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  2. What's the deal if there was a massive security event and everything in the lockups got stolen? Would the festival cover your losses? Or is it use-at-your-own-risk?
  3. All done via a normal web browser as far as i am aware.
  4. Thank you everyone.. Have fun.......... Agggggggggggggg
  5. you may be a long time with that one. I think they are at the Cross Keys, Lydford
  6. Yup @Jay89. It's in the lockups link I posted - Challenge 21 wristbands are issued at lockups. (It's a long long time since I was / looked 21!!)
  7. JoeyT

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I wouldn't even class that as rain mate.
  8. p.pete

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Is that spreading the rain more widely across tomorrow into Wednesday morning?
  9. I'm sure the info section on the official site will point you in the right direction, but I believe I recall a friend getting sorted with one at the lockups but there is a strong chance I could have dreamt that.
  10. As far as I remember, you get your challenge age wristband at the lockups!!
  11. 12z somerset rain ensembles. Saharan
  12. 21 deg in Huddersfield right now
  13. it could well be the lock ups that do the wristband, if not them the info points
  14. Ohhh that’s good, I wasn’t aware of it. Do I obtain it from the bars?
  15. You can be sure of there being some sort of challenge 25 wristband I would expect, certainly has been in the past. Use your ID to get wristbanded and you can lob it safely in the lockups from there on out.
  16. pauladam

    Staying Cool

    Was about to say...why would you put a wet banana under your sun hat?!?!
  17. DareToDibble

    Resale Club 2019

    Thank you, means a lot! The community on here has been amazing since we all failed in both October and April. People could have become butter at the people who got tickets etc but it’s been the exact opposite. Hopefully we’ll all be able to share a drink at 2020 festival
  18. What about ID/passports? I’m 30, but I keep getting ID’d for absolutely anything, even scratch cards. Can’t see myself going to the lock up, possibly on the other side of site, every time I’m asked to show ID at the bar. And also, how the hell do people not wake up when someone is in their tent? Baffling!
  19. You can leave but make sure you understand the pass out system, as you leave you have to show your photo ticket and get a pass out ticket. On return you MUST have BOTH the original ticket and the pass out slip other wise you won't get back in. They will also check your wristband.
  20. Also thieving seems more prevalent on dry years as its harder for the bastards to get about in the mud when it’s soaking. Plus possibly folk get in a worse state. I haven’t used the lockup’s but plan to this year
  21. Jelly01

    EPO bands

    Was that in order to get the EPO? Because I’m off site I’ve already been given the band but haven’t had to go through any checks etc 🤷‍♀️ I’ve been told mine is registered to the people I’m working under.. It’s getting me worried
  22. After going few old green man tweets I noticed they confirmed BODEGA for Thursday
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