harry Styles play R&L at all? obviously not this year coz he’s in America, but could he do it? i think so.
  21. Sum 41 are making a few appearances at festivals this year, I'd say they're a solid bet. Lit are at Download, maybe them too.
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